Mustache-a-thon for cancer

I would totally participate if I were a dude, but fortunately/unfortunately, my face is totally hairless. Here is a summary of the rules from the site…

Mustaches vs. Cancer is a two month mustache-a-thon where each participant solicits donations on behalf of their beautifully bristled upper-lip, in the end donating all the earnings to the pediatric department at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York City.

This is an eight week mustache contest that will commence on October 4th and conclude on November 29th (the 56 days of Christmastache?). This is just in time for those holiday sales (I would hate to hear of a fellow comrade being thrown by his mustache in a fight with a suburban soccer mom for the last copy of “Rock Band 2”)! Each week, contestants will be required to upload photos of their mustache as proof it’s existence and as a personal marketing tool for donors. Upon the completion of the eight weeks, the extremely dignified individual bringing in the most donations will be crowned as the “Noblest Mustache on Earth”. Oh but wait, there’s more; a second champion, “The Peoples Champion”, will be the winner of an online poll. So, don’t be deterred by your lack of rich friends (I’m looking at you, Chester A. Arthur).

Read more about it HERE

October 3, 2008. Tags: , , , . Add this to your calendar, Becko, World saving.


  1. Mustaches vs. Cancer replied:

    Thanks for the kind words! Don’t forget the web address:

  2. Mikey Mustache replied:

    I am a mustachioed member of the hair-raising team. You can sponsor a mustache (ahem, mine) with a credit/debit card for any amount. Even a dollar, or a portion of a dollar, if that’s all you can afford. The kids appreciate every bit and so do we.

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