An infuriating video

New buzzword: Gotcha journalism.

From Wonkette: Because she’s masochistic, Sarah Palin went back for more inquisition with her MORTAL FOIL, the ancient fire dragon Katie Couric. Of course this time she brought her actual father, John McCain, to come and sit in and change the subject when Katie Couric starts getting mean. Palin sounds, uh, better(?), and is able to not completely mangle her 2002-era platitudinous bullcrap about “the terrorists.” On the other hand, Palin comes off as extremely pathetic because JOHN MCCAIN HAS TO DEFEND HER CONSTANTLY FROM KATIE COURIC.

September 30, 2008. Tags: . Do not want, News, Politicals, Steph, TV.

One Comment

  1. Otas replied:

    It’s so hard not to see McCain as a father figure to her. “Daddy! The blonde woman made me look bad on TV!! Go yell at her”
    God I hate Palin.

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