good job commercial, now I can’t get these ten numbers out of my head….

Ive been partying hard for the last three or four days, so i’m staying in tonight and watching tv. This commercial is playing at every commercial break and I can’t get it out of my head. C’mon mi gente…

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I finsihed the Twilight Saga

I finished them. I finished all of the books in the Twilight Saga. I don’t know how to feel. I no longer look forward to my commute. What will I read on the subway now? Sigh.

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Blog of the Day: How Not To Get Laid

Some of these stories are funny.. some are just ok, but Spoiler alert! No one does i.t.

ps- this was our 700th post.  Woo!

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Keep Calm and Rock On

Oooh this is just awesome. Do want. This is from here.

and the original inspiration:

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Guess I don’t have to save the bees anymore..

Nataliedee is the best.

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heartbreak (again)

My roommate busted in last night, close to tears (maybe a slight exaggeration, but she was a little ragey) because dreamy Gael García Bernal is having a baby with his ex-pornstar (according to roommate), Argentinian gf, Dolores Fonzi. Rar.

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Beets, Bears, Battlestar Galactica

I love beets because my mom used to make them all the time when we were little. We still kid her about the time she almost burned the house down when we were in high school and she left the stove on cooking beets while we went out for dinner. When we came back, the water had evaporated, the beets were lumps of ashes in the pot, and the house smelled like shit. Anyways, here is the recipe I used to make the lovely beet salad I made for lunch today.


* 3 or 4 fresh beets
* 1 small onion
* Extra virgin olive oil
* Wine vinegar
* Fresh lemon juice
* Salt and black pepper


1. Slice greens from one bunch of 3 or 4 beets (I make another salad with the greens.), or use trimmed beets. Scrub beets well with a vegetable brush and water, but don’t peel.
2. Put in a pot with plenty of water, bring to a boil, and simmer 30 to 45 minutes, or until just easily pierced with a fork or knife tip. Drain (if you save some of the bright red water, it adds great flavor to soups.)
3. Meanwhile, finely dice one small yellow, white or red onion. Make a dressing of ¼ cup extra virgin olive oil, 2 T (tablespoons) red wine vinegar (cider vinegar will do if necessary), 2 T lemon juice (at least partly fresh), ½ t (teaspoon) kosher or other salt, and a few grinds of black pepper.
4. Let beets cool enough to handle gingerly—they must still be warm when you dress them. Wear rubber gloves if you don’t want dyed hands. The skins will come off easily. Cut off the ends and slice thinly (for ease, cut in half and then slice flat side down).
5. Put beets, diced onions and dressing in a pretty bowl. Refrigerate, but take out a little early so it won’t be icy cold. Taste and correct for salt.

From Foodsqueeze or something… don’t burn your house down.

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just another lazy wednesday

restaking my claim to dumb posts about animals.

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MIA and Diplo break my heart

Can’t handle…the cuteness….

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Kids or dogs?

Would you rather have a kid or dog? apparently dogs outnumber children in Japan 10 to 1 because people are choosing to pamper little dogs over having kids. i just love the pic.

thanks gawker and tessa for showing me.

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this is the tattoo i am going to get

Dan: is this appropriate for crapwelike?
Emily: for sure
Dan: ok great
Emily: i posted an abortion blog!
Dan: but this is monkeys putting fingers in butts
Emily: sometimes monkeys are silly!

credit goes to page for finding this one.

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Thanks TyTy

I think this clip is actually better with the sound off. I learned all I need from the headline High Heels Will Give You A Tighter Vagina, Better Orgasms, According To Tyra

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Aw crap.. sorry I emailed you

Pre-coffee this morning, I’m checkin’ my email doing my morning warm-up.. Perez, Facebook, etc. etc… until:

“You have sent 291 invitations to GoodReads!”

Fuck! Cancelcancelcancel.

Seriously, If you use this site you can see how it was possible for me to have sent an invitation out to everyone in my Gmail contacts .. but, just a heads up, it was an accident.  Whoops!  But while we’re at it.. why not recommend some books to me.. I am reading teen vampire stories, so maybe this was divine intervention..

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All I want

things have been a little rocky at my job lately, and this made me happy

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Put two of my favorites together and I’ll like it

Hooray!  It’s Regina Spektor and Ben Folds.  I like them both and maybe they should make out, huh? This reminds me of a Mac ad, though but it is good mood music. 

And here is Andre 3000 + John Legend!  Good song tag-team style. Maybe they should make out too! This one is dancey.

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“You can fuck yourself, Judd Apatow.”

This is a little bit edgier than our typical CWL posts, but hell.. if you are very pro-life this probably won’t be your pick for the Blog of the Day. What to Expect When You’re Aborting is a thoughtful and witty compilation of thoughts through one woman’s experience with abortion. In her words: “I spend a lot of time reading blogs. So when I found out i was knocked up I obviously googled “abortion blog”. The shit that came up was absolutely awful and distasteful propaganda. I thought the next time some one googled it this might show up.” In summary: pregnancy sounds terrifying, but this blog is really interesting and brave.

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I don’t get it

Nora’s post made me think of how J Crew is selling glasses now. $325 and then you still have to fill your prescripton.  I thought it was weird.

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New glasses

I got new glasses this weekend. Emily didn’t notice, but I think they’re rad. Also, they make me think about the hbest eye exam ever:

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Blog of the Day: Sexy People

So I thought I would get a head start on tomorrow and start posting again at midnight. This one comes care of Junior. Thanks.

Bravo! Great jlog!

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New trends in Japan!

read up on your fashions.

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Biker dudes save puppies!

From NYT – “They met on the local hot rod scene. They saw one another at tattoo conventions around the area, comparing bikes. They looked like heavies, a band of Hells Angels, with nicknames equally tough: Mike Tattoo, Big Ant, Johnny O, Batso, Sal, Angel, Des.  They meant no harm. Clad in leather, inked to the hilt in skulls and dragons, with images of bloodied barbed wire looped about their necks, they shared something else — a peculiar tenderness for animals, and the intensity needed to act on the animals’ behalf when people abuse them.”

Full slideshow here!

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Hey look hey look – it’s the same upside down and right side up!  And it’s MY NAME! Yayy yayyy yayyy.  Drew made it, look at other cool shit he makes here if you haven’t yet cause it’s a little bit awesome.

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Show your Tyra love

A blogger I like is making shirts for Neighborhoodies – Check out the designs from FourFour here.  Smile with your Eyes totally cracks me up and I love Team Winston!

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Runner up- Blog/Site of the Day: The Selby

Photo shoots of cool apartments that belong to cool people in NYC, BK, and LA. I totally snagged some decorating ideas from these fools. The Selby.

I like getting decorating ideas from homes that are actually being lived in, as opposed to showrooms, design mags, etc. It’s refreshing to see cute homes with everyday shit lying around and a little bit o dirt.

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Blog of the Day: Style Rookie, the pint sized fashionista

Apparently this girl is 12 years old and yet writes a witty, cute fashion blog. I totally recommend clicking around it. It’s inspiring me to go through the back of my closet to revamp the old things i love but don’t wear anymore. Thanks Tavi!

From Style Rookie

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Shh! Library sex! Scandalous!

Literary sex scenes taking place in libraries! Thanks L Magazine.

Sorry if this is explicit.. but I think it’s kind of great (nerdy and sexy!) and the library make-out is totally the best part of Atonement.

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goat yells like a man

another video that shouldn’t be funny but is.

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Vicky Cristina Barcelona

I loved this movie. Everyone should go out and see it. I think it’s one of the better movies Woody Allen has made recently. Scarjo is just ok- but Javier Bardem and Penelope Cruz are kind of amazing.

I’m on the fence about paying $12 to see it again in the theatres, but I will definitely be buying it as soon as it comes out on dvd.

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For Liz

Ging baby for you!

From Sartorialist

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Dear Cake Man Raven:

I love your cake.

I have a leftover slice of red velvet cake that is in my fridge.   It looks like this!

If you’re drooling now, you need to come to Brooklyn and get yourself some of this.

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The jumbled collection of bicycles suggests that Mr. Kenk is the unofficial world champion of bicycle thieves.

In NYT today, some dude in Toronto was caught with 2,865 stolen bicycles, bike locks, drugs, etc.

My favorite line…

“As the police gathered the mounds of bikes, they also found cocaine, crack cocaine, about 15 pounds of marijuana and a stolen bronze sculpture of a centaur and a snake in battle.”

It’s totally worth logging in or creating a nyt account just to read. Also, I stole the post title straight from the article. I’m a thief too. Oh, also…ex-intern Dan found the article. So I stole the post idea from him too. I’m stealy today.

Here he is folks, the bicycle thief….

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Unbelievable Pictures by Li Wei

Thanks Wooster Collective

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Michael Phelps Returns To His Tank At Sea World

I ❤ The Onion .. “”Michael seemed really excited to be back,” said Bowman, adding that the male swimmer became playful upon entering his tank, breaching the water and sounding repeatedly. “He just started swimming freestyle and backstroke, and only stopped to slide belly first onto the tank’s platform so he could be fed dozens of fried egg sandwiches.””

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Barbie fishing gear = BEST

Man uses Barbie fishing rod to make record catch

The only sad thing about this is that I wish the little girl could have caught the fish herself.  Bad timing on that bathroom break..

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Every day I go to the bagel place and I wonder..


Our favorite bagel place has literally 23 different kinds of cream cheese, look at the menu if you don’t believe me, (my favorite is olive), But.. WHY IS THERE NO CHOCOLATE CHIP CREAM CHEESE!?

Think about it.  You can have chocolate chip pancakes, you can have strawberry cream cheese, you can have french toast with cream cheese filling, you can have chocolate chip muffins…

When it sweeps the nation, just remember, you read it here first.  (If this has been invented already, plz let me know where I can get some.. or I’ll have to make it).

UPDATE:  It DOES exist.. but only in Kentucky.

 me:  what?
it exists?!
 Dustin:  are you serioussssssssssssss
its how we roll down here
 me:  kentucky has chocolate chip cream cheese?!
 Dustin:  fuck yesss
 me:  you are blowing my mind
is it as delicious as i think it will be
 Dustin:  its a little rich for mornings, but for late brunches it is superb

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Now his glasses are famous too

Cuban hurdler wins the gold.

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Drainage Fail

I didn’t even need sound for this one.

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I fucking love the Olympics

So much drama, so much passion, so much culture all in one. I watched the semi-final of the women’s 200m yesterday and was interested in the woman from Bahrain who ran in a what looked like sweatpants to comply with Muslim custom. Apparently her outfit is a combo of a “burqini” and a “hijood.” 

Doesn’t it just not seem fair that she has to wear this:

And the dudes from Bahrain get to wear this?

Well, I guess those are the rules.

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Wow, who knew?

Those two annoying and forgetable Project Runway designers are actually a couple. The video doesn’t work for me, but I don’t have sound anyway. Let me know if it’s at all amusing. Anyone think that the designers this year haven’t been all that impressive?

And for my own attempt at BOD: The Onion AV Club does a really good Project Runway recap . I like how they make fun of Jennifer: “Jennifer was delusional about her own aesthetic right to the end: ‘I brought something different to Project Runway … with my surrealism.’ That word doesn’t mean what you think it means, Jennifer.”

I just realized Jennifer could read this, and now I feeel bad. Sorry, Jennifer.

(I also love Tim’s Take..obvs).

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My first drunk post

Yes, I’ve had a few drinks this evening. I thought I would post these amazing youtube videos of Jack Black and Michael Cerra AGAIN because a new drunken history video has been posted recently. It happens to be narrated by a woman. Hurrah! (first video=favorite drunken history video, second=new drunken history video) CHECK IT!

Washington’s fucked up wooden teeth, white haired, powdered wig, god damned fucking male chauvinist world… lurve that!

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Your new home away from home

It’s Diaroogle! This site bills itsself as being “”for the discerning, on-the-go defecator who is brave enough to use a public bathroom, but still demands a hygienic and private bathroom experience.”  Sounds great, right? If ya gotta go, ya gotta go..  with all these accessible toilets, you’d think the subway would smell a little less like pee..

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That seal totally took the scenic route..

via NYT – The colored lines track the journeys made by elephant seals around Antarctica over 3,000 days.

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Becko- park your bike on that naked lady!

via PaperMag.. these supercute bike racks, designed by David Byrne, will be dispersed throughout the city for the next 11 months; then you can buy them. keep your eyes pealed!

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Michael Phelps doesn’t know how to dress…

From Best Week Ever’s post Is Michael Phelps a Douche?

I don’t think he is a douche- i imagine he spends more time in the pool than he does outside. He probably just doesn’t know how to dress himself because 90% of the time he is wearing a speedo or his 20,000-calories-a-day eating suit.

By the way, who let him into fashion week looking like that?

Another addition:

Eww.  I hate boys in jeans and flip flops.

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Eek! It’s Yoda, the cat

yuck yuck

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its a viral ad but its pretty awesome

yep, i’m back to stealing from gawker. but its worth watching because its pretty.

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Maybe I’m just a bad girl a bad girl..

I am Danity Kane’s #1 fan. It’s possible I am actually a teenager.  Thanks to Liz for keeping me updated on everything DK related. GF for life.

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Pls, not tower jumping

…that was the subject line of an email from my mom. Here’s the video.

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Lame alert

Or maybe not. Thoughts? The NY Times does like to make up trends (they said antlers were going to be the new skull and crossbones…that so didn’t happen).

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Have people seen this already?

If not, I’m shocked. It’s hilarious. I now love Paris.

Here’s some background.

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Christian Siriano is making maternity clothes?

via NY mag .. I totally don’t get why Christian would be into this.. but I’m sure it’ll look super cute.  Or, maybe now his clothes could actually be worn by real people who aren’t size zero?  YES.  Tent dress here I come!  I am not even commenting on those heels.. ouchies.

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Good job D.C.!

Washington DC is the first city in America to create a public bike program. Only $40/year and you can rent a bike as often as you want, so long as you return it every 3 hours. Steph had a good point- not very tourist friendly. Whatever- congrats DC- you rock. (sidenote- i’m a little sketched out that clear channel is sponsoring- are there ads on the bikes? bike huts? i don’t get it. there must be ad money involved somewhere.)

AdAge has article here

they’re cute, right? and skirt friendly!

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this dog is better than michael phelps

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Current obsession: VAMPIRES

I finished Twilight and Nora is on her way into the 4th book in Stephanie Meyer’s series..  and I fully intend to see this movie when it opens.  Get yourself to the teen fiction section pronto.

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Hamlet’s relationship status : it’s complicated with Ophelia.. etc

Well, I freaking posted this cool Hamlet facebook thing but now it doesn’t work so that’s lame and you’ll have to click the here to see it.

I have to admit, I got the link from my mom’s facebook page.. that’s weird.


Cindy: thanks for making me feel like I’m gifted for my age at Facebook, since it’s weird to get something cool from your mom’s wall

Cindy: no really, it’s fine. I know I’m not supposed to be as cool as I am. I just am!!

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its a moo-na fish sandwich

i blatantly stole it from gawker. also newly reorganized wordpress.com page confused me.

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All I’ve ever wanted in a room, also, headboard fabulous to the max

This room is exactly what I want. Except for the beige walls. Yuck. But other than that, this is perfection:

Also, I love this headboard/bedframe:

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Best Friend’s Day 2008

Guess what Becky is doing this weekend? If you guessed traveling to Richmond, Virginia to partake in outdoor fun times with bands and waterpark, you would be correct. See you kids on Monday and Happy Best Friend’s Day!

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Cute cat cartoon

I really really love this wake-up cat cartoon even more.. because it is very Meetza-like.  Except she would be chewing on my furniture to wake me at that point.. the rest of simon’s cat here!

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Bike I Like

Monocle magazine’s beautiful sweetish Skeppshult bike…only £600.

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