Egg city

this is how big eggs should be because I love them so much


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Spoiler alert: the buffalo makes it

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Down in Fraggle Rock!!


I can’t wait. 

This will get you in the mood:

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Yes, it is only Tuesday

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Fantastic news fuck up

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Breaking news..

Today on the bus, a guy asked me what day of the week it was.  I had to tell him, it only Tuesday.

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For Liz

 Elizabeth: i need more chuck and less serena crying

PS – GG totally stressed me out this week.   I can’t deal with Dan and Serena drama right now, it’s heartbreaking.  


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Coming soon..

Red Hook + Ikea = better chance of a real couch for me!  Opens June 18th.  I don’t care if I’m supposed to be annoyed at commercialism – I’ve never been to IKEA and it is a tragedy, I’m sorry.

This post is totally all Nora’s, but I’m helping.

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Dear Lindsay Lohan:

If your contribution to legging design is built-in knee pads, what do you THINK we’re going to assume you’re doing?

PS- Don’t ruin Ugly Betty.  THANKS.


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Boys backflip into jeans

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I have no explanation.. dogs in suits


Woah.  I have to admit, I posted without actually watching the video first.. and shit, that is creepy!  I’m a little traumatized.. sorry, guys.


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Has it come to this?

How to stop losing your wallet:

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WHY did I have coffee after 7pm???


It is 5:30am and I am awakeeeee.   I think it’s from coffee.  Is that possible?   Why am I like a 7 year old who isn’t allowed to have pop with dinner?   This chart is from a mormon blog.. but I’m not sure why since I didn’t think mormons could have any caffeine.  

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Card catalogs are the coolest

it’s from the library of congress

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Look! Something shiny that I don’t like

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My new trash can

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Mustache key rack…needs

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No gym for me today

I can’t make this one work on Jezebel (thanks Liz), but desperately needed to see cats on treadmill.. so I found the above.  Love how the one thinks he’s running with front paws only on the ‘mill.

hahaha.. ok, here’s the original.

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Modern Love – I loved this column..

NYT’s Modern Love: The College Essay Contest

Want to Be My Boyfriend? Please Define


RECENTLY my mother asked me to clarify what I meant when I said I was
dating someone, versus when I was hooking up with someone, versus when
I was seeing someone. And I had trouble answering her because the many
options overlap and blur in my mind. But at one point, four years ago,
I had a boyfriend. And I know he was my boyfriend because he said, “I
want you to be my girlfriend,” and I said, “O.K.”

He and I dated for over a year, and when we broke up I thought my
angsty heart was going to spit itself right up out of my sore throat.
Afterward, I moved out of my mother’s house in Brooklyn and into an
apartment in the East Village, and from there it becomes confusing.

So, a few days after the chat with my mom, when I found myself
downtown drinking tea with my friend Steven, I asked him what he
thought about dating. He has a long-term girlfriend, and I was curious
how he viewed their relationship.

“The main thing,” he said, “is I don’t mind if she sleeps with other
people. I mean, she’s not my property, right? I’m just glad I get to
hang out with her. Spend time with her. Because that’s all we really
have, you know? I don’t want her to be mine, and I don’t want to be


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It’s the prototype for Meetza’s car. I found it on cuteoverload–that’s about right.

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This pic cracks me up for some reason.   Lionel Richie looks like he might drop Harlow and his shirt is hilarious considering this is a shoot for Harpers Bazaar.

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Poketo is full of crap I like

My sister alerted me to this store that is full of awesomeness: Poketo. One area of awesomeness that they specialize in is wallets, which I think Emily should definitely look into. Examples below, as well as examples of their sweetass mofo art prints…becky, notice use of bikes…

Also, those are all just $20

now on to prints

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Meetza FETCHED for real tonight!

Ok, I’m not sure if this means she’ll do it forever.. but my pretty girl Meetzers brought me her mouse on a rope.. we played, I threw it across the room.. she brought it back!  Threw it again, same thing!  Ok, third time wasn’t the charm.. but two in a row!  Great job Meetz!  Now do this please:

If you’re jealous, here’s how to teach your cat to fetch. However, Meetza is a prodigy that needed no training. My favorite part, “Cats enjoy the time you spend with them and this extra fun game, which involves you as much as your cat, will create a bond that lasts forever.”


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Why do they talk so slow and why don’t their mouths move?

And why can’t I figure out how to post videos?

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Another round of cover lies

christ, I love this section of Jezebel

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Top Chef Hotties

Does anyone else think that there are a lot of hot guys on top chef? Namely Spike and Ryan??hottiet


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Animals doing things they’re not supposed to

Cat shoes reminded me that I have always loved animals doing things they’re not supposed to do.. like things humans do.  I used to have pictures of cats in sunglasses drinking iced tea, and another pic of an elephant sitting on a tiny car.  Anyway.  Intern Dan says Meetza will be the laughing stock of Brooklyn if she gets shoes.   That is why Dan is an intern.  To be fair, he did have some other ideas..

Dan: get meetza roller skates!
then we can push her around
or a little car

Did I find this photo or did I outsource it to the intern?  You’ll never know.

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More great blogs

This little gem posts Weight Watchers recipe cards from 1974. I think the Chilled Celery Log is my favorite or maybe the Inspiration Soup. Look how far we have come with our stupid diet foods. Now we have Skinny Bitch and veggieburgers – thank god!

The other blog that has been brought to my attention recently is one dedicated to passive agressive notes. It reminds me of the maxim I learned from Arrested Development (…and thats why you always leave a note). It also reminds me of the engrish blog because a lot of the signs just don’t make sense. People are crazy.

Shout out to Maddie for showing me these- woot.

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Craigslist knows what’s up

Craigslist gets it. When will Hillary?
Thanks Dan.

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My invention!

I really want these for Meetzers so we can take her on walks in our nabe.. (there is too much glass on the sidewalk otherwise).

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I want to go to the beach this summer

.. just like this.

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This would be a matate

I kind of want this, but am now realizing what a terrible idea it would be.  Mostly because it’s called “figure skating dress” and is actually a cross between a bathing suit and dress-up.  And a lot of spandex.  Forget you, American Apparel!

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I fly like paper get high like plates

get it? paper plates

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OMG this blog is by Stitchy McYarnpants

This blog is called Museum of Kitschy Stitches. We should totally be reading this all the time.. It was up for a Webby. As if the pic above isn’t reason enough for you..

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You know what I like? Anything by French Bull


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Peekaboo. Meetzers sees you

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Hope Man!

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Apparently zigzag is the new stripes

thanks for the update, Apartment Therapy

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Missoni in the bathroom = DREAMS COME TRUE

omg x100

I need everything in the new line of Corion by Missoni. Jesus, it’s like someone raided my mind grapes for ideas and then designed some bathrooms. Oh god, I don’t think I’ve ever seen something more aesthetically pleasing for a bathroom in my life.

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A Wallet for Emily

Get this wallet and you’ll shoot up a diner.

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Two steps ahead of me..

CWL should totally get a webbernet award.. it’s all I ever wanted. That, and the starbucks gift card that was in my wallet when I lost it..

oh, PS, I’m in the market for a new wallet.  I want a flat one.  Suggestions?  Post them plz.

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chat plates!


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Nobody would ever come to my house if I had a sofa like this

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Suri Cruise is so cute my eyes can’t compute

I’m sorry, but babies aren’t normally this fucking adorable:

And can I get and AMEN?? Lest we forget this gem:

I’m seriously. She’s the cutest baby in the universe.

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this horsey is very thirsty

i spent a bunch of time trying to post something else and it didnt work. so i found a picture of a thirsty horse. then posted this as a page instead of a post and got all confused. way to cooperate wordpress.


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Brit is back, hopefully not to ruin my favorite show

Can Barney wear those glasses all the time??

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For em

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That’s dyslexic.

Gary Busey is amazing. 

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Train advice

A man selling incense (not One Love, sadly) and body oil on the A train told me “You have to love what you do, if you don’t love what you do you’ll be miserable.”  He seemed pretty happy.  

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How do you like your Jack? Rugged and furry or smooth and pudgy?

Defamer brings up a new Lost Mystery

My vote is for island Jack.

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Coolest shit ever

This is what comes up first when you Google Image Search ‘coolest shit ever’.

coolest shit ever

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Look at them now!


Watch these two videos. If you are like me, you will cry.

The end.

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Massimo Vignelli’s NYC subway map = awesome x infinity

Ok, so this awesome man designed all the subway signs you see (yes, in helvetica) for NYC. He also designed the holy grail of subway maps, which the City rejected originally because he didn’t make the water blue and the land green, or from something stupid like that (no joke, I read it in NY Mag recently and when I have time, I’ll find it again and add a link). Anyway, Vignelli updated his map, thus making all my dreams come true.

Now Men’s Vogue is selling the prints and I’m totally considering buying one. Here’s from their website:

“Before New York’s familiar convoluted subway map was introduced in 1979, the city relied on the sleek modernist vision of Massimo Vignelli’s indelible 1972 design: each train line represented by a color, each stop by a dot. The plan was as visually utopian as it was elegant — paths running on 45- and 90-degree angles, an understated gray square marking Central Park, and type set in clear Helvetica. It was hailed as an instant classic of graphic design. But it left many feeling stranded. “People expected a map instead of a diagram,” Vignelli, 77, says. “But diagrammatic representation is common practice around the world since the London Underground map of the thirties.” Now, with some urging from Men’s Vogue, Vignelli (along with his team of Yoshiki Waterhouse and Beatriz Cifuentes-Caballero) has updated his famous, ultra-collectible plan, taking into account more than 30 years’ worth of changes. He’s still unwilling to play tour guide: “On purpose we rejected any visual reference to nature or landmarks.” Vignelli released 500 signed limited-edition art prints of the never-before-seen update — available exclusively for Men’s Vogue — with proceeds to benefit Omar Freilla’s nonprofit Green Worker Cooperatives. (The prints sold out on May 1, 2008.) The hope is to get the daily commutes — and aesthetic sensibilities — of New Yorkers back on the right track.”

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It’s good TV night.. YOU’RE WELCOME

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this is a living calendar

the ink gradually fills in this sheet of paper with the days…it’s awesome

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Yup, I hear you

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Who wants to go to Cancer Gala 2008?

So, I am searching for cancer scholarships because I’m going to grad school and need the moneys (not to mention for some reason there are millions of cancer scholarships out there)when I find this gem of a site. Not only does this very informative and hilarious page only refer to cancer as ‘stupid cancer,’ but they sell witty cancer t-shirts, throw parties and discuss viral marketing and blogs. Basically, I found out about this site waaaay too late. But- I did find out about it just before the Stupid Cancer Gala and I’m going to make you all go because it’s my new favorite cause.

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wow, totally not what I’m thinking, but hey, glad someone’s having a great day

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I want to be the NY Times’s expert on color

From this article:

One expert on color, Leatrice Eiseman, has only good things to say about red. “Red is the color of the heart, of sensuality,” said Ms. Eiseman, the executive director of the Pantone Color Institute. “It works well virtually anywhere in the home, and works particularly well in the bedroom.”

When it comes to choosing colors, Ms. Eiseman said, “I don’t like rules, but there are general guidelines.”

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these are day beds…allegedly

whatever they are, I like them a lot

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