I vaguely remember this show!

Running from 1981 to 1987, the Canadian show Today’s Special followed the adventures of Jeff, a mannequin who came to life every night after closing with the aid of a magic cap; his display-designer friend Jodie; and puppet buddies Sam Crenshaw (the store security guard) and Muffy (a mouse who speaks only in rhyme). Each episode taught a lesson: about hats, friendship, and even alcoholism. But for impressionable young ones, the real education came from learning the strict rules that kept Jeff breathing. Losing the hat paralyzes him, and one step outside the store makes him a mannequin for good.



June 26, 2009. Tags: , . Steph, TV.


  1. drew replied:

    Holy crap! Blast from the past!

    I never would’ve remembered the title of that show without you, Steph.

  2. rar replied:

    ME TOO! I was trying to explain this show to someone the other day and all I could remember was the intro and that it was about a mannequin. awesome.

  3. Otas replied:

    Um, I used to watch this show all the time. I can sing the song for you.

  4. Sarah replied:

    Awesome! I totally remember this show! I just couldn’t remember the name of it! Thank you!

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