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Vintage Furniture in Greenpoint

Connie and Dom (new roommates) are curating/selling/hosting a sale of vintage mid-century furniture from an old Catholic church and school in Greenpoint. They’re having a sale this coming weekend and an open house on Friday (i’ll be making cupcakes!). Check out more HERE.

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Music at the Whitney

The Whitney is hosting some fun bands in honor of their exhibit on Dan Graham. I thought you should know. I kind of love Vivian Girls- I might try and make it to that show.


Titus Andronicus / Real Estate
Friday, July 10 at 7 pm

Abe Vigoda / Grooms
Friday, July 17 at 7 pm

Wood / YellowFever
Friday, July 24 at 7 pm

Vivian Girls / These Are Powers
Friday, July 31 at 7 pm

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Free movies in McCarren Park

Check it out here

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McCarren Pool Summer Concerts 2009

Are being played in East River Park this summer actually and on a real body of water instead of an empty pool. I don’t remember if I posted the dates before but it’s worth reminding everyone again. Enjoy.

The Schedule (thus far)

Sunday, July 12 — Mission of Burma, Fucked Up, Ponytail, Jemina Pearl of Be your Own Pet*
Sunday, July 19 — Dirty Projectors, Magnolia Electric Co., White Denim*
Sunday, July 26 — And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead, The Black Lips, Health, Grupo Fantasmo*
Sunday, Aug 02 — Round Robin show w/ Deerhunter, No Age and Dan Deacon*
Sunday, Aug 09 — Simian Mobile Disco (DJ set), Fiery Furnaces, Dark Meat, The Netherlands*
Sunday, Aug 16 — Del tha Funky Homosapien, Gravytrain!!!, DD/MM/YYYY, Kenan Bell*
Sunday, Aug 23 — Girl Talk, Max Tundra, Wiz Khalifa*
Sunday, Aug 30 — Beach House & Grizzly Bear*

* A free Pool Party: For eight consecutive Sundays in Williamsburg, Brooklyn (July 12th – August 30th), party-goers will be regaled with on-site dodgeball, three-on-three basketball, and, oh yeah, rip-roarin’ live performances on the main stage.

From FreeWilliamsburg.com

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King Tut at the Indianapolis Children’s Museum

I’m heading home this weekend for the 4th of July and am now kind of curious to see the King Tut exhibit that has been touring around the country for the past couple of years (though it conspicuously skipped New York) and opened on Saturday at the Indianapolis Children’s Museum.  It’s kind of neat that the Children’s Museum is hosting it and not the Indianapolis Museum of Art or one of the universities but I’m kind of glad because being one of the best museums for children in the country, it doesn’t get as much cred as it deserves. Ok, I’ve said my piece.

Exhibit Dates:
June 27 – October 25, 2009

Exhibit Hours:
Friday – Saturday: 9 a.m. – 6:30 p.m.
Sunday – Thursday: June 28 – July 30: 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Aug. 2 – mid-October: 10 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.
Final two weeks of the exhibit: (daily) 10 a.m. – 6:30 p.m.
First and Third Thursday of each month: 10 a.m. – 8 p.m.

Ticket Prices:
Adults: $25 Monday – Thursday / $30 Friday – Sunday
Children (2 – 17): $15 All Times
Seniors (60+): $23 Monday – Thursday / $27.50 Friday – Sunday
Adult Members: $15 All Times
Youth Members: $8 All Times
Toddlers under 2 are admitted free
Audio Tour: $7 All Times
Youth/Group/Member Audio Tour: $6 All Times

Over 130 treasures from the tomb of the “Boy King” and other important rulers from 2,000 years of ancient Egyptian history will be on exhibit at The Children’s Museum. The exhibit will feature striking objects from some of the most important rulers throughout 2,000 years of ancient Egyptian history, from the 4th Dynasty into the Late Period (about 2600 B.C. – 660 B.C.), many of which have never visited the United States.

Four galleries devoted to King Tut will correspond to the four rooms of his nearly intact tomb where the treasures were discovered by British explorer Howard Carter in 1922. Legendary artifacts from the antechamber, the annex, the treasury and the burial chamber will include Tutankhamun’s golden sandals, jewelry, furniture, weaponry and statuary. This blockbuster exhibit will also feature the largest image of King Tut ever found — a 10-foot statue that may have originally stood at his mortuary temple and retains much of its original paint, one of four gold and precious-stone-inlaid canopic jars and CT scans of Tut’s mummy.


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Yinka Shonibare exhibition opens at BK Museum today

I’m a big fan of Yinka Shonibare and am really really excited to see the exhibition that opens today. Some of the pieces are a bit more graphic than the one above but the victorian costumes made of Dutch wax prints are totally worth seeing. Apparently when Shonibare showed up for the official preview, he arrived with two friends in victorian drag. See here

From the BK Museum website

June 26–September 20, 2009
Morris A. and Meyer Schapiro Wing, 4th Floor

Period Rooms, 4th Floor
Robert E. Blum Gallery, 1st Floor

This exhibition is a major midcareer survey of work by the UK-based Nigerian artist Yinka Shonibare MBE. Shonibare’s artwork explores contemporary African identity and its relationship to European colonialism through painting, sculpture, installation, and moving image. Shonibare is best known for his work with visual symbols, especially the richly patterned Dutch wax fabric produced in Europe for a West African market that he uses in a wide range of applications. His tableaux of headless mannequins costumed in this fabric evoke themes of history and its legacy for future generations. Through these works he explores the complex web of interactions, both economic and racial, that reveal inequalities between the dominant and colonized cultures of Europe, Asia, and Africa. A site-specific installation created for this presentation titled Mother and Father Worked Hard So I Can Play will be on view in several of the Museum’s period rooms.

Another site-specific installation, Party Time—Re-Imagine America: A Centennial Commission by Yinka Shonibare MBE,  will be on view at the Newark Museum in Newark, New Jersey, from July 1, 2009, to January 3, 2010, in the dining room of the museum’s 1885 Ballantine House. 

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Brooklyn Renegade Craft Fair time!

Renegade Craft Fair

I’m not the craft fair expert of CWL, but I did go to this holiday fair in December and did almost all my Christmas shopping there, so I”m totally down for this in June!  Mark your calendars!  More info here

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The Generational: Younger Than Jesus

Has anyone been to the New Museum recently and checked out their triennial exhibition? I’m curious to see what people think. I should organize an outing to see it- it’s up until July 5th.



I was just looking over the artists and was excited to see one I already knew- Brendan Fowler. I followed his music a couple of years ago via Barr (this song is the single and the single sucks).  It appears that he is playing on June 12th with MEN. Anyone interested?

From New Museum website…

To listen to BARR is to jump into Brendan Fowler’s head, to enter a jumble of memory, laughter, fear and perseverance. His songs are built from tiny, heart-tugging piano melodies, insistent drumming, and a singular voice that is as relentlessly obsessive and anxious as it is cheerful and celebratory. These distinctive qualities have made BARR a popular favorite at both underground venues like The Smell and legendary performance spaces like The Kitchen.

MEN is a Brooklyn-based band and art/performance collective that focuses on the energy of live performance and radical potential of dance music. Comprised of JD Samson (Le Tigre), Johanna Fateman (Le Tigre), Michael O’Neill (Princess), Ginger Brooks Takahashi (The Ballet) and Emily Roysdon, the group speaks to issues such as wartime economies, sexual compromise, and demanding liberties. Propulsive, literate, and subtly complex, their songs draw upon the history of subversive music, from Talking Heads to Timbaland, to create a breathless, future-minded sound

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Grey Gardens the movie … Cannot Wait!

Drew does a pretty good “Mother darling.”

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woa did you hear about this?

Michel Gondry is making an episode of Flight of the Conchords. Who has HBO and will let me watch at their place on Feb 15th? puhlease…..

From Very Short List

Quirky French director Michel Gondry (The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind) teams up with HBO’s equally off-kilter series, The Flight of the Conchords, and the resulting episode — “Unnatural Love,” which airs February 15 — is pure, unadulterated pleasure.

The Conchords, of course, are a New Zealand folk band. But the love interest here is Australian, and that allows for endless, over-the-top Aussie jokes (expect plenty of references to the continent’s criminal past). As for Gondry, his distinctive, dreamlike touch turns both of the episode’s musical numbers into surreal showstoppers.

ps. i think jemaine is cuter than bret. what. what. what. what?

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Renegade Craft Fair 2knine

…is all over the place. you’ve been warned.

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and the groundhog says there’ll be more winter bitches. apparently phil came, or rather was pulled out of, this fake log thing. how can they determine if it can see its shadow if there are flood lights on him?

get the details here

Phil Says “Six More Weeks of Winter!”

Phil’s official forecast as read February 2nd, 2009 at sunrise at Gobbler’s Knob:

Hear Ye Hear Ye

On Gobbler’s Knob this glorious Groundhog Day, February 2nd, 2009

Punxsutawney Phil, Seer of Seers, Prognosticator of all Prognosticators

Awoke to the call of President Bill Cooper

And greeted his handlers, Ben Hughes and John Griffiths

After casting a joyful eye towards thousands of his faithful followers,

Phil proclaimed that his beloved Pittsburgh Steelers were World Champions one more time

And a bright sky above me

Showed my shadow beside me.

So 6 more weeks of winter it will be.

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no cakefail here

holy snaps! it are your birthday Em! nom nom nomcakefale

speaking of cakefail, em, I almost put this pic up but decided no one should have to see such cakes so early on a saturday morning…

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hey chitowners or chicagoans or whatever you big city IL folk are called…

I don’t know where this is but it looks cool, so you should go and report back. I think there is going to be one in nyc as well….? Hopesies!

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watch last year’s parade in action here. Yay! I’m hoping for some bee dogs. Tompkins Square Park @ noon!

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Countdown the days..

New Twilight trailer!  

The movie opens on 11/21, just in time for my birthdaay.

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Mustache-a-thon for cancer

I would totally participate if I were a dude, but fortunately/unfortunately, my face is totally hairless. Here is a summary of the rules from the site…

Mustaches vs. Cancer is a two month mustache-a-thon where each participant solicits donations on behalf of their beautifully bristled upper-lip, in the end donating all the earnings to the pediatric department at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York City.

This is an eight week mustache contest that will commence on October 4th and conclude on November 29th (the 56 days of Christmastache?). This is just in time for those holiday sales (I would hate to hear of a fellow comrade being thrown by his mustache in a fight with a suburban soccer mom for the last copy of “Rock Band 2”)! Each week, contestants will be required to upload photos of their mustache as proof it’s existence and as a personal marketing tool for donors. Upon the completion of the eight weeks, the extremely dignified individual bringing in the most donations will be crowned as the “Noblest Mustache on Earth”. Oh but wait, there’s more; a second champion, “The Peoples Champion”, will be the winner of an online poll. So, don’t be deterred by your lack of rich friends (I’m looking at you, Chester A. Arthur).

Read more about it HERE

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Grand Army Plaza redesign

Grand Army Plaza is one of my favorite spots in Brooklyn, and it’s going to get a $400,000 makeover. It is really hard to cross the street around there, it’s true. The Design Trust for Public Space had a design contest for ideas on what to change – check out more of the winners here.

Pretty. You can go see the exhibit of winning designs from September 13 to October 13 in a free, outdoor, public exhibition in the center of the Plaza. I’m gonna!

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Pop-ups are so fall 2008

Yea- a lot of stores have done pop up stores in the past but I feel like this fall there have been more than usual, or cooler ones i’m more interested in visiting.

Like the Target Bullseye Bodega only open from Sept 12-15th in four manhattan locations (i’m posting locations mostly so that I can easily reference and for your information as well- but mostly out of convenience for myself).

101 57th Street at 6th
Union Square:
813 Broadway between 11th and 12th
489 Broome Street between Wooster
and West Broadway
West Broadway East Village:
325 Bowery at 2nd

And then French boutique Colette(check out their website and their hott jams) is doing some funky, brilliant collaboration in the flagship Gap store for one month (9/6-10/5). This event/installation/store is so epic, it has it’s own cutesy website- colettexgap.com

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For you Chi-town kids

We reported when Renegade Craft Fair was visiting Brooklyn. Well guess what? Now it’s in Chicago.

ps. it’s sponsored by PBR

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Who wanted to go to the art parade?

Updated: art parade has been canceled for weather related issues- rar


September 06, 2008
Along West Broadway from Houston to Grand Street

Deitch Projects, Creative Time and Paper Magazine are pleased to announce the fourth annual Art Parade. The parade will take place on Saturday, September 6th, at 4:00 PM on West Broadway. Following the success of the past three Art Parades, we have again invited artists, performers and designers to create floats, balloons, placards, portable sculptures, performances and street spectacles. This year’s parade will include over 90 projects, including those by Jim Drain, Barry McGee, Clare Rojas, Beta Tank, Yoko Ono, Dzine, The Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black and Kenny Scharf, and will involve over 900 participants, making this the largest and most dynamic Art Parade yet.

Deitch Gallery is the best! (seriously check out their site) I imagine that their parade will be lots o fun AND they are doing some event with East Village Radio on Sunday. The Vivian Girls, one of my new favorite bands, will be playing live- jfyi.

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Current obsession: VAMPIRES

I finished Twilight and Nora is on her way into the 4th book in Stephanie Meyer’s series..  and I fully intend to see this movie when it opens.  Get yourself to the teen fiction section pronto.

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Sadly, I have plans tomorrow

But if I didn’t, I’d totes be there:

Are you a crazed Of Montreal fan? Do you live in or near New York City? Are you 21 or older? Well do I have some good news for you. Of Montreal guitarist and all-around swell fella the Late B.P. Helium posted this message on the E6 Townhall:

hey kids,

there will be a small listening party for Skeletal Lamping at a bar in Manhattan tomorrow night, July 23rd.

the bar is called HI-FI. it’s 21+
the address is 169 Avenue A.

He also added that the record will be played likely between 10pm and 12:30am. Oh, and there’s a $3 beer special. In Kentucky, $3 beer isn’t exactly special; but I guess that’s New York for you, beer costs three bucks, but you get to hear the new Of Montreal record early.

that’s from YANP

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Whatcha doin’ tomorrow?

Block party and Wet Hot American Summer with intro by Michael Showalter and music! I think I’m going to try and make it to this- anyone else down?

Thanks BrooklynVegan!

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AKA: shitting the bed

Since Groomer Has It ended (Yay Artist!), I am now supporting Shear Genius.  Kim Vo is a judge and a dude.  FYI.. on the first show, he actually said “That’s like taking a laxative and a sleeping pill at once: I just don’t understand it.”

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Tomorrow! Don’t forget!

more info here!


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Guess what today is?

My mom emailed me this today: “Did I ever tell you that Friday the 13th is my lucky day?  Maybe it’s your lucky day too, since we’re related.  so buy a scratch off or something.”  So, I guess I’ll be fine.. good luck, everyone else.

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Blog of the Day: MyOpenBar.com

Your Guide to Free Booze

This is more of a mailing list than a blog but I thought I would post it anyways. It truly is your guide to free booze in the city. My Open Bar gives you a weekly schedule of promo events and parties with hella cheap drink deals or open bar. It also rates the events and provides clever little blurbs ala vice do’s and dont’s to help you decide whether they’re worth the effort. I feel like this would really come in handy when you have a guest in town and you don’t know what to do with them.

ps. i really like the banner art by Hope Gangloff. Check out her site here.

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Who wants in?

Roy Lichtenstein @ Gagosian.. I love pop art, and this review is pretty great .. “Based on cartoons and mostly blond, they are anonymous, beautiful and often unhappily bothered, usually by men. Or, if you like, by boys.”  

That sums it up, pretty much.  Exhibit is up til June 28th.

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Happy Otas Day!!!!!

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Cue all my dreams coming true..

““They do want to do an “Ugly Betty” musical, a full-on Broadway musical, but it’s all hush-hush. I think it would be great, and they should use the cast from the show. I think we would all do it, although we maybe don’t dance and sing as well as professional singers and dancers. I think it would be fun for us to do it for a while, and then they could get real people in. They definitely want to do an episode that is a musical one, but then they want to do a full stage show. I think it’s a great idea. It would definitely work”

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My heart exploded – CHOCOLATE COVERED BACON?!

I love Dan Savage for so many reasons.  I have listened to every single episode of the Savage LoveCast.. and now:  This is just the icing on the cake bacon. 

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Tomorrow is Nat’l Bike to Work Day

Becky, represent for me.. I have no bike and questionable navagation skills.

After you bike to work, you should park you bike somewhere like this.  (Yes, I did just link to our blog, I’m all about self-promotion.. we are great.)


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Who wants to go to Target?

I am super pumped about Target’s new Go International line by Rogan that is coming out tomorrow. I think I am going to trek my ass out to the Target in the middle of Brooklyn, the one no one goes to on Saturday to pick me up some animal print miniskirts and rompers. Don’t judge me.

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High five for helping

So, last night I did my first project with NY Cares, which is an organization that makes it super easy to find and sign up for all types of volunteer opportunities in the city.  Mags and I went to help put on this dinner/game night for low-income families with little kids.. and “Don’t Break the Ice” was a huge hit.  I totally lucked out and had a really fun time with this adorable 5-year-old.. (she told me Hannah Montana was waiting for her at home…)  Turns out we fed 113 kids dinner last night.  So, be inspired, suckers.. and go sign up for an orientation. 

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Down in Fraggle Rock!!


I can’t wait. 

This will get you in the mood:

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Who wants to go to Cancer Gala 2008?

So, I am searching for cancer scholarships because I’m going to grad school and need the moneys (not to mention for some reason there are millions of cancer scholarships out there)when I find this gem of a site. Not only does this very informative and hilarious page only refer to cancer as ‘stupid cancer,’ but they sell witty cancer t-shirts, throw parties and discuss viral marketing and blogs. Basically, I found out about this site waaaay too late. But- I did find out about it just before the Stupid Cancer Gala and I’m going to make you all go because it’s my new favorite cause.

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Brule’s Rules.  Doodoodooo do.   Petite feet, feminine step.  Feather your bangs.  Wanna meet that Dad.  I wear my Dad’s socks.  I sit down when I pee.  The only MARRIED news team.  Skerrit.. BOO!  Wait Mate.  Great Job! Puuuuuuuuuuuuuuuusssy Dooodles!

 Watch this immediately.

That means we are going to see Tim & Eric Awesome Show Great Job tonight!  LIVE!  Ahh.

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I want to go to this SO BADLY

Read up on the Grilled Cheese Invitational

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How do you act out Caddy smells like trees?

The Sound and the Fury is going to be showing Off Broadway.  I will DEFINITELY go to this.. (You know I love Faulkner).. who’s in??  I have no clue how it’s possible to effectively translate that novel to the stage, but I just listened to a really interesting interview about it on NPR.

Jim, a trip to NYC maybe??

More info here.

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Holy shit: Beyonce and Jay Z in my hometown

They’re gettin’ hitched, yo

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It’s National Poetry Month!!

Sign up for a poem-a-day here.  I really like it.

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Murakami Exhibit at Brooklyn Museum

Cannot wait

April 5-July 13. Get ready.

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Look at this blog!

PhotoshopDisasters is exactly what it sounds like.

Mostly ad and magazine f*** ups. The cheap movie posters and celebrity photoshop problems are my favorites.

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First clips of Britney on HIMYM



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Fug Madness!!!


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Basketball alternative? YES!

I love GoFugYourself.They’ve created Fug Madness to determine the worst dressed in Celebville… get it, instead of March Madness?? Yes, I will be printing out the bracket when the time comes.  Yes Yes Yes. Starts on March 18th. 

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