Ok, I’ll admit it.

She really is a high-fashion Alaskan and does look good for a woman in her 40s. But just like John McCain being hot once upon a time and not being able to lift his arms due to years of torture…it doesn’t mean she’d make a good VP or Pres. However, I like her tied jackets and how she “breaks up the suit” (something I’m really scared to try).


October 23, 2008. Tags: . Fashiony, Politicals, Pretty, Steph.


  1. Johnny Peepers replied:

    Sarah Palin is a smart lady and has learned an awful lot from her McCain appointed handlers. By the time January roles around she will know everything she needs to govern effectively. I think women can be just as good at a job as any man as long as they are supervised properly.

  2. crapwelike replied:


    Wow. I hope someone can supervise me so I can be as good as a man.

  3. Otas replied:

    I love the fact that “By the time January roles around she will know everything she needs to govern effectively.” Wait, so now the criteria for being a good VP is how well you can cram before having to do the job? I don’t want to vote for someone to go into VP boot camp. There are plenty of people who are already prepared for the job. Go fuck yourself, douche. That’s for Sarah Palin and Johnny Peepers. Also, Sarah’s boots are totally for strippers.

  4. crapwelike replied:

    yeah, those boots are awful and I would never wear that much red. but there were a few cute outfits in the slideshow.

  5. dan replied:

    i am here to oversee all of the womens. no need to worry, peeps.

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