An alternative to sending lame dudes to the island..

NY Mag today has some interesting tidbits on scorned women taking revenge on men.  My favorite anecdote:

“Take, for instance, 23-year-old Kristina Caban, who persuaded a Guy Who Never Called to meet up with her at the Chelsea Inn — then Tasered him and used hot metal to brand an “R” on his torso.”

I generally say that the loser guys who don’t call back get sent to “the island for lost men” (see illustration below).

Once on the island, his number/email address is deleted (except for maybe a text message saying “FYI -you’re on the island” ..ahem, Liz).. and that’s that.  Sounds pretty tame to me, now.  Maybe I need a taser. hehe.


June 19, 2008. Tags: , , , . Blogz, Do not want, Emily, New York.

One Comment

  1. Taylor Monoughan replied:

    I feel like it’s dangerous to harbor so much violent anger towards a person you’ve only met once. Relax.

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