These shoes are on hands!


I love it and Vicki says “Kanye is beautiful.” This is Dan’s find but he is not the fastest poster, I AM.

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BOD: Blog of Day

Look B, I’m helping with your feature.  Today we have Blog of Unnecesssssssary Quotation Marks

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Intern Dan knows these people and this is funny

Happy Sex and the City standing in line day!

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blog of the day

Maybe I’ll start a blog of the day feature. I’m pretty lazy and haven’t posted nearly as much as the other brunchachas.  We’ll see how it works out. Anyways- today’s blog of the day comes from the ASIFA Hollywood Animation Archive.  Sweet drawings of all kinds of stuff. I was about to put up a pic of rad anthropomorphic industrial machinery from the 1930s but they don’t want people stealing their images. So check it out here instead.

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epic street art show at Tate Modern


Yet another reason why I should visit London. Blu, Faile, Os Gemeos…baaaaah!  More pics here.

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I have a crush on the judge of Groomer Has It.

Judge me, I dare you.  


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Would love to send these cards out

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large booty pinata

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anatomy of a gummy bear

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We call her Helen Bootygaygay.. eh?  Ok, it’s really Helen Buttigieg.  Loves the hair-do.

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battery powered lawnmower that’s totally pretty

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for cleaning your compy

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bookshelf, ladder, hm

Danny, this would work really well with your high ceilings

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Cue all my dreams coming true..

““They do want to do an “Ugly Betty” musical, a full-on Broadway musical, but it’s all hush-hush. I think it would be great, and they should use the cast from the show. I think we would all do it, although we maybe don’t dance and sing as well as professional singers and dancers. I think it would be fun for us to do it for a while, and then they could get real people in. They definitely want to do an episode that is a musical one, but then they want to do a full stage show. I think it’s a great idea. It would definitely work”

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Fortune magazine cover from 1985

Note to self: stop listening to what Fortune Magazine has to say

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nerdy jewelery

it’s a usb 2GB flash drive that’s a bracelet! ADORABLE!!

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You could be in a river and a shark could attack!

The bull shark is found in all tropical and subtropical oceans and seas along the coastlines and also in a few fresh water rivers and lakes. This shark is the most frequent attacker of people, as it swims in very shallow waters where people swim and is an aggressive shark.

DID YOU KNOW THAT?   Vic is droppin some knowledge on sharks.  What if a shark got into the Genesee River?

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Japanese train companies solve budget problems by putting cats in costumes.


It’s like that wheelbarrel challenge in unbeatbale banzuki where, for some reason, the wheel barrel is in the form of cat. I can’t find a picture of that, but its amazing.

Oh Japan and your cats!

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Lego boulder Indiana Jones recreation

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Hangover cures

New Yorker talks all about hangovers..  but I really like what this Jezebel writer says she uses to combat them: “An egg-and-cheese and an ibuprofen and a coconut juice for electrolytes and an Adderall and a cup of coffee and another cup of coffee and my own high tolerance and all I have for you is that angry slight mass in the gut that reminds you you were bad last night”

I think I’ve found the real cure here, though:

One hangover secret I know is to have a spoonful of honey before you go to bed, while you’re still drunk (something about how your body processes sugar..).. SO, this honey bourbon seems like it’ll kill two birds with one stone, eh?  Thanks, Dustin for that find.

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more here

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Duck penis for Intern Dan

Last night Intern Dan dropped some knowledge on ducks.  1) They have giant weeners.  2) These giant weeners coil up.   As the illustration above shows, Dan was right.. but the Duck still can’t beat an elephant. 

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Vic, if you get lost in NYC, you should do what this bird did:

Lost bird recites address and is returned home!


LIke this bird learned, it will probably help to sing songs to helpful volunteers who are taking you home to keep them entertained.

(PS – birds are still dealbreakers)


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An awesome video with a side of gchat

MUTO a wall-painted animation by BLU from blu on Vimeo.

Thanks David!

And my motivation:

Emily: dude
post it
i am not looking at any of your links unless they are on crapwelike
that is it

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for emily

hooray pie today

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12 bikes for girls

full post here…very pretty bikes for pretty ladies like us

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new desktop for you k thnx bai

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I love credenzas

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Best prank ever

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luxe bunk beds

for fancy sleep overs!!!

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lego heart

bum pa bum pa bum pa bum pa

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New site I love with crap I love

Thanks Galison, for introducing me to this great shit of yours

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Why can’t being organized always be this pretty?

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fun chairs

totally want

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Desky desk

it’s like future desk

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She would like to have a meal with Oprah Winfrey


Becky posted this on Meetza’s Myspace wall ages ago, but Meetza hasn’t really checked her page lately.. 

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Hello Kitty is employed

… by the Japanese government.

Yes, this dumb cartoon (sorry, Mosa), is Japan’s tourism ambassador.

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My heart exploded – CHOCOLATE COVERED BACON?!

I love Dan Savage for so many reasons.  I have listened to every single episode of the Savage LoveCast.. and now:  This is just the icing on the cake bacon. 

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Here’s a heads up.

My weekend was a bust and Becko’s apt is flooding today.  So, step off, k?

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Oh, that’s right..

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new favorite artist

Peter Callesen. Check out his A4 papercuts.

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Ok, kind of stupid I know

But I found this video entertaining.

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Sumo Car Wash

Don’t ask, just watch.

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Crack is really bad for you

Amy Winehouse + Pete Dougherty + baby mice = really fucking scary. Blake Incarcerated isn’t going to be happy with this, I don’t think.

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The Jump Off

New to my vocabulary:  the phrase “jump off.”   Apparently the cool kids have been using this term to mean something like, “that’s where the fun starts” ?   However, I need to point out that urban dictionary says “jump off” means some other stuff.. see, it’s not just me that thinks it’s something dirty.

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Younger than John McCain

This blog is great.  Here are some of my favorite things that are younger than McCain:

thanks Gunnar.

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another gem from Dlisted.

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And remember this one?

And how we thought it was a plus size store?


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My mind grapes are the winners

Mosa and I couldn’t remember the name of this porny store in England, but I found it, in case you were wondering, so that makes me the winner.

Listed as an up-and-coming top brand in England.  You know why?  Cause it’s a sex shop chain and it’s everywhere.  Of course it’s popular.

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Tomorrow is Nat’l Bike to Work Day

Becky, represent for me.. I have no bike and questionable navagation skills.

After you bike to work, you should park you bike somewhere like this.  (Yes, I did just link to our blog, I’m all about self-promotion.. we are great.)


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You’re on Thin Ice!

This was what I was talking about.

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Who wants to go to Target?

I am super pumped about Target’s new Go International line by Rogan that is coming out tomorrow. I think I am going to trek my ass out to the Target in the middle of Brooklyn, the one no one goes to on Saturday to pick me up some animal print miniskirts and rompers. Don’t judge me.

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Again and again and again again

Like the video, not so hot on the song. Still worth a listen/view.

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Vespa dudes

These wheatpasted ads are apparently going up all over Canada. I think they’re rad.

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Bike Film Fest is coming soon!

Think of it as a festival of Breaking Away shorts with bike tricks in between. I went last year and it was a blast. The movies are fun and it was the first time I saw Dan Deacon- and it was free! So, who’s down?

Also- instead of Dan Deacon they have this Bikes Rock show (also free) that sounds totally rad. See below.

9pm till late
259 Banker St.
between Calyer St. and Franklin

The performance is a collaboration between artist and musician, Hisham Bharoocha (Soft Circle, formerly of Lightning Bolt and Black Dice), and filmmaker, Daniel Leeb (Cinecycle). Their piece consists of sounds created from bicycle parts, electronics and live video mixing.

Original Live Score
Ole Ritter tries to break the unbreakable record by Eddy Merckx. The Hour Track Record is one of the most prestigious records in cycling. This classic film, directed by one of Europe’s most prolific filmmakers, is a treat for the track bike fan and the film lover alike. Simone Pace’s adept live score enhances the visual mastery of Leth.

Stick Around for the Dance Party afterwards

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High five for helping

So, last night I did my first project with NY Cares, which is an organization that makes it super easy to find and sign up for all types of volunteer opportunities in the city.  Mags and I went to help put on this dinner/game night for low-income families with little kids.. and “Don’t Break the Ice” was a huge hit.  I totally lucked out and had a really fun time with this adorable 5-year-old.. (she told me Hannah Montana was waiting for her at home…)  Turns out we fed 113 kids dinner last night.  So, be inspired, suckers.. and go sign up for an orientation. 

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Please stop toying with my heart, Orla

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bike parking

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