miss gossip girl tonight?

Here’s nora’s recap for you…

Nora: um

9:07 PM gossip girl is hoorible?
9:12 PM me: SHIT
i forgot
Nora: hahaha
me: fuck fuck fuck
will i understand if i turn on now?
9:13 PM Nora: oooh fun!
It’s over, love

9:20 PM me: oh shit
it ends at 9
i forget
9:21 PM i can probs get it on itunes though
Nora: yeah, but it’s barely worth the $2
9:22 PM me: really?
why did it suck so bad?
Nora: yeah
because it’s all about getting in to yale
me: oh
i saw that preview
with the new teacher?
looked lame…
Nora: yeah
9:23 PM guess what? there’s a new teacher
and Blair is all “Ah! I got a B! YALLLEEEEEEE”
and the teach is like “Blah! I’m new! I did Teach for America!!! YALE”
and then there’s some weird kissing
and an attempted rape
and YALE!
there, you’re caught up
9:24 PM me: aw
now i dont have to see it

January 19, 2009. Tags: , , , . Becko, New York, Nora, TV.

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