Old Kids on the Block?

I like what GBH.tv has to say about this…

Ohhhhh man. So this is really happening, huh. The New Kids on the Block have reunited. And not just for a tour, mind you. This unholy (re)union will also involve the release of an album which, from the sound of things, is going to make Donna Summer’s Crayons sound like the fucking Immaculate Collection by comparison. (That’s not nice, actually. We like “Stamp Your Feet” just fine. Really, we do)

The real kicker, though, for us, is this video. Couldn’t someone have told Jonathan , Jordan, Joey, Danny, and Donny that the mid-90’s are pretty thoroughly over, and that nobody (and by nobody, we mean NOBODY) makes videos like this anymore? Sheesh. Good luck, guys.

Yeah, good luck guys. You’re going to make a killing on the tour…


June 21, 2008. Tags: , , . Becko, FYI, Innernette, Music, Videos.

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