Blog of the Day: Sarah Palin’s fake blog

For some reason I’ve been really mentally slow today- feels like I drank a bottle of nyquil last night. Here is the best I could do for BOD. There are better, longer entries…check it out here.

They should really bottle the stupid

I don’t mean to be rude, but these liberels are D-U-M-B.  On the site dailykos, there is some yahoo claiming that I am wrong about when the pledge of allegience was written.  I pointed out in 2006 that the pledge was written by our founding fathers in the 18th century.  Well, guess when it was written you dumba**es- in 1892.

Word of advice liberels- GET A BRAIN.

September 2, 2008. Tags: . Becko, Blogz, BOD: Blog of the Day, Matate.


  1. Kim Choskies replied:

    i was trying to figure out if the blog was fake or not and i googled “sarah palin’s fake blog” and your site showed up! wooo!

  2. Pete replied:

    I would like to see simply in America everyone try to be as nice as they possibly can to one another. I think we would get more accomplished if we were to just unite and stop nit picking.

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