Palin rejected by Heart

My favorite woman fronted 70s classic rock band, Heart (no joke), isn’t down with Sarah Palin using their song Barracuda as her theme song. To be honest, neither am I. From Yahoo news.

Despite the Wilson sisters’ objections, one of the song’s co-writers said he was “thrilled” that the song was used.

In an e-mail to Reuters, the band’s former guitarist, Roger Fisher, said it was a win-win situation. Heart gets publicity and royalties, while the Republicans benefit from “the ingenious placement of a kick-ass song,” Fisher said.

But in a subsequent email, Fisher said he strongly endorsed the Democratic ticket, and would donate a portion of royalties he receives from the Republicans’ airing of “Barracuda” to the campaign of Sen. Barack Obama.

“With my contribution to Obama’s campaign, the Republicans are now supporting Obama,” he said.

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  1. crapwelike replied:

    It annoyed me so much to hear Barracuda after Palin’s speach at the RNC, but I feel much better knowing the royalties are going to support Obama. Still, I don’t want to hear any more about how Palin was a point guard on her stupid high school basketball team. Everyone plays sports in high school. It doesn’t make her any more talented or interesting than anyone else.

    Love, Steph

  2. dan replied:

    lets start talking about how weird that song is. porpoises and barrcudas meeting and talking?

    does this mean john mccain is a porpoise?

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