I want this Toilet

We’ve all had awkward moments in an “away bathroom” situation (as Liz Lemon would say), but that’s why everyone should have a toilet with the capacity to flush 3.5 LBS OF DOGFOOD. Gracefully.

I promise it’s worth the headache of clicking this link and letting it load:



March 3, 2009. Tags: , , , . Nora, Want, World saving.


  1. dan replied:

    i dont care if you didn’t thank me, but wheres the love for David Wain?

  2. Em replied:

    totally want this. but mostly i want everywhere i go to have this.

  3. steph b replied:

    that is like the best commercial i have ever seen. can you imagine them brainstorming shit to flush down it…”hrm…how about 25 cell phones??”…”nooo! who would need to flush 25 cell phones, how about 40 plastic letters and numbers!”

  4. susie replied:

    You could spell Otas 19.5 times with all the plastic letters it flushed! How does that not impress you otasotasotasotasotasotasotasotasotasotasotasotasotas

  5. dan replied:

    susie, im not sure if there are 19 otases there, but the last one is clearly 3/4 of an otas, not 1/2 of an otas. i bet that extra 1/4 otas would clog the toilet, and then there’d be hell to pay.

  6. crapwelike replied:

    I think it’s clear why they decide to flush 3.5 pounds of dog food.

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