Blog of the Day: Chocolate and Zucchini

I think this is one of Molly’s favorite food blogs. I remember her reading it freshman year of college when we lived together. It’s one of the better food blogs I have read, though I admit that I don’t cook much. Check it out…

Check out this post on edible wallpaper here.

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Why I love my home state…

images of jesus in kittenfur? only in indiana. brills!

ps. thanks kim for the heads up

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Momma’s Boy

I like Chromeo, I like this song, I like this video….

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Finally, you can buy the future back (or some clever arrangement of “back” and “future”)

For sale: hoverboard from “Back to the Future”

Only $30,000! I smell a bargain!

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You were right, Drew

Thanks to pal Drew for sending this my way. He said “My guess is she’ll think it’s ugly but it’s still cool furniture.”

Spot on, Drew. Actually, it’s not that it’s ugly, it’s that it’s messy. Why would I want a messy table? I wouldn’t.

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More Charlotte, VT Google Alerts

It turns out that Vermont is a great place for a nose job. If you’re a big horn sheep, that is. “Bucky”, pictured below, fell and broke his nose a few years ago. Don Carpenter at Wildwood Taxidermy did a fantastic job fixing him up.

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Tomorrow I’ll be on this ferry!

Happy (almost) vacation to me! I am going to try to go cold turkey on the internet for the week (.. I have a serious addiction).. so we might be lighter on the crap..  I am only interested in lobster, sun, and books for the next 8 days.

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Five days and counting

Today is the fifth day I have spilled coffee on me. Thankfully, today I was smart enough to wear a dark blue dress so you can’t really tell. But I basically smell like a dunkin’ + deodorant.

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Why VT is awesome

So I’m signed up for Google alerts about Charlotte, VT and I was alerted to this blog entry about a dude’s trip to Vermont. I really like his style of writing and what he chose to highlight, including this:

And Nora, they hiked the same mountain we hiked (which may or may not be the only time Nora has gone hiking).

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Staff of CrapWeLike minus a (former) intern

we’re hot, bitchessss

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Help the Honeybees!!!

If you don’t know, the bees are dying and it is the only cause I care about.  So save the freakin bees.  Spread the word, cause we did already, all through brooklyn.

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Bert & Ernie rap!

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Cute cute cute

I need more Office in my life.  Bears. Beets.  Battlestar Galactica.  I think Rainn Wilson is adorable.  Is that weird?

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Nice to meet you, Sex Fruit.

Parents have actually named their kids the following: Number 16 Bus Shelter, Talula Does The Hula From Hawaii, Fish and Chips, Yeah Detroit, Keenan Got Lucy and Sex Fruit.

See if you can guess which names were and were not allowed by New Zealand name registration officials.

Full article here.

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Britney Spears Stashed Guns In Her Vagina

Above title was actually a subject line in my spam email folder.  I doubt the veracity of that.. but look, this picture looks like she’s giving SPF cigs and that is also dangery.

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Dan’s dream is realized

Best!  Go see more Left Handed Toons here.. cause they are great.

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Cutest photo of all time?


Obama is holding a three-legged puppy rescued from a puppy mill and the puppy is named Baby. I rest my case.

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Because nothing’s too cheesey for CWL

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Shoes for me!? Thanks Neil!!!

My heart is exploding. I love this so much. Also, watch all of this too cause it’s fantastic. Really, all I want to do is watch NPH sing. All day long.

If that clip isn’t working, watch here..

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logos that look alike

love this post from Logo Design Love about logos that look alike:

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I’m thirsty for Orla

So my homegirl Orla Kiely teamed up with Brita to make a pretty water bottle. Or something. I dunno, I didn’t read the whole press release but seriously, check out that water bottle!!!

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The prettiest library system in the world

From MoCo Loco:

Offline meta data! Valerie Madill proposes a new way of perusing library shelves by inserting the books into colour-coded sleeves that provide substantial at-a-glance bibliographical information about each book. Important information can be accessed without opening the book, or even pulling it right off the shelf. The user can locate the object of a search faster by honing in on the appropriate wrap colour. Examples shown are based on non-fiction books.


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Need this so hard for the (pretend) cooking I do

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Becky and Emily: one of you needs to go to the Mexico side

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A definition of “goon” please

My mom has always called me a goon and it is a word that has made it into my vocabulary.  Apparently, this word means different things to different people.. specifically definition #1 threw me off, but I guess I don’t know Flordia well.

..or it’s a cheap cask of wine.

To me it means cute & weird.  What gives.

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pretty to the maxxxxx

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I love credenzas

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FYI, I’m not really into this either

You know, with bright colors and abstract pixelation (sp?), you might think I’d be really into this art. You’d be wrong though. It’s boring.

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I don’t get it

I think this is supposed to be cute or something…maybe romantic? If so, it’s beyond me, although I do like the grey/black fading in the numbers and the hot pink. But yeah, the big design element with the “you” and “me” business is…meh…I dunno

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Tire Buddah

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Sadly, I have plans tomorrow

But if I didn’t, I’d totes be there:

Are you a crazed Of Montreal fan? Do you live in or near New York City? Are you 21 or older? Well do I have some good news for you. Of Montreal guitarist and all-around swell fella the Late B.P. Helium posted this message on the E6 Townhall:

hey kids,

there will be a small listening party for Skeletal Lamping at a bar in Manhattan tomorrow night, July 23rd.

the bar is called HI-FI. it’s 21+
the address is 169 Avenue A.

He also added that the record will be played likely between 10pm and 12:30am. Oh, and there’s a $3 beer special. In Kentucky, $3 beer isn’t exactly special; but I guess that’s New York for you, beer costs three bucks, but you get to hear the new Of Montreal record early.

that’s from YANP

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Hitler sings the theme from “The Jeffersons”

Omg.  This from Dan Savage’s blog.  I ❤ him (Dan Savage, not Hitler)

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i heart this song BIG TIME

i have been singing this song in the shower since i was probably 10.

its also on the new girl talk album- on set it off about 1:25 into the track. yeah i cant stop playing that song on repeat either.

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Illustrated conversations over burritos.

We got a little excited one evening after yoga and decided to have burritos and then illustrate our conversation about brooklyn geography and boys. this is how it went…

Stick figures by Em, additional male anatomy by Liz.

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I left my cell phone at the home office today Meetza will be  handling my calls.

Dan:  asleep on the job!

Dan: i just called your phone, meetza has quite an attitude. i think you need a new assistant.

one that’s less queeny.

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This will make everything better

Elizabeth:  scary
i was just on crap
its seems a bit depressing

Elizabeth:  maybe put up some pictures of cute puppies

and just cause it’s soo good.. this is an evil seal:

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This is pretty terrifying

Bush administration Memo tries to define birth control as abortion

JIC you forgot how crappy our president is.. read that from Jezebel.

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Another bad way to die

I don’t know if anyone else saw this, but a body was found in a shed at McCarren pool yesterday. Since i’ve been to the pool about a gazillion times this summer, i was a little shocked and grossed out. (Read more here)

I told Jack about it and here were his thoughts…

me: yo
did you hear about this?
me: so scary
its been there for months!
Jack: WHAT
WHO COULD IT BE?!? who is missing from hipsterdom/whose body would send the best message to the hipster world that organized crime “ain’t gonna take anymore rattails’n’neon, ka-peeesh?!?”
o man
this is not something to joke about
me: i bet its a drunk dude- homelessperson
cold in the winter and died
Jack: 😦
so sad
never let them find my body
if I go missing
i just
i don’t want to be found
me: you just want to decompose somewhere?
Jack: meh i guess
or like
and then baked into cakes
and then feed the cakes
to cats
who like cake
Nom nom nom
it are my birfday
and then
give those cats haircuts
and then cut up my favorite clothes into tiny, cat-sized facsimile outfits of shit I would wear
and dress those cats up like tiny versions of me
and make a calendar
and then have a parade
maybe serve the leftover cake
to people this time
that’s all I want

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Hot as balls


I love Lin-Manuel, I just saw In the Heights last weekend and it was amaaazin.  But jokes about balls are always good.

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A bad way to die

Two people died on an open top bus on their way to a Nationals game. How sucky is that?

I can’t figure out how to embed this.

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i’m internet friends with my dad!

I got an linkedin request from my dad today. This is how it went….

I don’t know why Nancy is in there. hmmmm.

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Puppies make heat too

thanks Liz.  my day is better now.

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I want this for trip planning

It’s a list! 

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Ben Stein makes lots of economy/love comparisons in this NYT piece, which are a little interesting and totally nerdy… (and different than ‘something-d-o-o economics’).  Like: ” The returns on your investment should at least equal the cost of the investment” and ” High-quality bonds consistently yield more return than junk, and so it is with high-quality love.”  Kind of obvious, I guess..

However.. I took Econ 101 pass/fail at college.. and barely pulled through with the P.   I guess I have isolated my problem, eh?

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I think getting this bed would improve my quality of life

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Who needs Garfield?

I have always kind of hated Garfield.  He’s just so cranky.  Maybe that adds to why I love Garfield minus Garfield so much.

Here’s the idea-

“Who would have guessed that when you remove Garfield from the Garfield comic strips, the result is an even better comic about schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and the empty desperation of modern life? Friends, meet Jon Arbuckle. Let’s laugh and learn with him on a journey deep into the tortured mind of an isolated young everyman as he fights a losing battle against loneliness in a quiet American suburb.”

Amazing.  I wish I could claim the credit for finding this site myself.

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This is what I woke up to this morning

Nora and I have a very fun getting ready for work in the morning ritual.  It usually involves some singing.. either an original song with music and lyrics by Nora (i.e. the classic hit, Emily Is My Roommate), or whatever song is stuck in our heads when we wake up.  Today, Nora sang this tune while showering.  Happy Tuesday.

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Feist knows her numbers


Nora: oh my god it’s so cute are you watching it?
it made me cry a little
I’m posting this one for Nora.  I guess she’s “working” or something.

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Fully-Clothed ‘Streaker’ Interrupts New Zealand Naked Rugby Match

That headline is just great.  Via Towleroad

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Japan + Ronald McDonald= Seizure

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Blog of the Day: FourFour

Specifically, all posts relating to Winston, the cat. Watch him get a haircut!

Here is where you can find all other videos/posts Winston related.. this cat is awesome.  The blog is super cool in general too.. won me over with the “I’m not here to make friends” montage.

Also, I kind of think Nora and I should get a video camera so we can film our baby girl.. is that too much?

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Her Kabbalah name is Esther! I knew that without googling.

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Put this in the Gchat hall of fame

me: we spooned last nightare you jealousDan: you and meetza or you and nora?me: me and noraDan: oooohme: i was drunk and snuggly!Dan: nora is having an “affair of the heart”Dan: madonna!that is your new nameme: oohi’ll take itDan: or whats her jewish name?that she tookme: kabalahfaceDan: we are living in a material world and i have a kaballah-facehey mr. rabbi put a torah on, i am kaballah facelike a gentile, reading kaballah for the very first timelike a gen-enenenenen-tileoh wow so fun!me: i am speechlessDan: by how clever that is or my knowledge of madonna?just like a prayer, kaballah will take you there, you better read my face, kaballah all up in there!Dan: kaballah makes the jew-ew-ew-ews come together… it’s a mitzvah when you loo -oo-oo-k into my face

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An open letter to my air conditioner:

Dear AC unit:

I am trying to save the earth, so as you know I’ve been putting you on the “energy saver” setting. I am so green friendly! However, you are a liar. You tell me it is 68 degrees in my bedroom and that’s why you are off “saving energy.” But it is not really 68 degrees. It’s fucking hot. I’m on to you. If this continues, I will have to go back to the “kill the earth and stay cool as a cucumber” setting. Just a heads up.



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Worst idea EVER!


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what my house will look like on the outside

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I like this, but Emily said she hates hearts with faces

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I’m Ted.

If you watch this show, you know why.  Dan, you know that makes you Lily, right?

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I can’t post comments

My work computer won’t let me post comments, so I’m going to post them here.

1. Becky – I can’t believe you saw Paul Rudd in the flesh. I am so jealous.

2. Emily – That video of the Aussie dude = something viral I saw before you. Praise me!

3. I also went to way too many Chucky Cheeze birthday parties. There was a cheese maze that was the perfect hideout for a pedophile. I’m amazed I got out of that place alive.

July 10, 2008. Steph. 1 comment.

Bush being an asshole

But a funny asshole. I feel like he could have also said “So long, suckahhhs!”

Also, what intern did they let compile those press kits?

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