Mad Men Illustrated (very pretty)

I love Mad Men. But I love pretty pictures more. Or maybe just as much.


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Emily and I really needed this tutorial before we hung those mirrors above our sofa (I mean futon)

How to: Hang a grid

Very informative

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An open letter to Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist

Dear Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist (N&NIP)

You had so much promise. You have Michael Cera and that girl from that awesome episode of Sex and the City with the Bat Mitzvah. You also had Bishop Allen, and I love Bishop Allen. A lot.

But strike one was when you spelled my name wrong. It really really would have been awesome if you’d lost the “h”. Strike two was the over-advertising. Strike three was just showing the same fucking ad over and over. That’s different from over-advertising. Over-advertising can be market saturation, with lots of different ads everywhere. That’s annoying on one level. What’s more annoying is seeing the same fucking ad every time. If you’re going to be shoving my face in your movie, at least show me a clip that’s not the one where that girl says she found Jesus.

Yours truly,

Nora “Fuck The H” Crapwelike

PS: No, I’m not going to see your movie. I’ll go see Bishop Allen another time.

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My Little Star Wars

so best

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Of Montreal mades me want to redecorate

These wall decals come with the special package of Of Montreal’s ‘Skeletal Lamping.’ DO WANT DO WANT.

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An infuriating video

New buzzword: Gotcha journalism.

From Wonkette: Because she’s masochistic, Sarah Palin went back for more inquisition with her MORTAL FOIL, the ancient fire dragon Katie Couric. Of course this time she brought her actual father, John McCain, to come and sit in and change the subject when Katie Couric starts getting mean. Palin sounds, uh, better(?), and is able to not completely mangle her 2002-era platitudinous bullcrap about “the terrorists.” On the other hand, Palin comes off as extremely pathetic because JOHN MCCAIN HAS TO DEFEND HER CONSTANTLY FROM KATIE COURIC.

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Hannah’s song

My friend Hannah was complaining that there are no good anagrams of her name, she has to share her name with too many small children, and there are no good songs containing her name. She’s right about it all, but this is what she found during her search for a song about a Hannah.

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I’d buy this if it didn’t cost like $100.

I didn’t realize there was a whole website of this crap.

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Weekend at Johnny’s

c/o the kim cho

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poor pooch has a headache

edit: now with more picture of the pooch.

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If only it could BE lighter in here

very cute

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Jesus says “rock on.”

This a litte jesus on a spring my friend Brandon saw on his way to work.

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Womanizer womanizer womanizer womanizer

Um, I am a little excited about Britney’s new single.  Listen HERE.

This is the type of crap song I love to clean my apartment to.  Ok ok, I love it all the time, who am I kidding.

Here is Kenley Spears from this week’s Project Runway.  I’m pretending she is the one singing Womanizer.  hehe.

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Watch, immediately if not sooner.

This one might be even better:

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Now that’s a funny image

Taken from the NY Times.

In the Roosevelt Room after the session, the Treasury secretary, Henry M. Paulson Jr., literally bent down on one knee as he pleaded with Nancy Pelosi, the House Speaker, not to “blow it up” by withdrawing her party’s support for the package over what Ms. Pelosi derided as a Republican betrayal.

“I didn’t know you were Catholic,” Ms. Pelosi said, a wry reference to Mr. Paulson’s kneeling, according to someone who observed the exchange. She went on: “It’s not me blowing this up, it’s the Republicans.”

Mr. Paulson sighed. “I know. I know.”

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FYI: Suede’s collection is horrible

I guess I’m not that surprised.

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Most shocking news ever.

Seriously, who isn’t gay these days??

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Crazy Chinese!

My friend Chad was invited to speak at a conference in China put on by the Association for Soft Sciences. Here’s their website:

I’d do a google image search of Ass China, but I’m scared to do that at work. But serious, Ass China??

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Say it ain’t so, Splenda!

A new study says Splenda “contributes to obesity, destroys “good” intestinal bacteria and prevents prescription drugs from being absorbed.”  

Splenda says there’s not enough data to support this, so I’m going with them on this, since I’m a Splenda addict and I choose to believe what I want.  Also, this study was done by “the lobbying group for the natural-sugar industry and a chief competitor to and legal adversary of Splenda” says the NYT.  

I think someone should address the real problem. Namely what are the side-effects were from all that “Slenda-sweet” (i.e. British Splenda knock-off) Nora and I ate for a year in England.  Maybe Duke should do a study on THAT shit cause I think there’s crack in it.  Look, proof Slenda Sweet is real!!   Whoops, I guess it’s from South Africa.  Who knew!?

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Singing on Ugly Betty!!

YAYY!   This video is just clips, but the cast of Ugly Betty obviously recorded this version of New York, New York at some point..(they film in NY now right?) I can’t wait for this show to start back up on Thursday and I really hope there is a musical number.  Remember Vanessa Williams was a singer!!.. I think it was ‘Sometimes the snow comes down in June’.. blahblahblah.. yeah I know the words and that is sad. SAVE THE BEST FOR LAST was the name of that song and I didn’t even have to Google.  OH, yes there IS a music video… take it away Wilhelmina Slater.. 

Youtube is saying it isn’t available but that’s not true!!  HERE is the link.  PS – Thank GOD for DVR so I can watch the Office and Ugly Betty without having to pick between them.

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A true meeting of the minds

Did you watch Perez on Martha Stewart??

Martha is soo out of the loop!  This is cracking me up.  I heart Perez, and he really is getting in shape. LOVE when he asks Martha if her “financials” are accurate.  Becko did you set up this interview??

 PS, watch this video too, because it cemented my obsession with Perezzers.  Skip to halfway or so.  Maybe minute 3.

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Waterfall Rap Crap

You know those waterfall installations that were a big deal a couple months ago?  Well here is a rap about it.

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Thriller as performed by 1,500 plus Filipino prisoners

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I did not know that.

John McCain’s chief of staff is gay.

I just don’t get it.

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Pretty Jewelry: Leslie Shershow

I just got back from a short visit to Boston. Whenever I stay, I usually crash at Emily’s place and get to hang with her cool posse.  We often hang out on her roof, which requires climbing though her roommates Leslie and Stacy’s jewelery workshop. I always love looking at their little creations and the stuff in production. So check out Leslie’s jewelry because it’s blowing up all over boutiques out here. I especially like the Alaska series (silver pipelines and bear rug cuffs!) and the name of the line is just as cute…Mouse House.

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Knut looses another parental figure. So sad.

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Let’s all play this game.

Sarah Palin baby name generator.

Steph = Trough Gutted Palin

Becky/Dan = WMD Cessna Palin

Em = Fork Decoy Palin

Nora = Bush Gator Palin

I don’t know why Becky and Dan’s came out the same.

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Weirdest Advert Ever

I don’t think I can embed this.

The Brits are so not cool with this.

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This sounds like a dinner I can make

Spaghetti Carbonara!

4 eggs, beaten

1/2-3/4 c. half and half

2T Parmesan cheese

Mix those ingredients and let sit, covered

Bacon, one pound, cooked and crumbled

Cook spaghetti (1 pound) drain, and return to pot. Add egg mixture and bacon. Combine well, for about 2 minutes. Eat immediately!

Add fresh tomatoes if you like them, (I don’t).

I am making a new effort to start cooking more regularly cause it’s not grossly hot out. After success with swiss chicken last week, this is what’s on deck for this week! Who’s interested in family dinner sometime? The recipes I use are seriously the easiest in the world. Thanks, mom.

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Eat me crunchy: Do want.

My roommate sent this to me after she saw meet eating some soggy cherrios. She also sent me this.


I’m actually not an edge lover, but it’s a pretty cool idea. When are they going to make a pan for center lovers? I guess that’s just called a normal pan.

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mix tape wall – do want

from re-nest, which is just part of Apartment Therapy

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Thanks, Evelyn

For showing me all these awesome Orla Kiely furnituresies

From Heals

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this is gross.. and not so ‘heelarious.’   that baby looks like a prostitot and she can’t even help it.  See heelarious footwear in action here.

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I can haz more Palin?

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Get a few drinks in me, mention Williamsburg and biking on Bedford Ave and I will no doubt begin to ramble and yell about biking through the Hasid community in S. Wburg and how terrifying it is.


I’m all about moving the bike lane off of Bedford. Here are the problems I see…
1. People treat Bedford like a highway- people go waaay to fast and make quick left hand turns across the bike lane, even using the bike lane as a turn lane sometimes
2. “Hasids are forbidden from looking at members of the opposite sex who aren’t fully dressed, said local activist Isaac Abraham” – HUGE ISSUE- because men can’t look at me when i bike in my shorts, they aren’t looking at me when they cross the street and often jump out in the bikeline, mid-block where i’m not expecting pedestrians to be (vs. say, a crosswalk where one is supposed to be crossing the street)- very dangerous
3. “The issue of dress – or lack of it – wasn’t brought up at the meeting. Weisser and the other Hasids instead complained publicly about bike lanes allegedly causing parking problems and traffic congestion”- yes, this is another big issue- for some reason everyone double parks along Bedford, thus blocking the bike lane. On average, I would say on average when I bike along Bedford between Clinton Hill and Wburg (possibly a mile and a half) I have to dodge 3 double parked mini-vans and loading trucks. Specifically, there is some event hall near Bedford and Flushing where people are always double parked and waiting for the valet or dropping people off, but I think that generally this is a problem all over Bedford. rar.

END RANT (there’s more but I have a paper to write for school. Buy me a beer and I’ll rant some more… on many topics…)

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Blog of the Day: Zombie McCain

spanks junior

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WFMU’s blog titled this photo “Best Baby Photo Ever.” It was hard not steal the title along with the photo.

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Remain in Light

especially if you are in thailand.

wmfu’s blog always posts amazing stuff.

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Suri Needs Her Bangs Trimmed

Seriously. Cut dem bangs, yo. Is that why she’s holding money? To tip the stylist?

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No way!!!!!!!!!

Amy Poehler: Leaving ‘Saturday Night Live’ will be ‘hard’

Tuesday, September 16th 2008, 2:16 PM

Amy Poehler is leaving “Saturday Night Live” after this season in order to focus on family.

The comedienne/actress, who expecting her first child with “Arrested Development” star Will Arnett, talked about parting with the show during an interview with Men’s Vogue.

“It’s gonna be really hard – Boyz II Men hard – to say goodbye to yesterday,” Poehler jokingly said of her nearly seven-year stint on the show.

“‘SNL’ was dangerous, late-night, last-minute and star-studded, but like any good drug, you need to know when to put it down.”

According to an SNL rep, the actress is staying with the show until her baby is born.

Though the mom-to-be makes no guarantee for a return to late-night TV, the star is reportedly working on her own show with “The Office” producers and writers at NBC.

Just last weekend, Poehler made headlines again for her spot-on portrayal of Senator Hillary Clinton in SNL’s season premiere.

I guess I have to cite The NY Daily News for the story, but jesus, Daily News, lay off the linking to your goddamn photos. Just report the fucking story.

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What google knows

a lot

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these handicapped chihuahuas have wheels

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Ninja cat!

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You light up my life

hahaha, I’m so funny. these lamps are awesome.

Read Homebug’s guide to these lamps here

Funny story: Intern Dan and I went into a store where everything was expensive and they had lamp #4 there (which is totally fucking huge – they have it in Daniel’s office on Ugly Betty [see here]) and Dan tried to adjust it and move it and I freaked the fuck out and told him to stop because he was going to break it. Wait, that story sucks, sorry guys. And sorry for yelling at you in the store, Danny.

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Ticking Time Clock of my life

Thanks for the update, Watch.

These watches are fabulous.

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Sarah Palin is HILARIOUS

Q: How do you tell the difference between a child in a third-world country and abstinence-only sex education?

A: One works.


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Pretty fridge looks like lego or a puzzle or something

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A tasty design

I love tile work like this:


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Judge Judy comic strip from Jezebel

Hilarious- well done Jezebel!

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Fey as Palin

Have ya seen it yet?–hillary-open

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Blog of the Day: Puritan Blister

cool covers and interesting mashups with weird pics/videos. it doesn’t really make sense but you can score some cool tunes for free. ch ch ch check it.

last night i went to bed at 2am, woke up at 4am-ish and have been spending the last hour playing on the internet. anyone know a cure for insomnia?

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A business outfit for your business machine

It’s a laptop sleeve, yo. From here: Barry’s Farm

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Remember that game for nerds called Tesselmania?

This restaurant reminds me of that game.

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tetris tiles fit together to make my dreams come true

File this one for future use when I redo a bathroom in my dream house

they are tiles designed after the best game ever.

buy them for me here:

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Pretty sleeps for Meetza

from this place

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Crazy Cat Lady? It’s not just me!

This makes me feel better..  tonight on the phone I mentioned “we” were going to eat thai takeout and watch Tabatha’s Salon Takeover.. but the “we” I mentioned was actually me and Meetza.  Hmm.

You might think that a new low, but Meetza is awesome (PS whatever!  I can totally stay home on a Friday). Anyway- Meetza plays fetch like a champ and it is also just about our 1 year anniversary of Meetza’s entrance into our lives.  So in celebration, here are the pics that won Nora and me over in September 2007.  

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obama? what a fabric!

this is the best news story of all time.

Neighbors of Andy Lacasse say the sign, which says “OBAMA HALF-BREED MUSLIN [sic]” breaches the fine line between free speech and inappropriateness.

“I got nothing good to say about Obama,” Lacasse told News 13.

Lacasse put the sign in his front yard four days ago.

“If I see anybody touching that sign, I got a club sitting right over there,” Lacasse said.

stolen from adam’s gchat status.

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Grand Army Plaza redesign

Grand Army Plaza is one of my favorite spots in Brooklyn, and it’s going to get a $400,000 makeover. It is really hard to cross the street around there, it’s true. The Design Trust for Public Space had a design contest for ideas on what to change – check out more of the winners here.

Pretty. You can go see the exhibit of winning designs from September 13 to October 13 in a free, outdoor, public exhibition in the center of the Plaza. I’m gonna!

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Oh Noes! Not again!

Watch out Florida. Ike is coming and boy is he huge.

Forecaster warns of ‘certain death’ as Ike looms.

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Nom nom nom nom nom nom

Becky just suggested I check out our blog stats, something I had never done before. I noticed that four of the top ten search terms people used to find out blog yeseterday contained the word “nom.”  The search terms included “nom nom nom,” “nom,” “oh nom” and “cat non nom nom.” Well, it that’s what it takes, I say … nom nom nom nom nom nom nom.

Now for a little on the term “nom” from Urban Dictionary:

om nom
The sound of ravenous eating. Popularized by the character Cookie Monster on Sesame street, it is now used commonly in speech, especially among younger people. Cookie Monster exclaims “OM NOM NOM NOM” when gobbling down cookies (and whatever else goes in his mouth).

You can “om nom” on things besides food… for example, play-eating babies’ toes to make them laugh.

omnomnomnom (dot) com is a pop culture website where people submit their own silly photos that have been manipulated in Paint to resemble monsters eating various things, including people and pets.

Cookie Monster: “COOOKIES!!!!!! OM NOM NOM NOM” (Eats everything, including plate)


And how about a picture too:

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