Get a few drinks in me, mention Williamsburg and biking on Bedford Ave and I will no doubt begin to ramble and yell about biking through the Hasid community in S. Wburg and how terrifying it is.


I’m all about moving the bike lane off of Bedford. Here are the problems I see…
1. People treat Bedford like a highway- people go waaay to fast and make quick left hand turns across the bike lane, even using the bike lane as a turn lane sometimes
2. “Hasids are forbidden from looking at members of the opposite sex who aren’t fully dressed, said local activist Isaac Abraham” – HUGE ISSUE- because men can’t look at me when i bike in my shorts, they aren’t looking at me when they cross the street and often jump out in the bikeline, mid-block where i’m not expecting pedestrians to be (vs. say, a crosswalk where one is supposed to be crossing the street)- very dangerous
3. “The issue of dress – or lack of it – wasn’t brought up at the meeting. Weisser and the other Hasids instead complained publicly about bike lanes allegedly causing parking problems and traffic congestion”- yes, this is another big issue- for some reason everyone double parks along Bedford, thus blocking the bike lane. On average, I would say on average when I bike along Bedford between Clinton Hill and Wburg (possibly a mile and a half) I have to dodge 3 double parked mini-vans and loading trucks. Specifically, there is some event hall near Bedford and Flushing where people are always double parked and waiting for the valet or dropping people off, but I think that generally this is a problem all over Bedford. rar.

END RANT (there’s more but I have a paper to write for school. Buy me a beer and I’ll rant some more… on many topics…)


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