Blog of the Day: Puritan Blister

cool covers and interesting mashups with weird pics/videos. it doesn’t really make sense but you can score some cool tunes for free. ch ch ch check it.

last night i went to bed at 2am, woke up at 4am-ish and have been spending the last hour playing on the internet. anyone know a cure for insomnia?

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A business outfit for your business machine

It’s a laptop sleeve, yo. From here: Barry’s Farm

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Remember that game for nerds called Tesselmania?

This restaurant reminds me of that game.

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tetris tiles fit together to make my dreams come true

File this one for future use when I redo a bathroom in my dream house

they are tiles designed after the best game ever.

buy them for me here:

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Pretty sleeps for Meetza

from this place

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Crazy Cat Lady? It’s not just me!

This makes me feel better..  tonight on the phone I mentioned “we” were going to eat thai takeout and watch Tabatha’s Salon Takeover.. but the “we” I mentioned was actually me and Meetza.  Hmm.

You might think that a new low, but Meetza is awesome (PS whatever!  I can totally stay home on a Friday). Anyway- Meetza plays fetch like a champ and it is also just about our 1 year anniversary of Meetza’s entrance into our lives.  So in celebration, here are the pics that won Nora and me over in September 2007.  

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obama? what a fabric!

this is the best news story of all time.

Neighbors of Andy Lacasse say the sign, which says “OBAMA HALF-BREED MUSLIN [sic]” breaches the fine line between free speech and inappropriateness.

“I got nothing good to say about Obama,” Lacasse told News 13.

Lacasse put the sign in his front yard four days ago.

“If I see anybody touching that sign, I got a club sitting right over there,” Lacasse said.

stolen from adam’s gchat status.

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Grand Army Plaza redesign

Grand Army Plaza is one of my favorite spots in Brooklyn, and it’s going to get a $400,000 makeover. It is really hard to cross the street around there, it’s true. The Design Trust for Public Space had a design contest for ideas on what to change – check out more of the winners here.

Pretty. You can go see the exhibit of winning designs from September 13 to October 13 in a free, outdoor, public exhibition in the center of the Plaza. I’m gonna!

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Oh Noes! Not again!

Watch out Florida. Ike is coming and boy is he huge.

Forecaster warns of ‘certain death’ as Ike looms.

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Nom nom nom nom nom nom

Becky just suggested I check out our blog stats, something I had never done before. I noticed that four of the top ten search terms people used to find out blog yeseterday contained the word “nom.”  The search terms included “nom nom nom,” “nom,” “oh nom” and “cat non nom nom.” Well, it that’s what it takes, I say … nom nom nom nom nom nom nom.

Now for a little on the term “nom” from Urban Dictionary:

om nom
The sound of ravenous eating. Popularized by the character Cookie Monster on Sesame street, it is now used commonly in speech, especially among younger people. Cookie Monster exclaims “OM NOM NOM NOM” when gobbling down cookies (and whatever else goes in his mouth).

You can “om nom” on things besides food… for example, play-eating babies’ toes to make them laugh.

omnomnomnom (dot) com is a pop culture website where people submit their own silly photos that have been manipulated in Paint to resemble monsters eating various things, including people and pets.

Cookie Monster: “COOOKIES!!!!!! OM NOM NOM NOM” (Eats everything, including plate)


And how about a picture too:

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feminist theory via graffiti

kinda rhymes

by Dolk (who montana met and partied with when she visited Norway last year)
from Wooster

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Sarah Palin, will you please define the Bush Doctrine?

Skip to 7:00, “Do you agree with the Bush Doctrine.”

I thought this was a really good point, brought up by writers for Jezebel.

MOE: You know what is interesting, reading this interview? I feel like I sometimes err on the side of chalking up most Republican gaffes and idiocy re foreign policy to a kind of purposeful vagueness that buys them the license to invade whatever they want. But it should not be so hard to brief Sarah Palin. How could she come off so blindsided? How difficult is it, really, to grasp basic foreign policy? Why are so few politicians capable of giving a more accurate assessment in a television interview than i could? And I think to be honest, maybe it is tough for Sarah Palin to grasp. Maybe she just doesn’t absorb information about Sunnis and Shiites and Iran and Pakistan the way, you know, Barack Obama would. It isn’t that hard! And yet, it’s not like this shit gets taught in our schools, and that probably includes the communications curriculum at all six of Sarah Palin’s colleges.

MEGAN: My concern, though, is that it makes her just enough of a “regular” American that it’ll make regular Americans want to have a beer with her and mock us elitist Americans’ obsession with little things like the Bush doctrine and how starting an actual war with Russia might be bad. And that’s sort of what got George Bush elected. Twice.

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Chill out- he’s got it.

Thanks Dan P.
From here

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Yeah, what Emily said.

Em brought up a good point in her mcdonald’s post. Why is it that all of a sudden jazz, a good education, community organizing and cosmopolitanism are considered bad, boo-worthy things? Roger Ebert (yeah, I didn’t know he wrote op-ed seither) thinks its ridiculous too, especially because we’re talking about the qualities we want to see from a future world leader here.

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Cockberg! Right ahead!

The article is a little weak, but apparently global warming is to blame.

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Intellectuals are the WORST..

so lets drink our coffee at McDonalds!  


McD’s is launching a new anti-Starbucks ad campaign.. it goes something like this: “In the 30-second “Intellectuals” spot, a woman sitting in a leather chair, sipping coffee in front of a fireplace with piano music playing in the background, tells her friend about McDonald’s new lattes, and says, “Now we don’t have to listen to jazz all day long.” The commercial ends with a voice-over saying, ‘Try McDonald’s McCafe coffees. All the coffee. Hold the attitude.'”

I’m not the biggest fan of Starbucks (except for one special Starbucks), but I have to say McDonalds is being a total dick here.. and sounds a lot like the GOP right now, to be honest. 

Remember when Rudy Giuliani, suggested that the reason Obama was anti-Palin was that Wasilla, AK wasn’t “cosmopolitan” enough for him?  I forget.. Giuliani was the mayor of which American city?  Certainly not one known for CULTURE, right? 

Just wondering when being intellectual became synonymous with being a douchebag.  Jazz is superlame, let’s get happy meals.

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Our friends have a blog too.

It’s called (whatever you do, do not type .com…trust me). I just read a hilarious and oh-so-true post on the perks of being single by DC’s Other Steph. The part that hit home hardest for me was the last point: You Don’t Have to Worry About Disappointing Your Whole Entire Family When You Break Up With Them

It is, however, a bummer for those of you whose parents are more proud of your sig nif’s accomplishments than your own. If only you had won all those trophies. If only you had gotten your PhD and learned how to play the upright bass. Too bad, just don’t break up.”

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Putting lipstick on a pig.. literally

I loved this segment on NPR, where ‘Joel Salatin, a farmer from Swoope, Va., talks about what actually happens when one attempts to put lipstick on a pig.’

 listen to it now, ok!!

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My friend Maggie draws really well with her left hand

This one depicts what people were doing last night instead of watching Project Runway.

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Red Pandas = most adorable animal ever

Zack and Nora and I went to zoo once and discovered these. Here’s one doing the beady-eyed intense look.

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Oh Brits

I don’t have a source to back up that these are real, but they’re amusing either way.

These are apparently genuine clips from council complaint letters…
1. My bush is really overgrown round the front and my back passage has fungus growing in it.

2. He’s got this huge tool that vibrates the whole house and I just can’t take it anymore.

3. It’s the dog mess that I find hard to swallow.

4. I want some repairs done to my cooker as it has backfired and burnt my knob off.

5. I wish to complain that my father hurt his ankle very badly when he put his foot in the hole in his back passage.

6. And their 18 year old son is continually banging his balls against my fence.

7. I wish to report that tiles are missing from the outside toilet roof. I think it was bad wind the other night that blew them off.

8. My lavatory seat is cracked, where do I stand?


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No Birds Allowed

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Blog of the Day:

I think I listed this site once before, but I’m having a slow day and I think it’s worthy of its own post. is a really great site to go to for inspiration. People are constantly tagging and posting new interesting images on the site so you can sit all day and reload and new images will continue to pop up- and you can follow images threads according to user and theme (sounds complicated- just try it).

ps. I don’t know if anyone has noticed but this is my 4th straight post in a row. I’m blogging to procrastinate for my reading for my class tomorrow. any procrastination/concentration tips would be appreciated.

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Palin rejected by Heart

My favorite woman fronted 70s classic rock band, Heart (no joke), isn’t down with Sarah Palin using their song Barracuda as her theme song. To be honest, neither am I. From Yahoo news.

Despite the Wilson sisters’ objections, one of the song’s co-writers said he was “thrilled” that the song was used.

In an e-mail to Reuters, the band’s former guitarist, Roger Fisher, said it was a win-win situation. Heart gets publicity and royalties, while the Republicans benefit from “the ingenious placement of a kick-ass song,” Fisher said.

But in a subsequent email, Fisher said he strongly endorsed the Democratic ticket, and would donate a portion of royalties he receives from the Republicans’ airing of “Barracuda” to the campaign of Sen. Barack Obama.

“With my contribution to Obama’s campaign, the Republicans are now supporting Obama,” he said.

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Pop-ups are so fall 2008

Yea- a lot of stores have done pop up stores in the past but I feel like this fall there have been more than usual, or cooler ones i’m more interested in visiting.

Like the Target Bullseye Bodega only open from Sept 12-15th in four manhattan locations (i’m posting locations mostly so that I can easily reference and for your information as well- but mostly out of convenience for myself).

101 57th Street at 6th
Union Square:
813 Broadway between 11th and 12th
489 Broome Street between Wooster
and West Broadway
West Broadway East Village:
325 Bowery at 2nd

And then French boutique Colette(check out their website and their hott jams) is doing some funky, brilliant collaboration in the flagship Gap store for one month (9/6-10/5). This event/installation/store is so epic, it has it’s own cutesy website-

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For you Chi-town kids

We reported when Renegade Craft Fair was visiting Brooklyn. Well guess what? Now it’s in Chicago.

ps. it’s sponsored by PBR

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I’m sick and tired of politics too, Barack.

Barack’s comeback on the lipstick war.

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This crotch really is insane.

I’m glad the Onion AV club pointed out to me that Terri’s no better at making pants than Stella.

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Blog of the Day: The Catorialist

On the Street…Dip Dye, Williamsburg, NY

“I’ve noticed the recent trend of dip dye fabrics moving from the runways (i.e. Bernard Willhelm SS08) to the streets. This chic woman pulls off this wonderful dress with some unexpected brown boots.”

It’s Sartorialist for cats!

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Speaking of pigs … chill the F out McCain

Apparently any mention of lip stick is now an attack on Palin and women.  Note that Huckabee took Obama’s side. Also note that McCain himself used the phrase to refer to Hillary’s health care plan.

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Fashion forward pigs

Louis Vuitton pigs are ready for the runway. This feels wrong, PETA step in!

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Pop quiz: who is this pattern designer?

Did you say Orla Kiely? TOO BAD YOU FAIL. That’s from Pottery Barn Teen. Nice job on ripping her off like it’s nobody’s business, though. I totally fucking want that chair.

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Pretty Bird and Pretty Cat

From this site. So pretty.

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Help The Honey Bees

Ok, two things make this video awesome:

1) It’s totally a dance we have to learn before the next Idiotarod

2) It’s for a good cause.

Where my bees at?

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Brooklyn = Nevada, Manhattan = Idaho

Thanks SwissMiss. And yeah, I kind of jacked your post title. I’m sorry, I just wasn’t being very creative.

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Please tell me this isn’t a double post

I love you Jon Stewart. You are right about everything.

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Please god, let this be true.

The Enquirer has to be right some of the time, right?

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Another thing I don’t really get

but I think is funny.

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WTF RNC? part2

Good question Steph, why did they put a random mansion behind mccain during his speech? (jfyi- when i watched it on tv, it was just a blue screen…) I think a better question is though, why did they make the stage look like a penis?

From Wonkette…

That’s former Senator Bill Frist you see speaking on tonight’s redesigned RNC stage, with a lovely projection of the African plains at dusk as his backdrop. You know what else is a projection? The massive black cock on which he’s standing.

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Much worse than a $200 haircut

Cindy McCain’s outfit Tuesday night cost $300,000.  I trust Vanity Fair on this issue.

Also, did anyone else know that she broke her wrist shaking hands? Twice!

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Why the random mansion behind McCain during his speech? Here’s a theory that I really hope is true.

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I don’t get it either, Tim.

People magazine calls it Katie’s chic streak, but I agree with Tim Gunn. The baggy rolled up pants are weird. Cute haircut though. Want.

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Because John Bush is very much his own man

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Who wanted to go to the art parade?

Updated: art parade has been canceled for weather related issues- rar


September 06, 2008
Along West Broadway from Houston to Grand Street

Deitch Projects, Creative Time and Paper Magazine are pleased to announce the fourth annual Art Parade. The parade will take place on Saturday, September 6th, at 4:00 PM on West Broadway. Following the success of the past three Art Parades, we have again invited artists, performers and designers to create floats, balloons, placards, portable sculptures, performances and street spectacles. This year’s parade will include over 90 projects, including those by Jim Drain, Barry McGee, Clare Rojas, Beta Tank, Yoko Ono, Dzine, The Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black and Kenny Scharf, and will involve over 900 participants, making this the largest and most dynamic Art Parade yet.

Deitch Gallery is the best! (seriously check out their site) I imagine that their parade will be lots o fun AND they are doing some event with East Village Radio on Sunday. The Vivian Girls, one of my new favorite bands, will be playing live- jfyi.

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You’ve just won 8 Olympic Gold Medals! What do you do next?!

Get your ass to the Playboy Club!!  Obvs!  Oh, Michael Phelps.. way to mack it.

via Radar

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beautiful video by Sam3

thanks Wooster Collective

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Talk about a low blow..

This can’t be real, can it??

here’s the about us section:

“Not to cut the story to short or anything but a bunch of us got bitter, disenchanted and crabs, so we wanted to put our college educations in biology to good use. We brought on an MBA guy (who says we can’t use his name, and he’s smart for it I’m sure) and today we’re right here. We may be the scum of the earth, but we’re making an honest living doing the very thing you wish you could do, which is give crabs to your ex.”

FYI – for $298 the Gold Package can be yours.. and those are the shampoo-resistant crabs. Zing!

hahaha.  It’s fake it’s fake.  that kind of got me.

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Pretty scented polkadotty trash!

New installation art in NYC – with biodegradable trash bags that beautify the streets of New York while drawing your attention to how much trash we produce. $30 for 10 trash bags. Nice work! Too bad we have a garbage shoot. Join the effort here!

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word of the day: blogument

From Steve / UrbanDictionary

1. blogument
tr.v.; To document in the form of a weblog.

We thoroughly blogumented the details of our trip.

See also: blargument

A few examples i thought up myself…
I’ll blogument your mom. I can’t stop blogumenting Sarah P’s ridic antics. Em was the first to blogument McCain’s love of The Hills.

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save your ears please

Cool ads from National Foundation for the Deaf in New Zealand for Deaf Awareness Week.

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