idol fail…

So I am taking a class this semester ENTIRELY devoted to the discussion of images, making of idols, iconoclash and everything in between. I literally spent the whole day in the library researching the procession of images/idols (I’m going to attempt to make some fancy comparison to traveling exhibits and the processing of famous artifacts and works of art) for my big end of semester paper. Imagine my delight when I found this video on failblog just now…

I am so going to find a way to cite failblog in my paper.


November 20, 2008. Tags: , , , , , . Becko, Matate, Videos.


  1. Jeffd replied:

    I heart

  2. TNG Zack replied:

    The best part is all the screaming…

  3. dan replied:

    its aura was already destroyed anyway:

  4. peter coogan replied:

    If you need help formatting the reference and citation, I can help with that. I’ll even help you for free if you link to my site and/or comment on the help you received.


    Dr. Peter Coogan
    The Paper Professor

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