Spice up your life

Surprise! Naked people are on your bed!! I want a new comforter, but not this one, I don’t think. I’m really bothered by the fact that these naked folks have no heads. Get out of my bed headless nudes!  OH wait, when you’re IN the bed YOU LOOK NAKED!  hehe.  But still creepy when the bed is made.


October 1, 2008. Tags: , , , . Do not want, Emily, Not pretty.


  1. Machiavelli replied:

    Few things. 1)I haven’t hit up your site in about a month, so I check it out today and BAMMMM, naked people. 2)Why is the man in this picture completely hairless? It is really creeping me out. 3)How hot is the woman? Belly button ring, great figure, hot pink fingernails and matching toenails. This picture just hits all levels. And yes, I have now commented on duck penises and naked hairless adults on your site. Fantastic.

  2. Negerdea replied:

    Hot, but it does sorta look like two women :S However I want one of those 😀

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