blog of the day: gold kit blog

for serious. this is gold kit’s real blog. look, the address is!

for all of you who don’t know what gold kit is, it’s those people on tv commercials all the time asking you to mail your extra gold to them in an envelope. because we all have extra gold lying around…  i didn’t watch this year but i heard they had a commercial in the superbowl– or maybe i’m thinking cash4gold. whatever. same difference.  this service would be great if you were a pirate or you wanted to cash in last year’s grill like these people below. the blog appears to mostly feature food with gold in it and white people wearing grillz. enjoy.

eggnog gold

February 4, 2009. Tags: , , , , , . Ads we like, Becko, Blogz, BOD: Blog of the Day, Matate.

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