connect the dots tattoo

ha, do want

from swissmiss and notcot


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Lego anatomy

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Blog of the day: Upside Down Dogs

I just want a wrinkle-faced dog RIGHT NOWWWWWWW.   Upside Down Dogs !!!

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You Fell Asleep While Watching a DVD

Just try it….

This happens to me all the time.

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30 Rock is more liberal than 24

I like what Gawker says about The Hills being conservative – “Heidi Montag endorses McCain, he calls her “a very talented actress”, John Adams twirls in his grave. Plus it’s all about remorseless spending and there are no gays on the show and, actually, thousands of gays in LA, especially working in fashion for God’s sake.”

No wonder I hate that show.

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From the McCain rally in Virginia Beach. Also, what’s up with the dude’s shirt behind this woman?

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Yes we carve!

Barack O’Lanterns. You can print the stencil and send them your photos.

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Well that’s one way to get a date..

Teenage girls in Australia have been painting their phone numbers on themselves while sunbathing.

This has gotta make it pretty easy to ask a girl out. No need to even buy them drinks first. ick.

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Kim does Ty Ty really well

Kim Stolz, aka the MTV news reporter and former ANTM contestant that went to college with Intern Dan, does a pretty awesome Tyra impression.  She was apparently pissed that Ms. Banks used “bitchy reporter” as a scenario for Top Model, since she and Tyra had a run-in at the FIERCEE Awards… (so hilarious- pronounced ‘fierce-ey’ and made up by Tyra, of course).  Anyway.    Here she is interviewing some other model at the real Fierceeeeeeeees.  

Video here.  The voiceover is the best part.

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Crispy Clean Bacon Broiler

Want crispy bacon?  YES

However, this bacon doesn’t look crispy when she takes it out of the bacon machine.  It looks a little flopsy to me, and I don’t like flopsy bacon.  I don’t have a dishwasher, so I’m not really sold.  I’m also against any kitchen utensil that has only one purpose.  So, I guess the verdict on this is a no on this, but thought I’d share anyway.

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if you see something, say something

also, don’t ride on the outside of trains, don’t run to catch a train, don’t walk between trains, let people get off before walking on with your bicycle and no eating on trains/putting bags or feet on seats (the last one is apparently a new one- my roommate got a ticket a couple weeks ago from a cop for putting his feet on the seat across from him. matate.) did i forget any others?

pic from Wooster

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Countdown the days..

New Twilight trailer!  

The movie opens on 11/21, just in time for my birthdaay.

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It’s that time of day…

Since no one has yet posted this on CWL.. here’s the latest from Google labs: Mail Goggles.  Thanks, Google.

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I already eliminated my music cred with Brit, soo..

I ALSO love this new Pussy Cat Dolls single.. a LOT.

It also makes me laugh when they try to show the one other girl in this group who sort of sings.

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Womanizer videoooooo

Video here

I have to say, Brit looks pretty awesome here. She did have two kids and go nutso ya know! This is directed by the guy who did her toxic video.. I think he has a thing for Charlie’s Angels or something, cause she always has to be blond, brunette, and a red head.

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Americans on bridges abroad for Obama

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I don’t really get this.

Two people have sent it to me claiming it was “hilarious.” I don’t really see why. I get that McCain is old, Barack is younger and and Sarah Palin is even younger (and dumber). is it a reference to the Straight Talk Express? If so, it’s still not that funny. Anyway, I welcome other people’s insights.

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My little pony

Those who’ve been to Ocracoke surely remember the giant rearing pony in front of the Pony Island Motel. And you can’t miss its giant cock and balls. Just wanted to point out that this is not what a horse’s package actually looks like. And it’s the most detailed part of the statue. Weird.

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More Charlotte, VT Google Alerts…Nora, this one’s for you

Charlotte is a town in Chittenden County, Vermont, United States. The population was 3,569 at the 2000 census. Charlotte is pronounced with stress on the second syllable (shar-LOT), or by many locals as sha-LOT, dropping the r.

From wikipedia.

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Mortgage crisis explained using Pokemon! Thank youuu

Economist Kevin Nguyen explains the country’s economic woes to his younger sister, using Pokémon as an analogy. Seriously.

Kevin: Have you been following the news?

Olivia: Yeah, I don’t really get it.

Kevin: Imagine that I let you borrow $50, but in exchange for my generosity, you promise to pay me back the $50 with an extra $10 in interest. To make sure you pay me back, I take your Charizard Pokémon card as collateral.

Olivia: Kevin, I don’t play Pokémon anymore.

Kevin: I’m getting to that. Let’s say that the Charizard is worth $50, so in case you decide to not return my money, at least I’ll have something that’s worth what I loaned out.

Olivia: Okay.

Kevin: But one day, people realize that Pokémon is stupid and everyone decides that the cards are overvalued. That’s right—everybody turned twelve on the same day! Now your Charizard is only worth, say, $25.


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Thanks for this awesome shit, swissmiss

thanks, swissmiss

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More Jesus in things

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That one

In case you missed it, McCain referred to Obama as “that one” in last night’s debate.  Here are some possible reasons why he did so, via Radar:

• He forgot Obama’s name.
• He didn’t want to say Obama’s name out of fear that he might make the “Osama” slip-up.
• He did want to say Obama’s name so that he could explicitly make the “Osama” slip-up, but forgot Obama’s name.
• He didn’t want to say Obama’s name because he has no respect for Obama and doesn’t believe they belong on the same stage.
• He didn’t want to say Obama’s name because he’s infuriated with Obama for not bending over and taking it like previous Democratic nominees.
• He was so busy channeling Ross Perot that he decided he might as well do an homage to the diminutive Texan’s “you people” moment.
• “That one” focus tested better than “the colored boy over there.”
• Old people have a harder time identifying discrete shapes and forms; McCain wanted to make clear that he was talking about Obama and not the bunting in the background.
• McCain has come to realize that his incredibly dishonest campaign, with its desperate use of fearmongering and racial animus, will go down in history as one of the ugliest attempts to win the presidency at the expense of honesty, comity, and basic human decency, and, worst of all, it won’t even be successful. This man, who spent five years under the most brutal conditions imaginable, has forever tarnished his legacy and when people one hundred years from now look back at the election of 2008 all they’ll remember him for is failed gimmicks, coded bigotry, and the disturbing way in which he doddered about the stage. His guilt—not only at destroying his own reputation, but at the low and poisonous way in which he’s tried to destroy Obama’s—is so overwhelming that McCain can barely shake Obama’s hand, meet his eye, or say his name.
• They all look alike.

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Nocturnal cat activity

love this!  Meetza does similar things; but would be biting the dresser at this point.

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Bacon Blog for Em because happiness is a warm paper towel soaked with grease

Crazy bacon recipes included, like bacon cookies. mmmm….

I think Steve sent this to me a while back- thanks steve.

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amazing posters and banners- SO CLEVER! I wish I had discovered this site a month ago…

(check out the banners- Remember when Orange was a color, and not an alert?)

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Cut Brooklyn

Handmade knives! I know what I’m getting my step-dad for Christmas this year….

(sorry, won’t embed)

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I really like mid-century modern illustrations and places

Thanks Samuel Owen Gallery!!! These fucking rock. I want them all.

Steph- this one’s for you:

Becky, they didn’t have one for Indianapolis, but this reminded me of you:

Eems, this one’s for you:

And Danny, this is for you because we’ve never really gone on vacation together:

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I do love Go Fug Yourself

In fact, I was just thinking about how much I love Go Fug Yourself when I read their assessment of dressers in this month’s issue of Dwell (so best!). And I loved their post on “Eva Afugri” recently, but how could they forget that her hair style is totally the same as what Charlie did to that girl in the final challenge of this season’s Shear Genius??

Well, here’s the comparison that I really wish the Fug girls had remembered. I’m so smart.

Am I right???

Also, this debate is infuriating. I really liked when Obama just reminded people that John McCain said “Bomb bomb bomb Iran” that’s hilarious.

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For the love of god, find me a new bag

LeSportsac has really shitty patterns right now. Brooklyn Industries doesn’t have anything with zippers that I like. And if I buy that new one from Urban Outfitters that Becky has, I’ll feel unoriginal and stalker-ish.

I really want this one, but it’s so expensive I could die. Doesn’t Urban Outfitters know we’re having a financial apocolypse????

So, CWL readers, I beg you: find me a good goddamn purse (must have a zipper on the top, thank you very much).

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Remember that time I went to Tokyo

and was mistaken for a Spaniard? So embarrassing.

It can’t embed, so check it out here: It has some butts in it, so don’t watch it someplace that will get you in trouble.

stolen from videogum

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We’ll all go to hell

This video is prettttty harsh on Palin.. but her “place in hell” quote is ridiculous.  Remember when Hil was running?  I bet Palin wasn’t so supportive.  Also, fuck you Sarah Palin.   Sorry, I’m sick, and that is my best summary.

Thanks Victoria for the clip.

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Another Interesting McCain Fact

I’ve posted before on how John McCain was once hot and that his hair turned entirely white during his first six weeks as a POW…but did you know he also can’t lift his arms higher than this? Yeah, it’s cause he was tortured for six years. Sad sad sad. Still doesn’t make him a good president. Well, it doens’t NOT make him a good president either, but you get my drift.

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Max loves Taco Bell

My friend Max moved to Poland a couple months ago. He sent this to all his friends back in DC.

Greetings from Poland. Life is great, I miss you all, blah, blah, blah.

I really miss Taco Bell. I just want to stuff my face with Nachos Bell Grande and a Chalupa right now. And also eat that extra taco they give you that can be soft or hard-shelled. Fire sauce goes without saying so pretend I didn’t.


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New Yorker Fiction podcast

Did you know you can listen to the New Yorker for freee!?  I downloaded a bunch of episodes of the fiction podcast, which is really great.  An author reads another author’s work, and then discusses with the host.  Made my subway ride home really nice today.. but don’t play this month’s unless you can handle sad.. not too shocking, it was “Dog Heaven” by Stephanie Vaughn, read by Tobias Wolff.   Sad but good!  Download here or on iTunes.

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Prison break!

thanks Liz.

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Why old dogs are the best

Emily sent this to me. I nearly cried. My favorite is the one in the pool.


Read more here.

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I almost got into fight with Haley Joel Osment

the post aka “How Haley Joel Osment ruined my Stereolab concert”

Last night I attended the Stereolab/LeLoup concert at Irving Plaza- very cool. I had never seen LeLoup before (our friend Sam’s band) so it was really great to see them play and the set was really different from the album, and Sam was really fun to watch and funny between songs. So we leave our really great front row spot to snatch another drink before Stereolab goes on and by the time we get back, our place is gone and the floor is really crowded. We squeeze up through the mass of people and to get close to our friends. Turns out no one was in this spot because there was an annoying group of kids on the left. Turns out the annoying kids are Haley Joel Osment + gf + friends. He bumped me a couple of times, waved his hands in my face and knocked my drink out of my hand (then apologized, offered to buy me another drink and then never did), danced the whole set (an hour and a half!), crawled on the floor a couple of times looking for his ‘water’ on the floor, and even attempted to partner dance with his gf in the very crowded space. I wish I had a video recorder because it was hilarious to watch when he wasn’t shouting “Emperor Tomato Ketchup 1995!” or hitting me in the face. We think he was tripping. tells me he is only 20 years old so he wasn’t drinking….

Anyways, my friend Kim actually almost got into a fight with Haley. He was kinda provoking her and she tried to dance back at him but then she slipped and accidentally kicked our other friend Nadia in the shins.


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Fashionable First Ladies

I think it’s obvious why I like the First Lady of Qatar’s style.

It’s very Little Edie from Grey Gardens.

Anyway, this is cool.

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Condi and Michele: fashion face off

Pretty interesting

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In light of the financial crisis, dress like a hobo

My sister sent this article to me with the message “These clothes are not affordable in tough economic times. Sorry, NY Times, you are wrong.”

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Pop quiz, Palin

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Mustache-a-thon for cancer

I would totally participate if I were a dude, but fortunately/unfortunately, my face is totally hairless. Here is a summary of the rules from the site…

Mustaches vs. Cancer is a two month mustache-a-thon where each participant solicits donations on behalf of their beautifully bristled upper-lip, in the end donating all the earnings to the pediatric department at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York City.

This is an eight week mustache contest that will commence on October 4th and conclude on November 29th (the 56 days of Christmastache?). This is just in time for those holiday sales (I would hate to hear of a fellow comrade being thrown by his mustache in a fight with a suburban soccer mom for the last copy of “Rock Band 2”)! Each week, contestants will be required to upload photos of their mustache as proof it’s existence and as a personal marketing tool for donors. Upon the completion of the eight weeks, the extremely dignified individual bringing in the most donations will be crowned as the “Noblest Mustache on Earth”. Oh but wait, there’s more; a second champion, “The Peoples Champion”, will be the winner of an online poll. So, don’t be deterred by your lack of rich friends (I’m looking at you, Chester A. Arthur).

Read more about it HERE

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I’m gonna do all the grocery shopping for the White House myself

YAY new Drunk History!!!

This lesson is hitting close to home!!  Don’t elect an old dude to be president…

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Can I choose my VP based on flute skills?

Cause Sarah Palin BLOWS.  hehe.  See what I did there?  But seriously, she’s really flat and her low register is terrible.  She’d never last in flute choir.

Ready for the debate??

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Spice up your life

Surprise! Naked people are on your bed!! I want a new comforter, but not this one, I don’t think. I’m really bothered by the fact that these naked folks have no heads. Get out of my bed headless nudes!  OH wait, when you’re IN the bed YOU LOOK NAKED!  hehe.  But still creepy when the bed is made.

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Lars and the real boy

who needs a dude when you have this comfy pillow? I bet this woman goes on to see this pillow on her bed in the dark, think it’s real, assume it’s an intruder (or as i say.. imposter?) and beat the shit out of it with a baseball bat.

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Thanks for the history lesson, Anne Marie

“The 1940s were an incredible period in Britain’s history. Throughout a savage world war with its horrors and deprivation, despite the shortage of food and clothing, in spite of air raids, bombing and the constant risk of death or loss, ordinary British people obeyed government instructions to ‘Keep calm and carry on.'”

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