maybe isn’t that bad

I always thought was kind of just for buying that “Hang in There” poster with the cat, or a glow in the dark Bob Marley poster, but turns out they have some cute shit, like the book posters I posted about recently and these adorable guitar wall decals:

And I kind of like this New York set:

August 4, 2009. Tags: , . Design, Is this pretty?, Nora.


  1. Steve replied:

    If you think all-posters isn’t that bad why don’t you check out the extremest of the extreme, the newest tattoo poster at

    • John replied:

      Your right Steve! The tattoo posters at GOART.COM are extreme!! They are printed on the back in English, German, Spanish and French. I want one !!!

  2. Claudia replied:

    I think we should do a ‘Best of Crap We Like.’ I would defiantly vote for a tattoo poster that I found on because it’s totally wild. My Uncle bought one for Christmas and since then I’ve bought too. They told me at Goart that they will be releasing a poster about a cannibal. Now that’s EXTREME !

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