Blog of the Day: Stickers and Donuts!

Now that’s some crap I like.  Especially the donuts.  Nora can have the stickers.  But, this blog is super cool and is now making it into Becko’s BOD feature, which we have sucked at keeping up.  I think Nora might really like this site’s stuff on design and graphics, (you had me at font alert!) .. and also the Renegade Craft fair recap.  I really like this post of animals made of letters (another two of my favorite things!!)

Obvs., that one is for Nora.  From Bembo’s Zoo.

July 1, 2008. Tags: , , , , , , , . Blogz, BOD: Blog of the Day, Brooklyn, Emily, I can has animals, Innernette.


  1. dan replied:

    this is actually viral marketing for adobe indesign. i saw the booklet when i worked at the design association. still cool but thats the full story.

  2. Maria @ Stickers & Donuts replied:

    yay! thank you, I’m honored that the crap you like includes the crap I make!

    Interesting note from Dan, though I don’t see any links or references to indesign on the Bembo site, and the animals were part of a Bembo’s Zoo Children’s Book before they hit the net.

  3. dan replied:

    maybe the book isn’t the same thing i saw, but adobe definitely published a book of text animals–or maybe it was text figures–to promote cs3. and roberto de vicq de cumptich was almost definitely the guy who made it.

    maybe i was hasty in calling it viral marketing, but i am pretty sure this concept came from a piece marketing cs3 made by adobe.

  4. dan replied:

    yes i found it–this is what i was thinking of. its not animals, its people (i just clicked on edgar allen poe). this is the marketing piece adobe commissioned for cs3, and the precursor to this animal book.

    its cool, maybe deserving of its own post, but this explains me being confused.

    its neat.

  5. Maria @ Stickers & Donuts replied:

    Yes, I love that site!!!! So many letters, so much clicking! I am, one day, going to post about it.

  6. Red Mule replied:

    Hot type! Rawr!

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