Bears: Man’s best friend!

Sounds like a threatdown to me, but this guy is best friends with a bear he raised himself.  A GRIZZLY BEAR.

remember when that chimp ate that lady’s face?  this looks dangery.  more photos here!


May 5, 2009. Tags: , , , , , . Emily, FYI, I can has animals, Matate.


  1. crapwelike replied:

    Hasn’t this dude seen GrizzlyMan? Someone should tell him that the ending is NOT pretty….

  2. nadia replied:

    dude for realz. also, hasn’t this dude seen last week’s 30 rock? hope that bear doesn’t try to mate with his face….

  3. dan replied:

    that bear already mated with the face of that dude cutting the turkey.

  4. crapwelike replied:


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