Vote Pepsi

You know what the Pepsi redesign reminds me of?



October 29, 2008. Tags: , , , , . Ads we like, Emily, Politicals.


  1. drewmo replied:

    meh. inverted colors, the curve goes the opposite direction (upward in pepsi, downward in obama’s logo). Pepsi’s new logo is supposed to invoke the symbol of a smile, so I guess obama’s is supposed to be a frown.

    Nah, I just think we’ve been inundated with obama’s symbol recently, but I don’t think the link between these logos is intentional or really noteworthy (we’re not gonna see obama’s symbol after next week, after all). I’m not sure I would’ve drawn the link myself. Maybe.

    I also just noticed that pepsi snuck in a reference to their old logo in the curvy horizontal part of the lowercase ‘e’ in ‘pepsi’.

  2. Lara replied:

    Hey, whaddya know? I thought the same thing! Love this blog, by the way.

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