My mom’s new favorite show

Has anyone heard of the HBO show Summer Heights High? My mom loves it and made we watch three episodes with her. It’s very funny and inappropriate. The same comedian plays these three characters.

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Happy birthday Em,

here’s a skateboarding dog.

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no cakefail here

holy snaps! it are your birthday Em! nom nom nomcakefale

speaking of cakefail, em, I almost put this pic up but decided no one should have to see such cakes so early on a saturday morning…

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Sleepy Puppy

Have I posted this already? The cat post reminded me of it. This was me in Dante class and every play we ever saw in England.

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happy thanksgiving

did anyone else watch the parade? no garfield this year….

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Get it?? Rock?!

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Happy 1,000th post CrapWeLike!

To commemorate this occasion, I will give you –

Kitteh Has Too Much To Drink

and Cat Fart Explosion

THAT just about sums it up.  Happy Thanksgiving!

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Realty Fail

Thanks to Lucy for showing me this blog.

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omg look what i found

these dudes are hilarious. i accidentally found this while procrastinating.

best. dancers. ever.

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I wish my computer could do that…

Get more HERE

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via BaconToday .. a blog i will totally be reading regularly from now on.

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Bad panda

And bad 20 year-old who climbed into his habitat.

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from nytimes– “Photographer Robbie Cooper shows just how focused young video-game players can be”

Thanks Steve

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Sarah Palin fail

Yum yum turkey

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Barack, that was so thoughtful of you!

Happy brithday, Joey B!

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Michael Phelps should always be photographed like this

no head necessary.  thanks GQ via Jezebel.

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Work it, kids!

My sister sent this to me. Exercising is fun! I wonder if Kota counts as an exercise toy because you can bounce on him.

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Grey Gardens in DC

Who wants to see this with me?

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idol fail…

So I am taking a class this semester ENTIRELY devoted to the discussion of images, making of idols, iconoclash and everything in between. I literally spent the whole day in the library researching the procession of images/idols (I’m going to attempt to make some fancy comparison to traveling exhibits and the processing of famous artifacts and works of art) for my big end of semester paper. Imagine my delight when I found this video on failblog just now…

I am so going to find a way to cite failblog in my paper.

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i wonder how many times it took to make this…

you should watch to the end…

this song reminds me of kairos- this retreat thing i had to do at my catholic high school- i think brendan was a leader and it was ‘his’ song

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What your cat is really doing in the toliet

Nora totes found this, FYI

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M.I.A. making pregnant look cool

but is her skirt too short?  i’m concerned..

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Snoop D-O-Double G on Martha

B, you have any insider scoop on this?

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Burlington is like the healthiest place ever

And the smartest, and the youngest, and the awesome-est.

I learned this when my old boss Ronnie yelled to me across the cafeteria “did you hear Burlington is the healthiest place in the US? And the least healthy place is the U.S. State Department.” Zing!

Now watch:

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its the happy wednesday kitteh

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Target: Women

My sister first introduced me to the “Target: Women” segments on They’re really good and funny, too, and full of truth facts.

Here’s one on weddings, which, apparently, have been on my mind (NO THEY HAVE NOT)

aah it won’t embed!

I suggest looking through the archives. The one about Disney princesses is really funny, too.

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Movie I Can’t Wait For: Where The Wild Things Are

Yes, I know. Short children’s books usually don’t make great feature-length films (see: cat in the hat, madeline, jumanji)

But when Dave Eggers writes the screenplay and Spike Jonze is the director, that starts sounding awesome.

That’s what’s up with Where the Wild Things Are. It sounds fucking amazing.

You can watch the leaked screen test here

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My dino really rocks, he’s Kota the triceratops!

Here’s the commercial that made me and Emily realize that our family is incomplete:

I should probably mention that the price of the greatest creature in the world is $239.00. Batteries not included.

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The only gift I want for Christmas is Kota


Watch these kids have a fucking blast with my future favorite thing in the universe:


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wow- creepy commercial

i think this was an ad once…for what, i’m not sure.

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my hood

junior told me about this lady comic writer. i literally live 2 floors above cafe grumpy and frequent the same places. weird.
she forgot to mention that a block or so away from peter pan is the cinderella gift/card shop on Manhattan Ave

Fart Party here. spanks junior.

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Dear Videogum, You win.

I have been fighting Videogum for a while.. sure it’s funny, but Nora and Drew both love it so much, I had to disagree just to be a shit. Today they posted cat takes a ride on a Roomba and that is the best thing ever. At the moment, Meetza is terrrrrified of our Roomba, but maybe I can sit her down and have her watch this video and she’ll see how fun it looks. She watches TV now, btws. Last night I got home and she was tuning in to the 11pm news. She’s the smartest cat!

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google can predict the future

Google knows everything and now they are predicting the future…. apparently google can predict flu outbreaks better than the CDC according to where and how often people use google to search for “flu” -both frightening and amazing.

check it out here. they also provide an in-depth explanation of their methods which is also frightening/interesting.

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Blog of the Day: Swedish Dance Bands from the 70s

I haven’t done blog of the day in a while but this one was particularly awesome.

There are so many. They go on forever…. check out more of em here.

Thanks Adam

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NSFW, unless you’re on someone else’s work computer..

We’ve been having internet problems at work and so the Verizon tech guy came today to check shit out. I hung out with him for a bit.. we talked about music, I ate a bagel, and he fiddled with my computer for a while. I checked email on my boss’s computer, so I wasn’t really paying attention to what he was doing. When he left, I checked my browser history – just cause I was wondering what sites are ‘internet test sites’ or what. Wonder no further.

I haven’t had a chance to watch yet.. but from the titles: “Man with world’s biggest penis” and “What’s in a name? (Penis)”  I am pretty psyched.  Thanks Verizon!!!

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Barackuccino please!

Shout of to Molly for sending this to me. Looks delicious. Is this a comment on his skin color? I’m going with yes.

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Barnard Zine Library

I’m just amazed that I can search for zine by topic on the Columbia/Barnard online library catalog and then check them out. Rad. I love that Barnard also has a zine librarian. Probably ranks in top ten coolest jobs ever.

Check out the website- has links to places you can buy zines in the city and BK and some articles about academia/librarianship and zines HERE.

Maybe you guys all knew about zine libraries in schools and public libraries, but this stuff is new to me. When I was young, we had to walk uphill 3 miles in the snow both ways (or drive to Columbus) to the nearest collective/infoshop/coffeehouse to BUY your zine. You kids these days have it easy….

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hey chitowners or chicagoans or whatever you big city IL folk are called…

I don’t know where this is but it looks cool, so you should go and report back. I think there is going to be one in nyc as well….? Hopesies!

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Your best beaver friend

Didn’t play this with sound, so if it’s super offensive, tough luck.

This is a commercial in Australia that made lots of people complain.

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Seriously, GG?


Also, Dan Humpfries shit is really stupid. And since when is NY Mag hurting for high school talent?

And another thing: I’m really tired of this “I Wish My Daddy Loved Me” from Chuck. And really? Mr. Bass is all ready to say “Well then, it’s out now. I killed a dude” after one conversation with Danny boy?

But I do love Mr. Geist (from Clueless).

This commercial for the ‘Wall-e’ DVD is the best part of GG tonight.



I guess I’m kind of live blogging gossip girl tivoed. sorry blog readers.

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Remember when all Michael ever said on ‘Lost’ was “I gotta find my son”?

Well, in real life he has a daughter.

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Holiday cards with chairs!!!

Thanks Dwell. You rock. You made me holiday cards with chairs. As holiday stuff. BEST!

go here:

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best of AA costumes 2k8…

they sent me an email today and i thought this one was particularly clever of wall-e and eva. congrats dudes. you are WAAAAY more creative than me. i was zombie barbie for halloween. i had to beg some white and blue facepaint off a stranger to pull it off too. yeah….

I’ll redeem myself at santacon and idiotarod. I promise….

see more HERE

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we’ve all earned the new puppy

thanks to adam…you’ve earned the new puppy that is coming with us to the whitehouse.

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happy thursday

I liked this. from Wooster

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John Hodgman’s campaign commercial

Also, apparently this commercial with Paris Review former editor George Plimpton kinda inspired him to play the PC in those commercials…

from this blog

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Little Edie: The Ultimate Recessionista

From Jezebel: “Nowadays we’re inundated with tips for essentially how to manufacture the illusion of an unchanged lifestyle, and that’s not tenable. Little Edie, from madness or wisdom, didn’t do that. She created a new reality for a new set of circumstances.”

She’s received credit before in the form of high-end magainze spreads…but now it’s time Little Edie was recognized as the ultimate recessionista. She could make one garmet do so many things!

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Sarah P’s office

In case you wanted to know what it looked like. Here’s her chillin in it on Friday:

And here’s her lounging around last year:

FYI: her dad killed that bear.

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Best Facebook friend request ever.

no idea who this guy is, we have no friends in common… but, his photos just made my day.

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Helen Keller Actress Fail

I think this should actually be called Helen Keller Acress SUCCESS because she does such a good job staying in character.

I can’t embed because I’m on a double-decker megabus right now.

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Vintage Horror Movie Posters

These are pretty hilarious, but might scare Emily. Watch out for Rollerball!!

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This email practically made me cry

I can’t believe Barack found the time to email me before his acceptance speech. And I can’t believe that he won the election because of ME!! Ahhhhhh LOVE.

Stephanie —

I’m about to head to Grant Park to talk to everyone gathered there, but I wanted to write to you first.

We just made history.

And I don’t want you to forget how we did it.

You made history every single day during this campaign — every day you knocked on doors, made a donation, or talked to your family, friends, and neighbors about why you believe it’s time for change.

I want to thank all of you who gave your time, talent, and passion to this campaign.

We have a lot of work to do to get our country back on track, and I’ll be in touch soon about what comes next.

But I want to be very clear about one thing…

All of this happened because of you.

Thank you,


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My sister has a blog too

My sister just left for a Fulbright in Sri Lanka and has already started a blog. She’s moving to a city called Kandy. How awesome does that sound? Read about it here:

I will most definitely do another post after she goes to the BABY ELEPHANT ORPHANAGE.

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Project Runway designers do inaugural ball gowns

Some of these are pretty bad, IMHO.

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My new favorite blog – FUCK YEAH SHARKS.  Margaret’s recommendation – It’s like LOL cats but it’s fucking sharks.

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Maya Angelou on Obama

a very moving interview.

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video of a cat getting its head stuck in a glass

really not much to this one.

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Thanks for the info, Fox News.

Sarah Palin didn’t prep for Couric interview, doesn’t know her continents..

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In case you forget the answer, has the answer for you is sooo best. thanks swissmiss

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Puppy Cam


really, I’ve had this open since I found it this afternoon.

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