Callie 1990-2008


So, I didn’t post about this earlier cause it was just too sad.. but my first pet ever, Callie, passed away a few weeks ago.  I got her when I was 6.. so at 18 years old, she had lived a really long life.  In the pic above, she is showing off her formal wear at holiday time (my family likes do take a lot of photos with strange hats at Christmas..)  

Well, Jim wrote this really great column about Callie (and his friend and co-worker Dick Doughtery who recently passed away).   Read it, it’s funny.


December 21, 2008. Emily, I can has animals.

One Comment

  1. Cindy replied:

    Thanks, Em. I don’t even remember this pic being taken… but it’s so cute of our girl. Hopefully her best friend will stop mourning soon, and will be back to her old self, sleeping and then more eating and sleeping!!

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