Ok, new favorite blog ever – I found this after a couple clicks around on

Oh Shaq!  You are the winner!


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Panda bread

and how to make it!  YUM!  ps-, pretty great blog name

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NYC Subway Sounds

I really like this audio compilation because I imagine/remember myself in all of the stations. It’s like nostalgia for something I still experience everyday.

From the author’s blog entry

Part of the job of a subway conductor is to announce station names and explain delays and route changes. But some conductors do much more. Especially on weekends riders may hear about what attractions are near the current stop or a brief history of the neighborhood. But my favorite aspect of the announcements is simply the variety of tone and timbre in conductors’ voices. As the announcements on the subways become automated (as they are now on most 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and L trains) we will unfortunately lose this art, and so I have decided to document it for my own (and now your) enjoyment by making recordings.

From Michael G. via his roommate

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Blog of the Day: Australia in the ’80s

The Powerhouse museum is putting together an exhibit on Australia in the 1980’s and have created a blog to assist with their research. It’s pretty awesome. There are great music videos, tv shop clips, old video games, etc.  I can’t stop watching the Adam Ant video from the first post this morning. Get it HERE.

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Blog of the Day: Awful Library Books

Yup- blog is exactly what it sounds like…ridiculous old school library books. I’ve listed some of my favorites below.
See more HERE.
(from Michael G.)

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Blog of the Day: Nerdboyfriend

Oh hai.

Jack Lemmon

Leonard Bernstein

Monty Python

more of your nerdy boyfriends here

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Blog of the day: Suggested Donation

This blog might only be interesting to the Museum Studies and  Library and Information Science crowd, but Suggested Donation is an great blog about museum and archive related things in NYC and beyond. I’m a little jealous that I don’t have my own museum blog but I know I wouldn’t be able to  keep up on the museum news like these kids, nor could I design such a snazzy website. Instead, I’ll just direct you to their blog. enjoy.


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Blog of the Day: Boutique of the Week

Found this blog’s author on Yelp – but it’s totally awesome and I think it will re-vamp my shopping in the city.  Here she reviews one of my favorite boutiques in the city, Pippin – where I found my clocky and favorite topaz ring.

“Pippin Vintage Jewelry is like entering a flea market without the haggling patrons and piles of junk.  With vintage pieces discovered mainly on the East Coast, this boutique offers a variety of affordable items from pearl strands, brass watches, turqoise rings and even clip-on earrings.  Their eclectic collection spans from the pre-1900s to the 1980s, but they also have some re-worked pieces like Victorian jacket buttons made into rings (around $40).  Their prices are affordable and not typical of Manhattan, with the range from $1-$200+.  You can find a great necklace or ring for $25, and the higher-end diamonds and rubies are displayed inside the glass case.

Pippin has enough eccentric pieces that you can make your own creation, like antique keys that could be added to a long layering necklace, or pins that could double as barrettes.  When looking through the packed store, make sure to take some time and open the shallow drawers filled with random extras that cost less than $5 and make you feel like you you’ve discovered a treasure at the bottom of the bargain bin (without the actual rummaging).

Jewelry is not their only specialty, they also have a wide variety of accessories including vintage bags, clutches, belts, scarves, gloves, hats, and more, such as a cosmetic carved mirror from a 1920s Norwegian cruise ship ($30).  Also check out their vintage home goods store next door, where you can find Bauhaus vases, 1950s Coca-Cola crates, and even obscure black-and-white photos for $1.”

Now that you know my jewelry secret shopping spot (located on 17th St. between 6th & 7th) go here for more ideas from this blog.

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Blog of the Day: What Chuck Wore

This blog confused me at first because I thought it was called “What Chuck Whore.”  Now I realize that it’s actually a blog dedicated the fashion of Chuck Bass on GossipGirl which is actually a subject entirely worthy of its own blog. Congrats to the costume designers or wardrobe people or whatever they’re called. Check it out HERE. Also I love the blog’s tagline “…why does he wear so much purple?”

Thanks Nadia

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Blog of the Day:

Plenty of good ideas here that you can steal. Take these for example… (im pretty sure the last one already exists)

And find more HERE

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My life is average (kind of like fuck my life).

Today, as I created an account for this site it said “lowercase only” underneath the email section. I typed it in all caps to see if it would still work. It did. MLIA

Thanks to Liz for this.

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Have a beagle and carry on

truer words have never been spoken.

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Blog of the Day: Stuff My Girlfriend Likes

.. very much in the same style as CWL, I love this blog and I think it’s sweet.  This guy says: “Sometimes Mr. Internet shows me stuff I’m sure my girlfriend (“Roo”) will like. Rather than put it all in my main tumblelog, or send her multiple emails a day, I’ll post them here. Maybe you’ll like them, too.”  And it’s stuff like this!

I love all these things!  Which means, I am this guy’s girlfriend?  Well I guess not, but his girlfriend certainly has good taste.  More here.

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1000 Awesome Things

I agree with most of them, including

#775 When someone holds your keys and wallet in their purse


#771 Waking up before your alarm clock and realizing you’ve got lots of sleep time left

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Swedish Furniture Name Generator

Kinda like the Sarah Palin baby name thing.


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Blog of the Day: Cats Are Always Doing Shit

Even though I’ve seen a couple of these videos/pics before, there are still a lot of funny cat videos that were new to me and that makes this site catriffic.

Cats are always up to something. This blog offers documentary proof of their possibly sinister activities: photos and videos of cats behaving in odd, suspicious, devious and destructive ways.

For example….

See more HERE

Thanks Mariso.

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Blog of the Day: Texts from Last Night

i think i have sent a few texts that could have made it on this blog...

Some examples:

(305): go do what you do best…puke behind churches

(813): Tell me I did not drive one hour for whiskey dick

(336): I just pynch a tree in the fac

(313): Partly cloudy chance of praying to the porcelin god

(205): I just wish we had the ability to download food from our TVs.

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Blog of the Day: Яolcats

Яolcats: English Translations of Eastern Bloc Lolcats

I just picked a few to put on the blog but there are a bunch and they are so so good.

-His lethargic display of apathy and lack of industry is shameful!

-It is a legitimate response to the harsh and inconsequential nature of being. I celebrate his tenacity!

Commissar Markov has long been a loyal party member, but I fear his growing influence in state policy.

Commissar Markov has long been a loyal party member, but I fear his growing influence in state policy.  Perhaps it is time to cash in a favor from my friends at the Kremlin.

Submit with honor, and you will earn a proper burial among your fathers!

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Look at this fucking hipster

I think this is better than Fuck Yeah Ryan Gosling.

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Blog of the Day: Make Something Cool Everyday

looking for some inspiration? this is an amazing blog with new images/art made everyday by this dude (Brock Davis?). below are some of my faves so far in 2knine. (there is a flickr pool too for make something everyday – here)

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Happy Birthday CrapWeLike!

Today is CWL’s 1 year anniversary!  In celebration,  here are our top three posts most trafficked posts of all time (sorry, definitely not our BEST posts..)

#3:  NSFW, unless you’re on someone else’s work computer

aka – the post about the Verizon guy looking up kind of dirty vids on my work computer including Man With World’s Biggest Penis and this:

#2:  Suri Cruise is so cute my eyes can’t compute

#1 – For Liz

Honorable mention goes to this dog is better than michael phelps.

Top search engine referral terms for the year: ed westwick, bulldog puppies, michael phelps, suri cruise, the hills, nom nom nom

in conclusion: Gossip Girl, Suri Cruise and penis vids are the way to go.  Here’s to another year of CWL and maybe actually moving over to somedayy, I promise.

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is it Shaquille O’Neal…again?

i love these. shaq, you’re huge.

also, grant mccracken (this blog sits at the intersection of anthropology and economics) does a quick analysis of the ads as well here

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blog of the day: gold kit blog

for serious. this is gold kit’s real blog. look, the address is!

for all of you who don’t know what gold kit is, it’s those people on tv commercials all the time asking you to mail your extra gold to them in an envelope. because we all have extra gold lying around…  i didn’t watch this year but i heard they had a commercial in the superbowl– or maybe i’m thinking cash4gold. whatever. same difference.  this service would be great if you were a pirate or you wanted to cash in last year’s grill like these people below. the blog appears to mostly feature food with gold in it and white people wearing grillz. enjoy.

eggnog gold

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“blog” of the day: i lego n.y.

i don’t know if this actually counts as a blog (it’s blog-like)  but several people sent this to me (including exintern dan who posted it on his gchat status message first and therefore “wins”).  beautiful little set of photos from cristopher niemann of tiny things made out of legos that remind him of nyc.

check more here

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Blog of the day: this is indexed

all charts and venn diagrams on little index cards. its the stuff you know ( i think the word im looking for is common sense) put into graph form which makes it funny.  check it out HERE.

thanks kim!

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another brooklyn blog…

BROOKLYN 11211. this one reports on development and happenings in williamsburg, greenpoint, and bushwick. it’s kind of like newyorkshitty with fewer pictures and more neighborhood news and politics. i liked this picture of redhook and the reports on bk bikelanes.

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Blog of the day: Ike the Thumb Cat

oooh this cat has thumbs!

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How to Stump Anti-Abortionists With One Question

Saw this blog post and thought it was an interesting angle on the abortion issue.  Basically, no protesters havea  good answer to “If abortion was illegal, what should be done with the women who have illegal abortions?”

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Blog of the day: New York Shitty
I like this blog because it features dog shit and general happenings around my neighborhood and others in BK (but mostly Greenpoint). Here is the about page…


As you can probably deduce from the title of this blog, I live in Green Brownpoint, Brooklyn. During my one block trek to the Franklin Corner Store one April day (in 2006) to get a sandwich, I was astonished at the sheer quantity of dog shit I encountered.

Green Street is not the easiest sidewalk to negotiate: the sidewalks are uneven and pock-marked with holes. Dodging piles of dog shit every five feet does not make this task any easier, much less when carrying delicious Cuban sandwiches. It was during this adventure through Poopland that I had the following epiphany:

1. This is ridiculous.

2. I wonder if the people who see fit to use my block as a pissoir would like it if I took a shit in the middle of their living room? Probably not.

3. This is like walking through a fucking mine field, so maybe…

4. if Queen Noor (and Lady Diana before her)  can lobby against the use of land mines, perhaps I can raise awareness about the plague of unattended dog shit in my neighborhood. Call me the Dog Shit Queen of Greenpoint New York Shitty. I’ve been called worse.

What you can expect this blog to feature:

1. Dog shit. When I see dog shit I will:

A. Take a picture of it
B. Make note of the date and the location of said bowel movement

2. Generate “Crap Maps” as I see fit. These maps will reflect the data I compile (as outlined in #1) and will (hopefully) provide an easy reference for anyone who wants to know where worst (s)hit areas are— and perhaps even where the worst offenders live. It is prudent to assume that if these dog owners are too lazy to clean up their own dog shit, they probably do not take much time walking their dogs in the first place.

3. If and/or when I find a particularly choice specimen (READ: a particularly LARGE, sculptural or just plain repulsive bowel movement), it will be showcased as “The Dung of the Day”.

I am accepting submissions from the public. Greenpoint, Park Slope (as if), Williamsburg, Bushwick, Sunset Park, Bay Ridge, Red Hook (especially Red Hook— I like Red Hook almost as much as I like Greenpoint!) or anywhere else in New York Shitty.

It’s much more than dogshit though, it’s funny signs, featured restaurants, neighborhood gossip, cat photos, etc.

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We think is written by a woman (68%).

thank you

you too can have your blog genderanalyzed for free- i dont know how it came up with a masculine/feminine quotient within 3 seconds but it did…. and it was wrong….

but i guess thats why it only has a 59% success rate

now you try!

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new fashion blog i adore

i don’t know how i missed this blog before now but i was reading an online article about different fashion blogs and they mentioned this really cute french one along with my longtime fave, the sartorialist. it’s called garance dore- i can’t read french but the pics are great.

cute right?

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Another BOD for Today

My friend just started a blog. You should read and enjoy it.

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Blog of the Day: illdoctrine

As of this morning, I’m obsessed with the ill doctrine blog (or vlog, whatever…) This guy makes witty videos about hiphop and politics mostly but I recommend his post on Wal-E as well. The ludacris/obama and “no homo” posts are also awesome. Here is one on hipster rap (think lilmama)…
Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about "Hipster Rap", posted with vodpod

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Blog of the Day: I Can Haz Hipsterz

There aren’t many but the ones they do have are good…

see more HERE
spanks nadia

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Happy 1,000th post CrapWeLike!

To commemorate this occasion, I will give you –

Kitteh Has Too Much To Drink

and Cat Fart Explosion

THAT just about sums it up.  Happy Thanksgiving!

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Dear Videogum, You win.

I have been fighting Videogum for a while.. sure it’s funny, but Nora and Drew both love it so much, I had to disagree just to be a shit. Today they posted cat takes a ride on a Roomba and that is the best thing ever. At the moment, Meetza is terrrrrified of our Roomba, but maybe I can sit her down and have her watch this video and she’ll see how fun it looks. She watches TV now, btws. Last night I got home and she was tuning in to the 11pm news. She’s the smartest cat!

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Blog of the Day: Swedish Dance Bands from the 70s

I haven’t done blog of the day in a while but this one was particularly awesome.

There are so many. They go on forever…. check out more of em here.

Thanks Adam

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paper fail

I can’t seem to concentrate on anything but failblog tonight, despite the research project I have due on weds. here are some of my faves…

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7 minute rule

This comic is hilarious.  Make it big and read it immediately.  Credit to Margaret for this find.

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Blogging Scholarship

I’m reluctant to post this because i kinda want to keep it to myself, but i’ve gots to be realistic- when would i ever sit down and apply for this? never. good luck reader with lots of time who happens to be in school and blogs…

From Gawker
Shut Up College

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another cat blog

The World Famous Random Kitten Generator

Do it when you’re feeling sad and need some kitteh in your life.
(this pic didn’t come from the blog- i just thought it was funny)

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I’m into boys who are into Obama too!

via Jezebel

this poster has gotten mixed reviews.. Bust likes the poster, calls it “cheeky” but Salon is not into it. Weigh in!

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Mortgage crisis explained using Pokemon! Thank youuu

Economist Kevin Nguyen explains the country’s economic woes to his younger sister, using Pokémon as an analogy. Seriously.

Kevin: Have you been following the news?

Olivia: Yeah, I don’t really get it.

Kevin: Imagine that I let you borrow $50, but in exchange for my generosity, you promise to pay me back the $50 with an extra $10 in interest. To make sure you pay me back, I take your Charizard Pokémon card as collateral.

Olivia: Kevin, I don’t play Pokémon anymore.

Kevin: I’m getting to that. Let’s say that the Charizard is worth $50, so in case you decide to not return my money, at least I’ll have something that’s worth what I loaned out.

Olivia: Okay.

Kevin: But one day, people realize that Pokémon is stupid and everyone decides that the cards are overvalued. That’s right—everybody turned twelve on the same day! Now your Charizard is only worth, say, $25.


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A true meeting of the minds

Did you watch Perez on Martha Stewart??

Martha is soo out of the loop!  This is cracking me up.  I heart Perez, and he really is getting in shape. LOVE when he asks Martha if her “financials” are accurate.  Becko did you set up this interview??

 PS, watch this video too, because it cemented my obsession with Perezzers.  Skip to halfway or so.  Maybe minute 3.

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Blog of the Day: Zombie McCain

spanks junior

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Judge Judy comic strip from Jezebel

Hilarious- well done Jezebel!

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Blog of the Day: Puritan Blister

cool covers and interesting mashups with weird pics/videos. it doesn’t really make sense but you can score some cool tunes for free. ch ch ch check it.

last night i went to bed at 2am, woke up at 4am-ish and have been spending the last hour playing on the internet. anyone know a cure for insomnia?

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Blog of the Day: Sarah Palin’s fake blog

For some reason I’ve been really mentally slow today- feels like I drank a bottle of nyquil last night. Here is the best I could do for BOD. There are better, longer entries…check it out here.

They should really bottle the stupid

I don’t mean to be rude, but these liberels are D-U-M-B.  On the site dailykos, there is some yahoo claiming that I am wrong about when the pledge of allegience was written.  I pointed out in 2006 that the pledge was written by our founding fathers in the 18th century.  Well, guess when it was written you dumba**es- in 1892.

Word of advice liberels- GET A BRAIN.

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Guess I don’t have to save the bees anymore..

Nataliedee is the best.

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“You can fuck yourself, Judd Apatow.”

This is a little bit edgier than our typical CWL posts, but hell.. if you are very pro-life this probably won’t be your pick for the Blog of the Day. What to Expect When You’re Aborting is a thoughtful and witty compilation of thoughts through one woman’s experience with abortion. In her words: “I spend a lot of time reading blogs. So when I found out i was knocked up I obviously googled “abortion blog”. The shit that came up was absolutely awful and distasteful propaganda. I thought the next time some one googled it this might show up.” In summary: pregnancy sounds terrifying, but this blog is really interesting and brave.

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Blog of the Day: Sexy People

So I thought I would get a head start on tomorrow and start posting again at midnight. This one comes care of Junior. Thanks.

Bravo! Great jlog!

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Show your Tyra love

A blogger I like is making shirts for Neighborhoodies – Check out the designs from FourFour here.  Smile with your Eyes totally cracks me up and I love Team Winston!

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Runner up- Blog/Site of the Day: The Selby

Photo shoots of cool apartments that belong to cool people in NYC, BK, and LA. I totally snagged some decorating ideas from these fools. The Selby.

I like getting decorating ideas from homes that are actually being lived in, as opposed to showrooms, design mags, etc. It’s refreshing to see cute homes with everyday shit lying around and a little bit o dirt.

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Blog of the Day: Style Rookie, the pint sized fashionista

Apparently this girl is 12 years old and yet writes a witty, cute fashion blog. I totally recommend clicking around it. It’s inspiring me to go through the back of my closet to revamp the old things i love but don’t wear anymore. Thanks Tavi!

From Style Rookie

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Blog of the Day: stvnkls

My friend Steve’s blog. It’s still in the process of being finished but the polaroids are totally worth checking out. I’m sure there will be tons more cool pics up soon. A great photographer that Steve is. Also- check out the rad mixes.

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Blog of the Day: Sorry I Missed Your Party

Pictures taken from public flickr albums of other people partying with witty annotations. It’s kind of like a nicer, more specific version of Vice mag’s ‘Do’s and Don’ts’


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Blog of the Day: Chocolate and Zucchini

I think this is one of Molly’s favorite food blogs. I remember her reading it freshman year of college when we lived together. It’s one of the better food blogs I have read, though I admit that I don’t cook much. Check it out…

Check out this post on edible wallpaper here.

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Such a fun way to pass the days..

It’s a bubble calender!!  You pop a bubble every day, if you have the self-restraint to do so..

Our apt. def needs this.  Right now we have this calendar that is pretty and all about national parks, but you can’t write anything on it, and it drives me nuts a little.. (I have 3 active calendars at the moment cause I’m nuts like that).  So this one won’t fix the problem, but it looks so much more fun!  Available here..  This find comes from Thrillist, which is pretty awesome.

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Plan B Advertisment

“Guess what? If my birth control method fails I am not going to “Be Calm.” I am going to freak the fuck out.”

From Jezebel.

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Barack calls Bill

I loved this fictional phone call between Barack and Bill, from NY mag’s blog.  This totally brings to mind Nora’s wake- up lies about who Obama’s VP could be..

Hillary: Hello?
Barack: Hey Hill, Obama here.
Hillary: Barack, it’s three in the morning!
Barack: Oh, sorry. I thought you’d be prepared. Anyway, I think it’s time I cleared things up with Bill, could you put him on?
Hillary: Good luck with that. [Long Pause]
Bill: Hello?!
Barack: Hey Bill, this is Barack Obama. Look, I think we should settle our differences so this party can finally unify. We need you on our side to win in November.
Bill: You said a lot of mean things about me, Barack. You tried to taint my legacy. You tried to make me out to be some kind of racist. I was the first black president!
Barack: Not literally…
Bill: Are you calling Toni Morrison a liar?

Barack: Bill, you tried to downplay my viability and broad appeal by comparing me to Jesse Jackson.
Bill: Now that is a fairy tale. I never did that.
Barack: Anyway, I think we need to put all of this behind us and move on. Your wife certainly has.
Bill: Can she be vice-president?
Barack: Look, Hillary ran a groundbreaking campaign, and created opportunities for millions of women, including my daughters, that were never before possible. And I respect her service and devotion to her country, and look forward to working with her to achieve the goals that we both have strived so hard for. Obviously anyone with her accomplishments would be on anyone’s short list for vice-president, and as I continue to weigh my options going forward—
Bill: Okay, you can stop. She doesn’t want it, anyway.
Barack: Thank God.
Bill: Well, what about me?
Barack: What about you?
Bill: What would my role be in your administration?
Barack: I could send you as a reassuring presence to areas hit by natural disasters around the globe: tsunamis, mudslides, earthquakes, famines…
Bill: That sounds terrible.
Barack: Yeah, um, how about ambassador to the U.N.?
Bill: What about Secretary-General of the U.N.?
Barack: I can’t just install you as Secretary-General of the U.N. I think everyone has to vote on that.
Bill: Fine. But you’d better come through — I expect you to follow through on your promises.


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