RIP Sparks

Say it’s not so.. Sparks is no more.  I guess we should also say RIP Drunk Nora Doing Marching Band Dance, and RIP Sparks Challenge Becko.    Should we re-create Sparks challenge one last time? (6 Sparks in an hour)  Guess not..

The Illinois attorney general says ““These drinks are extremely dangerous in the hands of young people.  They contain substantially more caffeine than coffee or soda and are marketed as a way to ‘power’ your nights by staying awake and drinking more alcohol. This is a completely inappropriate message to send to younger audiences.”

I KNOW!  BOOOOO.  via Gawker.


December 18, 2008. Tags: , , , , . Eat this, Emily, Matate, Not pretty.


  1. nadia replied:

    BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! yes go buy and save please.

  2. crapwelike replied:

    sparks = contraceptive sponge of the 2000s

  3. Otas replied:

    Who wants to do a VIP RIP SPARKS party????

  4. dan replied:

    sparks is (was) gross.

  5. Jeffd replied:

    I must match the becko challenge before this happens! Wish my circulatory system well.

  6. crapwelike replied:

    you mean your heart? i think sparks challenge gave me palpitations. after about four i thought i was going to have heart fail.

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