I almost got into fight with Haley Joel Osment

the post aka “How Haley Joel Osment ruined my Stereolab concert”

Last night I attended the Stereolab/LeLoup concert at Irving Plaza- very cool. I had never seen LeLoup before (our friend Sam’s band) so it was really great to see them play and the set was really different from the album, and Sam was really fun to watch and funny between songs. So we leave our really great front row spot to snatch another drink before Stereolab goes on and by the time we get back, our place is gone and the floor is really crowded. We squeeze up through the mass of people and to get close to our friends. Turns out no one was in this spot because there was an annoying group of kids on the left. Turns out the annoying kids are Haley Joel Osment + gf + friends. He bumped me a couple of times, waved his hands in my face and knocked my drink out of my hand (then apologized, offered to buy me another drink and then never did), danced the whole set (an hour and a half!), crawled on the floor a couple of times looking for his ‘water’ on the floor, and even attempted to partner dance with his gf in the very crowded space. I wish I had a video recorder because it was hilarious to watch when he wasn’t shouting “Emperor Tomato Ketchup 1995!” or hitting me in the face. We think he was tripping. tells me he is only 20 years old so he wasn’t drinking….

Anyways, my friend Kim actually almost got into a fight with Haley. He was kinda provoking her and she tried to dance back at him but then she slipped and accidentally kicked our other friend Nadia in the shins.


October 5, 2008. Tags: , , , . Becko, Matate, Music, New York.


  1. Blood Ruby replied:

    Hahahahaha! We were at the show too last night, but with a great view from behind the soundboard up in the balcony. I think I saw the guy you’re talking about down there on the floor trying to slowdance with his gf. Were they the ones that threw the bottle of Poland Spring up on top of the wall to the left of the stage? What an awesome show.


    Blood Ruby – blud roo’-bee (n.) atmospheric alternative music somewhere in the vein of dream pop, ethereal and neoprogressive rock.
    See also http://www.bloodruby.com


  2. kim choskies replied:

    “guys… GUYS! We have to dance to this– it was released in 2003!”

    Yeah, roughly around when you hit puberty / realized that your career was over.

    Thank you, Haley Joel Osment, for ruining our perfect night. I hate you and your stupid 18 year old friends.

    • cupid replied:

      its not over…2 major motion pics on the line and broadway.;P

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