swedish fish has some sweet new ads

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If I were a boy/Free fallin’

Nora found this.  I like it way better than Beyonce on her own.. I wasn’t really into this single til now.

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Color of 2009

Yellow (specifically Mimosa)!

Thanks Hannah for notifying me. And “get used to seeing yellow in places you’re not used to seeing it.”

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So many presents!

This cat has been stealing toys from around the neighborhood.  Here he is with his stash!

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Click at your own risk

Too scaring to embed.

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Eames ornaments

So I spent a really long time last night making Christmas ornaments (you’re be surprised how many you can print out and make). But I wish I could have made these:

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Confetti shelf confetti’s my heart

It’s a shelf! Pretty!!

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Please watch til the end

I did a similar dance for Nora and Vic this weekend, but my shower was not involved.

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I’m totally guilty of LOVING Nell Burton’s outfit

Even though she is dress like a little adorable hobo.

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Seriously Campari?

Jessica Alba looks so much awesome without airbrushing.. maybe she has some minor polterwang going on, but that’s it.  She looks great and  PS she just had a damn BABY.  Campari you suck. Via HuffPo

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Softwear by Microsoft

guess who has a new line of tshirts designed with the help of common…

my favorite is the gates mugshot.
more HERE

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archaeologist we like: michael shanks

…he runs the metamedia lab at Stanford which is all about new media and archaeology working together to make greatness

“Archaeological research and pedagogy in design history and media materialities- because archaeology and media are cognate companions “

he is basically my hero

check out metamedia here

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couple we like: beyonce/sasha fierce and jayz

from a knicks game last weekend.

they are seriously the cutest. she keeps touching his leg with her heels of death though…

thanks simone. from HERE

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amazing, beautiful video

MUTO a wall-painted animation by BLU from blu on Vimeo.
Thanks steve (steve pointed out that shit like this makes graffiti in the US just look lame by comparison- i agree)

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For Steph

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Speechwriter matate

Whoops. Guess 27 yr old Jon Favreau should start untagging some questionable pics on his facebook account before he heads to the White House as head speechwriter.  The Secretary of State is not gonna be too pleased.  I was just saying how cute he is..

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nomnomnom. via Dlisted.

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this panda is going on vacation



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Man tries to pay bill with spider drawing

Dear Jane,
I do not have any money so am sending you this drawing I did of a spider instead. I value the drawing at $233.95 so trust that this settles the matter.

Regards, David.


December 4, 2008. Tags: , . I can has animals, News, Steph. 1 comment.

dude carries 22 bricks on his head

i counted 20 but youtube says 22…

thanks nadia

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This makes me feel better

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yeah, i’m into that band too…

…and i love the way you don’t comb your hair.


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Blog of the Day: illdoctrine

As of this morning, I’m obsessed with the ill doctrine blog (or vlog, whatever…) This guy makes witty videos about hiphop and politics mostly but I recommend his post on Wal-E as well. The ludacris/obama and “no homo” posts are also awesome. Here is one on hipster rap (think lilmama)…

more about "Hipster Rap", posted with vodpod

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I can haz Secretary of State?

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Yay Brooklyn Business

What an awesome idea, Park Slope:

Basically all these stores in Park Slope get together and stay open late to sell shit.

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Green Porno

I can’t even describe this. Just watch. The spider and praying mantis are especially hilarious.

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Blog of the Day: I Can Haz Hipsterz

There aren’t many but the ones they do have are good…

see more HERE
spanks nadia

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I love this Soup clip

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