Someone made this video better….

I remember Zack really liked the video below so I though that everyone might appreciate the visually remixed version. Because it’s not an embeddable video, you have to click HERE to see it. Enjoy!


May 10, 2009. Tags: , , . Becko, Music, Videos.


  1. drewmo replied:


    P.S. – You can do it for any youtube video:

  2. crapwelike replied:

    wow- i feel stupid now. i had no idea you could do that to any youtube video. also, i don’t know if you are implying that i stole this from you because i took it from my archaeology friend’s status message. shuzam!

  3. drewmo replied:


    May 3rd: “Becky is now following you on Twitter!”

    May 6th:

  4. TNG Zack replied:

    Thanks, Becko! Although I wish my brains werent’ leaking out of my eyes now.

  5. crapwelike replied:

    hmmm i dont know how to solve this one. maybe you and kristin should fight it out. she has big trowel arms so i would watch out. she’s tough….

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