What the crap is this?

It’s crap, but we like it.

Based in Brooklyn and DC; we love crazy animal videos, bikes, museums, furniture, nerdiness and cheese. Enjoy.


  1. jimsmuse replied:

    This blog completely rocks. I’ve been lurking around having vicarious fun for a while, but finally had to break down and say I think CrapWeLike is great. Keep it up!

  2. MOlly replied:

    hells yes. tight blog.

    crapfully yours,

  3. Emily replied:

    This blog is so much fun!
    If we find crap that we like, and we think you might like it, is there some way to let you know?

  4. Ashley replied:

    This is just a lot of crap./

  5. Shelley replied:

    If you are going to do something like this, you need to get a better picture to put on here!

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