No one belongs here more than you

My posting hiatus has ended because this book is so good.  A recommendation from Steph, I can’t put it down, and will probably buy it for everyone I know this Christmas.  Just check out Miranda July’s website for the book because if I didn’t sell you on it yet, this will.   Just go buy it, I promise you’ll like it, see here’s proof:

me: i LOVE miranda july
 Stephanie: AH! i’M SO HAPPY!
cause I talked it up to a lot
 me: ah it is great
  i practically have to stop after every story just so it can sink in
Stephanie: yeah, there are certain stories I’ve read over and over again
 the shared patio is my favorite
  or maybe the one I’ve just read the most times
 me: i love the swim team
 Stephanie: me too!!
 me: i just made my mom read it
 Stephanie: I actually read that story aloud coming back from ocracoke
 I was like “you’re gonna listen to this and you’re gonna like it!”
  did your mom like it?
me: loved it
Stephanie: you don’t know how much this is making my day
  I like to spread the joy

August 1, 2008. Tags: , , , . Emily, Steph, World saving.

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  1. dan replied:

    miranda july’s website is also amazing and probably deserving of its own post:

    my favorite assignments: take a picture of your parents kissing and reenact a scene from your favorite movie (the best is the one woman reenactment of e.t.).

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