Weirdest Spam Ever

The following two emails appeared in my inbox last weekend. They sound like dada-ist poems. BTW: Becky and I are going to start a band called Infamous Diction.

Subject: ape tenebrous craftsman steeplechase trisyllable

regulatory spotty breccia? twirly, athenian athenian.
bradford tenebrous possess steeplechase battle disciple, heterodyne
trisyllable spotty regulatory inside chiton.

breccia chiton barrette

attendee gertrude servomechanism? queue, breccia percolate.
basel barrette irremovable humpback twirly caricature, irremovable
topography garb regulatory horton attendee.

dehumidify occultation horton

dehumidify humpback disciple? basel, disciple chiton.

infamous diction.

subject: irremovable diction foul gertrude tenebrous  

queue occultation craftsman? disciple, irremovable provisional.
inside regulatory grizzly paper consent inside, dehumidify
mezzanine provisional gertrude adaptive athenian.

gertrude twirly orgy

orgy mezzanine foul? occultation, basel occultation.
orgy infamous consent queue squeamish grizzly, lindberg
caricature craftsman occultation attendee consent.

lindberg consent twirly

diction mezzanine tenebrous? attendee, foot consent.

provisional regulatory.


August 8, 2008. Tags: , , . Innernette, Matate, Steph.

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