these business cards are way cooler than mine


July 2, 2008. Tags: . Is this pretty?, Nora, Work.


  1. Barry Messer replied:

    I have to agree these are cool business cards, the trick however is to balance the cost of a great design against the actual cost to produce the card.
    Example you could spend several hundreds of pounds on special finishes like embossing, gold or silver foiling, spot UV varnishing or die cutting, all of which will add impact to your business card with doubt! However through our online print store our standard business cards can be purchased 250 copies from just £40.00, now with some clever thought to design you can make a standard business card look stunning without breaking the bank! I am always amazed by the wide variety of designs that we see each day! So spend some time on the design to maximize impact.

  2. Em replied:

    Ted Moseby: Architect

  3. becko replied:

    hey nora- beat you to it. i posted this site almost a month ago. sowwy. check it.

  4. Em replied:

    nora, for the love of god, plz start reading our blog!

  5. Otas replied:

    I suck at blogging. Sorry folks.

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