Oh Sasha Fierce..

Did you mean for the song Ego to sound so dirty?  Cause guess what.. if you replace “ego” with “penis” this song is hilarious.  Lyrics below

Hey baby how you doing?
You know Im gonna cut right to the chase
Some women were made
But me, myself
I like to think I was created
For a special purpose
You know, whats more special than you, you feel me?

Its on, baby lets get lost
You dont need to call into work, cuz youre the boss
For real want you to show me how you feel
I consider myself lucky thats a big deal

well, you got the key to my heart
But you aint gonna need it
Id rather you open up my body
And show me secrets
You didnt know was inside,
No need for me to lie

Its too big
Its too wide
Its too strong
It wont fit
Its too much
Its too tough
He talks like this
Cuz he can back it up
He got a big ego
Such a huge ego
I love his big ego
Its too much
He walks like this
Cuz he can back it up

ps- the “I am” part of this CD blows.  Why did Beyonce decide to remake Ave Maria??? Beats me..  Sasha Fierce is my  hero.


December 22, 2008. Tags: , , , . Emily, Music.

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