It’s MANTYHOSE season!!

Once you have discovered pantyhose – and liked it – you might not want to leave off wearing it anymore. It’s fun to experiment with all the colors and yarns and patterns and thickness of pantyhose – it’s fun to try out all the styles and to dress our legs in these materials.

Available at Let’s try out the new wordpress poll function!


October 16, 2008. Tags: , , , , . Emily, Fashiony, Matate, World saving.


  1. dan replied:

    forget the mantyhose, i want those shorts.

  2. Machiavelli replied:

    I like where Dan’s head is at. Here is my question about the mantyhose, are they the thigh high hose, or are we talking all the way up? If they are all the way up, do they have the dude tighty whitey opening in the front so you can piss, or do you have to go the little kid route and just drop trough AND mantyhose at the urinal in the restroom? However if they are the thigh high kind do they make accompanying boxers with the clips on the legs so you can keep them up? I feel like these are questions that need answers.

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