The Boa Artist

So, I’m kind of obsessed with The Pick Up Artist.  Sure, trying to get a girl to go home with you is skeevy.. but, Mystery is so hilarious and off-beat, I can’t NOT watch him dole out advice.  It’s kind of like Beauty & the Geek minus the bimbos and plus a lot of piercings.  There is a dude make-over episode right at the start of the season.. amaaazing!  (Don’t worry Nora, I did not delete.)

So in the last episode.. the challenge winner won Mystery’s “special accessory” to help him in the club. Special accessory = black boa.  Honestly, the poor kid is not only scared shitless to talk to girls, but now he has to do it with a BOA?  I don’t care how drunk I am.. if a guy lays a boa on me in a club, I’m going to think he’s off the freakin reservation.  Mystery should be loading these guys up with string cheese to hand out in the bar.   I swear, that would do the trick.  PS.  This show is greatly entertaining.

October 20, 2008. Tags: , , , , , , , , , . Emily, Fashiony, Matate, TV.


  1. susie replied:

    I too am obsessed with The Nerd Whisperer, I mean The Pick Up Artist. I think we should all start talking like him. IOI for ‘indication of interest’, FTC for ‘false time constraint’, and Neg for…negative. Ok that last one isn’t that great, but still.

  2. crapwelike replied:

    START talking like him?? I’m already there, Susie. I’d tell all about the IOIs I’m going to throw out this weekend, but I have a FTC.

  3. susie replied:

    Well I hope there’s plenty of Kino, and that you’re not met with any LMRs. Good luck opening those two-sets.

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