Eat me crunchy: Do want.

My roommate sent this to me after she saw meet eating some soggy cherrios. She also sent me this.


I’m actually not an edge lover, but it’s a pretty cool idea. When are they going to make a pan for center lovers? I guess that’s just called a normal pan.

September 22, 2008. Tags: , . Do not want, Eat this, Steph, Want, World saving.


  1. drewmo replied:

    A circular flat pan would be best to minimize the edge piece/center piece ratio if limited to two dimensions. If you’re willing to create some sort of spherical pan where the brownies bake affixed to the outer edge then i WISH YOU LUCK AND KINDLY REQUEST A SAMPLING OF THE RESULTS OKAY.

  2. Molly replied:

    Clotilde was all over this forever ago

  3. liz greenhill replied:

    I ordered eat me crunchy directr form the website you have given.

    I was severely disappointed to receive it broken and with a hole in it. The packaging was so bad I think it must have been done in the post.

    However when I contacted the wbesite twice they ignored my emails and thus refused to resolve the matter.

    WARNING : Don’t deal with them, packaging aweful and unprofessional outfit.

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