Wizards can do i.t. if they are BOYS

OK ok, I know that the double standard thing between male and female sexuality is far from new.. but Harry Potter talks in Details about losing his virginity at 16 (to a 23 yr old, US Weekly suspects).. quote below

“Also for the record, he celebrated reaching Britain’s age of consent, 16, almost three years ago, in the customary manner, with an older girlfriend. The age difference “wasn’t ridiculous,” he says. “But it would freak some people out.”

While everyone is fixating on Jamie Lynn Spears, Bristol Palin, Miley Cyrus’s naked back.. stuff like this seems to slip through the cracks. So, boys can’t get pregnant – I know this, and he didn’t GET anyone pregnant (probably cause his 23 yr old gf knew something about what a condom is)- BUT does anyone even give a shit if a young famous dude has sex? So many girl pop stars feel compelled to PLEDGE their virginity til marriage (Britney, Jessica, Miley)..and no boys do that except for the freakin Jonas brothers. Or Hanson. I think? They had kids though after married really young so I guess that’s different. MmmmBOP!

To be fair, are we letting Harry Potter off the hook because of Britain’s age of consent and not cause he’s a boy? Or what!

I feel like calling Harry Potter a slut just to even it out a little.. k, done ranting now. YEah, he looks kind of cute on that cover too. FYI.  And yes, his name is Harry Potter, always.


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  1. Maria @ Stickers & Donuts replied:

    nice rant. enjoyed.

  2. Cindy replied:

    Ah, I raised a feminist!! Praise me.

  3. writemeg replied:

    Yeah, once the Hanson boys started, they just couldn’t stop! Taylor is expecting his fourth child this winter! And he’s… 24? Craziness.

    But I agree with you — it’s the classic double standard. Hearing about Harry’s sexual exploits barely registers on my radar. Now, Miley or Selena or whoever the kids are into these days? That’s a different story…

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