Kitty cat

Ok, I haven’t watched this with sound or all the way through, but Ryan suggested I post it and he is generally reliable when it comes to crap.


March 23, 2009. I can has animals, Innernette, Steph.


  1. Mox Rogers replied:

    I love this-found it a few years ago and have frequently gotten it stuck in my head (must be watched with sound for full effect). My husband does cheer music on the side (for competition cheerleading teams, etc) and did a “cat themed” mix and snuck “Cat-I’m a kitty cat” from that into it just for me.

  2. RyanA replied:

    hahaha, wait, so you’re saying some cheerleading team has a little snippet of “Cat, I’m a kitty-cat” in their routine? That’s awesome…

  3. Mox Rogers replied:

    Yessir-it’s all this “cat themed” stuff like “Stray Cat Strut”, etc. with that in there.

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