Important queries from the new-to-email-10-year-old

Dear Emily,

I have several questions for you today!

1. What candy do you eat most often?
a. bubble gum
b. some sort of mint
c. lollipop

2. What thing do you like the least?
a. pencils 🙂
b. toads
c. glue on your fingers

3. What is your favorite thing?
a. dessert
b. computers
c. sleeping in late

Please answer these questions!


She totally has me down.. especially the last question.  Dessert, computers and sleeping in late are my FAVORITE THINGS EVER!

(the answers, if you wondered, are a, c, b.. glue on your fingers is the worst!)

If you’d like to answer Monica’s questions, please leave comments.


July 3, 2008. Tags: , , , , , , . Emily, Innernette.

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