Betty Crocker through the years

She really looks like a mega-bitch circa 1936.. jeeez Betty, have some frosting and perk up a little! More from Jezebel here.

January 22, 2009. Tags: , , , . Eat this, Emily, Fashiony.


  1. Machiavelli replied:

    True, but Betty (or Miss Crocker if you’re nasty), circa 1986 looks like she could teach you some things that it might take years to unlearn. Then instead of a cigarette you could have a cupcake or maybe a nice blueberry muffin.

  2. crapwelike replied:

    hah haaah 1927 looks like steph black!

  3. steph replied:

    she does look like me! now i can finally explain years of flashbacks of me baking brownies and sugar cookies.

  4. Teffie replied:

    just to clarify, betty crocker is not a real person right?

  5. crapwelike replied:

    not real. if she were, she’d get older!

  6. TNG Zack replied:

    Wow. That really, really does look like Steph Black.

  7. BonBon replied:

    You have to remember that even in early photos of people in this country (at least prior to WWII), they had not learned to or had not been taught to put a smile on their face for pictures. I think movies and glamour shots of movie stars are what taught people to smile for their pictures. So the 1936 image is probably very much like what a photo of the age would reflect.

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