what tattoo should nadia (my roommate) get on her arm?

i’m putting this question out to the blogosphere…





February 24, 2009. Becko, Is this pretty?, Want.


  1. David Eduarte replied:

    ¡No Nadia! no se haga tatuajes con simbolos nacionales ¡la patria es un invento!

  2. kim choskies replied:

    i’m currently on the negative when it comes to tattoos (i have ups and downs) but i definitely would nix the condor unless it’s HUGE otherwise it will look like a chicken.

  3. K'inich Yax K'uk' Mo' replied:

    Of any of these, choice C – but what happened to the Meso category? These are a bit regal – Nadia had a symbol that was either Mayan or Aztec, indicating “speech” which I always thought would make a dope tattoo. If you are going for this chicken theme I would suggest this instead: http://k53.pbase.com/u43/simoncrerar/upload/28198260.central01.jpg

  4. nadia replied:

    Who are you who knows my Aztec symbol?

    And I am getting the deer, guys. Not too regal, still chilean.

  5. Molly replied:

    is this a question of weather nadia is more reason or more force? i’d say force. plus the eagle is more awesome anyways.

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