I can’t believe this commercial was banned!

Actually, I totally can believe it. But watch it.

Posting this reminds me why I can’t tell anyone at work about my blog.

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Gossip Girl spinoff?! holyshit!

look here… (from New York Mag online)


Brittany Snow To Play Young Lily Van Der Woodsen?

News! Brittany Snow, the actress best known for her compelling portrait of a mischievous teen in the film John Tucker Must Die, has reportedly been Chosen by the gods Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage for the Role of the Century: According to Star, Snow will play the young Lily Van Der Woodsen in the Gossip Girl spinoff series about Rufus and Lily’s time together in Los Angeles in the 1980s.

We’re conflicted about this. One the one hand, we’re pleased that Snow seems to be aware that this is a role that will test her mettle as a thespian and is duly preparing for it, hopefully using the Method (We actually did this ourselves one weekend and it turns out all it really takes to become Lily Van Der Woodsen is four gin martinis and one viewing of The Poseideon Adventure). On the other hand, we’re confused that elegant, patrician Lily is being played by someone so … how do we say? Downmarket. We’re sorry, but her name is Brittany! Plus, she doesn’t even look like Lily— her cheeks are rounder and her nose is thicker than Kelly Rutherford’s.

Oh. We guess they’re thinking that this is what she looked like before the surgeries?

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This is so Grey Gardens

But this chick doesn’t know it.

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BEST commercial I’ve ever seen

You win, Samsung.

Kitten fireplace is my favorite!

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Blast from the past

John McCain was once funny and likable.

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MacArthur grant goes to basketmaker

Y’know those genius grants where you get a ridiculous amount of money over a couple of years (it’s actually $500,000 over 5 years). We’ll one of this year’s recipients makes baskets. How rad is that? Congrats Mary Jackson. Read more here.

Mary Jackson is a fiber artist whose intricately coiled vessels preserve the centuries-old craft of sweetgrass basketry and push the tradition in stunning new directions. A descendant of the Gullah community of coastal South Carolina, Jackson learned to make baskets at the age of four from her mother and grandmother, who passed on skills brought to the United States by their West African ancestors. Developed originally as domestic and agricultural tools for cotton and rice production, sweetgrass baskets have traditionally taken such utilitarian shapes as storage containers and rice fanners. With masterful technique, Jackson translates these practical designs into finely detailed, sculptural forms.

I’m mostly just fascinated by this because occasionally archaeologists get the grants and I kinda want one for myself. Do I have to apply or do they just give it to you? hmmm…. Thanks Simone because I totally snatched this from your status message.

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Change I can believe in

This is for my brother, Tony.

Sadly, they’re sold out from here

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Kenneth Parcell/Bobby Jindal Update

The resemblance is so striking that everyone else realized it too.

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King croc comes a cropper in Hendala (??)

Crazy news from Sri Lanka

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Kenneth Parcell and Bobby Jindal: Separated at Birth

Whooooooaaaaa….as my temporary housemate just pointed out, Bobby Jindal sounds and looks A LOT like Kenneth Parcell from 30 Rock. There aren’t any YouTube videos of his speech yet, but I will add tomorrow.

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Tilda Swinton FYI

She’s got a rocking polyamorous life.

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What important people eat for breakfast

Breakfast of Champions

The mayor of DC has oatmeal and bananas, along with chamomile tea with lots of honey. Kind of what a 60 year old woman has. But whatevs, his is still better than Maureen Dowd’s.

P.S. someone sent this to me in July and I just read it now. I’m catching up on emails while watching Obama’s address.

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I watched this without sound

But its message is clear.

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No I am not getting paid by Overstock

but seriously, these are some awesome knock-offs

The Classic: Eames Molded Plastic Rocker from DWR ($479)

The Overstock Knock-off: Vinnie White Cradle Chair from Overstock ($159.99)


The Classic: Nelson Platform Bench – 60 inches long from DWR ($779)


The Overstock Knock-Off: Slat Bench in Black from Overstock ($239.99)

Now your turn:

One of the chairs below is $1,229, the Saarinen Tulip Armless Chairfrom DWR. The other is the Redd White Chair for $169.99 from Overstock. option12


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In case you need help with twitter…

this video will explain for you.

from museum3.0

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Blog of the day: Bakerella

Obviously I am late to the party on this blog, it was up for best food blog on the bloggie awards.  LOOK this is ALL MADE OF CAKE!

also THIS

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FINALLY! Stains gets what he neeeds

Oh Stains is super ready for this!

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Sleeping bag bear


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what tattoo should nadia (my roommate) get on her arm?

i’m putting this question out to the blogosphere…




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archaeology comics

i’m a nerd and im fascinated with all things related to archaeology, museums, and the internet and this webcomic just happens to address all three. get some knowledge here.


ps. archaeology is actually a lot like this. explorer’s club and all… aren’t you jealous?

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Circle chair reminds me of that Yo Mamma joke

When yo mamma sits around the house, she sits AROUND THE HOUSE

But books

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more culture for you this Friday


Times are tough all around – rollercoaster stock markets, job losses by the hundreds of thousands, bipartisan bickering with no relief in sight. It’s even tougher for 501 (c) (3) non-profit Community Museums. So the City Reliquary is hosting a fundraiser to raise some of (last month’s!) rent.

A Modern Day Depression-Era Fundraiser!
Friday February 27th 7-11pm

BROTHER CAN YOU SPARE SOME RENT? is a Modern Day Depression-Era Fundraiser held in our backroom and backyard. For a minimum $10 tax-deductible donation at the door, you can come and participate in scores of historical diversions and entertainments circa 1935.

In our own backyard Hooverville, you’ll find:

• Pie the Landlord! That’s right – the City Reliquary will have our very own cigar-chomping, unshaven, smelly Landlord demanding our rent! Tell him where to shove it with a whipped cream pie in his face! (see PICTURE below!!)
• Madame LuLu LoLo, Fortune Teller Extraordinaire: She Sees All and Knows All and Your Fortune Might Help Pay Our Rent!
• Hobo Photos a Go-Go: Take your picture in our hand painted carnival sign. Remember the Recession of ’09 with a photographic keepsake!
• Depression-era movies: shown on the projector in the backyard. Laugh it up with Mae West, the Marx Brothers and James Cagney.
• Oil drum fires: (and more modern propane heaters) to keep you warm while you chill in the cold. All fires will be regulated carefully by official FDNY supervision!
• DIY Fingerless Gloves Table! Because nothing says Depression-chic than rockin’ a pair of fingerless gloves!
• Prohibition-era Beer provided by the Brooklyn Brewery and Depression-era “Rum” Punch provided by the City Reliquary at contemporary-recession era prices.
• DJ Stacher playing hits from the economically challenged 1930s (Harlem Jazz) and 1970s (early Rap); as well as Big Money tracks from the 1980s (disco) and 2000s (electro). Get down!

All entertainments and diversions will be priced at the Depression-friendly rates of $2-5 a pop. All proceeds go to help the City Reliquary pay (last month’s, and this one’s) rent.

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Baby orphan elephants

My sister visited an elephant orphanage.

Ah so many elephants!

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Have I/someone else posted this already?

Emily, this is for you.

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sharks are no longer killing machines

from this article:

University of Florida shark researcher George Burgess says the number of reported shark attacks worldwide dipped to a five year low last year.

there is only one solution to this problem. a masked crime spree/dance party:

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I mean, I’m not complaining, but there must have been a reason beyond making something I’d love.

Emily says “I’m really into Colbert minus glasses.”

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I just wish Ugly Betty didn’t suck so much lately

It’s SO TERRIBLE and I used to LOVE it. Now Christina’s like 800 months pregnant, and Betty’s TAKING HER DOWN THE RUNWAY.

Seriously. I just want to tell everyone to stop watching this show. Just rewatch season 1.

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Hey kid, my floor is dirty

see it in action HERE!

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In honor of your 25th, please don’t fall off your bike!!

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VT Country Whore

Sadly these links no longer work, but it must have been true.

Thanks for alerting me Anne Marie.

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Did you spill?

just add a elephant pin to that, and now it looks like you have puking animals on your shirt on purpose!  GENIUS!  from inventorspot via Jezebel.

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Snoring is scary!

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— — .-. … . / -.-. — -.. . / – .-. .- -. … .-.. .- – — .-.

– .-. .- -. … .-.. .- – . …. . .-. .

sneaky sneaky

.. … -. .—-. – / – …. .. … / – …. . / — — … – / — -… -. — -..- .. — ..- … / .–. — … – / . …- . .-. ..–..

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just keep watching until about 1 minute in

and then your mind will be blown

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bobby brown and mike tyson sing monster mash

the quality isn’t the best but it’s totally worth seeing. we watched this and peed our pants before going out last night.

thanks nones

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Last year, a series of lawsuits were filed over the publishing of a book based on the hit website Hot Chicks with Douchebags. Some of the “hot chicks” and at least one of the “douchebags” claimed it was libelous. However, in a rather entertaining ruling, a judge has dismissed the case filed by three of the women, noting that after he “carefully scrutinized” the book, he determined that the use of the term “douchebag” along with the various photographs was “used for humorous social commentary” — making it perfectly legal. So, kids, remember when calling someone names, make sure to do so in a way that is funny and used for social commentary. Otherwise you might not only look like a douchebag, but you might end up in court.
from jeff from here

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Steph, doesn’t your friend’s house use bowling balls, too?

Oh god, it’s late and I’m also kind of a bastard, but I can’t for the life of me remember the name of your family friend that has that awesome house in DC and that adorable kid Teddy…and she’s a food stylist. Fuck what is her NAME?

I loved her house. And I vaguely remember there being bowling balls that lined the walkway up to her house. Am I dreaming this? Did I just think her house was so awesome that I dreamed an additional awesome thing for it?

Anyway, this photo reminded me of her house and how awesome it is/was. Please tell her I say hello.

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Salty Sweet Goodness

This is what chocolate-dipped bacon looks like.

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Unsure how to celebrate Valentine’s Day?

Then sign this petition in support of gay marriage by Feb. 14th.  Pass it on!

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kittens inspired by kittens

a little girl narrates her book of kittens.

thanks aaron.

EDIT: for some reason its not letting me insert tags, so i’ll just add this thought to the post: this is exactly how nora was when she was six.

EDIT 2: not sure why its not showing up, so here is the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FtX8nswnUKU

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c’mon, jump on the ShaqTwitter bandwagon!

there has been a little meme going around that I have been trying to perpetuate recently (though i believe i caught from Dan- you”win” again!) that is basically just Shaq’s twitter feed. it has ignited an obsession with Shaq I never thought possible (hence my 5 video nba-on-espn post a few days ago and i even saw him play the knicks at madison square last month).  i feel a little vindicated now that it has been mentioned on Creativity’s daily email newsthingy, in my favorite section entitled “Feedbag.”  so go play on the twitter feed and then go watch those videos i posted a few days ago with a new appreciation for the mangiantdinosour that is shaquille fucking o’neal.


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High Tension description fail

thx Videogum, however, this is not a video post..

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Janice: oh. my. god.

I spent a lot of time with Steph B this weekend and I told her it was like “Joey and Janice’s Day of Fun” (excpet ours included a Cat Power concert). Anyway, it got me thinking about Janice and how she’s one of the most brilliant sitcom characters of all time. I haven’t watched this video with sound, but I assume it’s funny.

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Andrew Holder is pretty sweet

Hi Andrew Holder. You’re pretty cool. Maybe I’ll buy some of your prints.

I really really like these.

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Blog of the day: This is why you’re fat

Ohhh, THAT’S why!  More gross foods here.

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Cutest Video Of All Time

BBC, you’ve done it again (actually, Hannah, you sent me this video over a year ago, but I’m only appreciating it now).

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my graduate degree condensed into a youtube video and narrated by a cat

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Happy (late) Tamil Thai Pongal Day!

My sister sent me this e-card from Sri Lanka. They have a lot of funny holidays there.

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Love this love seat


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Cutest Valentines ever

These are from the World’s Smallest Postal Service and you can send them here .  Don’t worry, they won’t get lost in the mail, they come in a bigger envelope (with magnifying glass!).  Cute cute!

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Boo ya! My walk score is 91.

Which makes my neighborhood a Walkers’ Paradise.

Figure out your walk score.

Look at how pretty and walkable my neighborhood looks (as seen from my roof):

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is this song in anyone else’s head too?

from steph b and nadia and it’s in my head too

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woa did you hear about this?

Michel Gondry is making an episode of Flight of the Conchords. Who has HBO and will let me watch at their place on Feb 15th? puhlease…..

From Very Short List

Quirky French director Michel Gondry (The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind) teams up with HBO’s equally off-kilter series, The Flight of the Conchords, and the resulting episode — “Unnatural Love,” which airs February 15 — is pure, unadulterated pleasure.

The Conchords, of course, are a New Zealand folk band. But the love interest here is Australian, and that allows for endless, over-the-top Aussie jokes (expect plenty of references to the continent’s criminal past). As for Gondry, his distinctive, dreamlike touch turns both of the episode’s musical numbers into surreal showstoppers.

ps. i think jemaine is cuter than bret. what. what. what. what?

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Whoaaa sand formations


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Renegade Craft Fair 2knine

…is all over the place. you’ve been warned.

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and more… (see below)

apparently i cant stop watching these espn commercials

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is it Shaquille O’Neal…again?

i love these. shaq, you’re huge.

also, grant mccracken (this blog sits at the intersection of anthropology and economics) does a quick analysis of the ads as well here

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add unicorns your favorite websites via this site

click on the little button to make it work on our blog (don’t worry, it’s not permanent) and make sure you click it a bunch of times


thanks liz!

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Christian Bale vs. Lily Tomlin

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what do you think?

check this compy.

it’s a sustainable desktop computer made by a friend of a friend who is entering it in the green gadgets design competition. what do you think? vote here.

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