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He wins my heart

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maybe allposters.com isn’t that bad

I always thought AllPosters.com was kind of just for buying that “Hang in There” poster with the cat, or a glow in the dark Bob Marley poster, but turns out they have some cute shit, like the book posters I posted about recently and these adorable guitar wall decals:

And I kind of like this New York set:

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Steph’s worst nightmare

My roommate Liz and I were just discussing my complicated issues with red velvet cake. And then Facebook revealed this to her. If you want me to come to your wedding, I’m going to have to ask that you don’t have one of these:

Red velvet cupcakes

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Pandaphants. They’re hilarious.

My sister sent me this a few weeks ago, and I should be punished for not posting it immediately. It’s amazing.

From BuzzFeed:

At the Bangkok Zoo, people stopped visiting the elephants, because they were more interested in the pandas. So zookeepers did the only logical thing. By which I mean the dumbest, weirdest thing. Here’s how that turned out.


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Orphan Synopsis

As done by my good friend (and former teacher) Dennis – spoilers alert, but if you think you’ll never see this movie, this is the funniest synopsis I’ve read ever.  This movie rivals Wicker Man (my fav) in ridiculousness.  

read at your leisure after the jump


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