This is kind of long, but it made me laugh so much

me: ooh thats goodps i just ate a cheesy bacon onion tort

Becky: i think i can do it easily
savory tort?
that sounds wrong
me: that sounds retarded
Becky: haha
i just ate a cheesy bacon onion tort
you said it
not me
me: hahahahhahahaha
but it was real
and real delicious
Becky: where did it come from?
me: heaven
Becky: id rather have a big brownie
me: spoon
Becky: hah
me: i was into cheesy
Becky: yeah i want rich chocolate
me: no
just cheesy
Becky: No
me: yes!!
Becky: you are wrong
me: but it was so salty
Becky: geesh
me: and lightly toasty
Becky: oh nice
but it was a tort!
me: so i am right!
it is called tort
but maybe that is their matate
me: bahaha
i’m gonna tort your face
with bacon
Becky: hahaha
so what are we thinking of?
me: no it is a tort!
Becky: says you are wrong
me: booya
cheese tort

me: i knowww
it is a tort
but not dessert tort
Becky: tort is a civil wrong
me: but i got a receipe for torts
Becky: tarts?
me: and it is not one part my fist and one part your face
i am in hysterics,1-0,tort,FF.html
Becky: i think we are thinking of a torte
apparently the opposite of a tort
me: ohh
the E is silent
Becky: 0.
me: omg
Becky: mwahahah
me: you work for marthayou should know about torte

August 7, 2008. Tags: , , , , . Becko, Eat this, Emily.

One Comment

  1. Cindy replied:

    yay for semantics, and thanks for clearing up the common question of torte, tort, or tart?

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