Ok, new favorite blog ever – I found this after a couple clicks around on

Oh Shaq!  You are the winner!

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Mmmyyyyy hearrrrrtttttt

So maybe it’s because Em and I watched some “Say Yes to the Dress” tonight, but it might also just be that this video is fucking awesome. Thanks to Dan for showing it to me.
Also, dare you not to be crying by the end.



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Small Things Eating Big Things

This website is cute and new and Drew made some pictures for it!  His drawings might be my favorities, but ya know, I’m biased.  The mastermind behind SMEBT is Sanjay, and here’s his comic which is also great!

Kitten eating Elephant

Baby eating Airplane

more here!

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Blog of the Day: Nerdboyfriend

Oh hai.

Jack Lemmon

Leonard Bernstein

Monty Python

more of your nerdy boyfriends here

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Becky really hates when this happens on her dates

whoops!  Nedroid is soo cute!

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What do you know about Tally Hall?

1. Tally Hall is this band.  2. The band is full of cute boys (which one is your favorite I don’t even know who can pick just one?).  3.  These cute boys sing awesome songs that are pop-like and fun.  4.  They have a hilarious-super-internet show that Drew briefly participated in dressed as Waldo and he animated some stuffs.

Actually, I saw Tally Hall TWICE this weekend, yeah, really I did – once at the Mercury Lounge in New York and once in Westport, CT.  Here they are:

and this might be my favorite new song of theirs, but I love the last CD too.

Do I sound like a fan girl?  Pshhhh I’m okay with that.  Also these guys are nice and I’ve met them so YEAH i’m THAT COOL.  hehe.

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Frank Lloyd Wright via Lego

I love me some Frank Lloyd Wright. And I love me some Lego. I mean, who doesn’t? People who don’t love Lego suck.

Anywho, Lego has a new Architecture series, and they’ve got two Frank Lloyd Wright sets on the way. Just a reminder that my birthday is approaching.

The two sets are Fallingwater and The Guggenheim.

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Blog of the Day: Stuff My Girlfriend Likes

.. very much in the same style as CWL, I love this blog and I think it’s sweet.  This guy says: “Sometimes Mr. Internet shows me stuff I’m sure my girlfriend (“Roo”) will like. Rather than put it all in my main tumblelog, or send her multiple emails a day, I’ll post them here. Maybe you’ll like them, too.”  And it’s stuff like this!

I love all these things!  Which means, I am this guy’s girlfriend?  Well I guess not, but his girlfriend certainly has good taste.  More here.

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These two videos will rock your world and yeah, fuck you, one is Taylor Swift

So, these two videos are awesome. Yeah, one is Taylor Swift’s video for her song about how much she loves her mom. It makes me think about watching home videos with my dad. I love doing that. So yeah, here’s the video that will make you cry, but don’t worry, there’s a video that will make you laugh your balls or ovaries off that I posted after it.

So here’s the video that’s hilarious and probably the best video ever. So best it’s the best of everything.

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Can’t get enough of Nicholas Galanin

if you are reading this Nicholas, I will totally marry you just on the merit of your art….

Galanin is also one of those featured gawker artists btw.

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Even more reasons to love Paul Rudd

He loves children and the earth.

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Christ this looks good

Maurice Sendak + Arcade Fire + Karen O + Spike Jones

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Grain Edit’s interview with Frank Chimero

I’m a big fan of Frank Chimero. His state illustrations are fantastic (when’s New York, Frank? Or Vermont, or Indiana??), and I used to have this inspirational poster as my desktop at work for a while (the “Aw, Damnit” part got to me, eventually). Anyway, Grain Edit interviewed Frank recently, and it’s really fascinating. I’m not even a graphic designer or much of an artist (though I’m known to doodle geometric shapes on notebooks at work).

The whole interview is a great read, but my favorite part is when Frank describes how he comes up with the ideas for the states. Here’s an excerpt:

Here, I’m trying out a few ideas. Something long and curling? An alligator? A fish? A manatee? Nah. That manatee doesn’t look like one. It’s too skinny. Not cowish enough. Doesn’t work well with the shape. The alligator is nice, but too predictable? His legs don’t integrate in very nicely into the shape. A train? Oh. Wow. That’s nice. Maybe we can use the smoke to trail off to the left to fill that difficult space. Ok. Bingo!

So cool. Anyway, Frank also mentions this great video he did for Good Magazine. I hadn’t seen it before and I suggest you watch it both for his great drawings and for the info.

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Oh man, Barbie + JONATHAN ADLER = MY dream house

So Jonathan Adler designed a real Barbie Dream House in honor of her 50th birthday. And. It’s. Awesome. Photos below from LAist.

LOVE those chairs. More amazing photos here

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New TV crush alert

I love Luke from this season of The Amazing Race.  He’s adorable and is so sweet to his mom. I am watching tonight’s episode twice on DVR, to be honest.

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I mean, I’m not complaining, but there must have been a reason beyond making something I’d love.

Emily says “I’m really into Colbert minus glasses.”

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Cutest Valentines ever

These are from the World’s Smallest Postal Service and you can send them here .  Don’t worry, they won’t get lost in the mail, they come in a bigger envelope (with magnifying glass!).  Cute cute!

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Loving Marimekko + Sanna Annukka

I think I’ve posted about Sanna Annukka before (she’s great). And lord knows I love Marimekko (I still have those car sheets from when I was a kid). Now, Sanna is designing for Marimekko and it’s like four Ks worth of awesome (get it? There are two Ks in Annukka and two Ks in Marimekko).

Some of Sanna’s stuff:

Some of Sanna’s stuff for Marimekko:

Oh god it’s so pretty

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Importnat News: Shepard Fairey is hot and sassy

Did you see him on Colbert tonight? So cute in his denim jacket and sassy pants. And talented. Mmm.

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Fuck Yeah Ryan Gosling

Not quite as good as Fuck Yeah Sharks, but there are a few gems.

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Here’s some of the stuff:

I got so excited when I read this I called Dan and basically woke him up with screaming. I’m so fucking excited.

Thanks to Decor8 for this amazing news.

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My new favorite couple: Simon Doonan and Jonathan Adler

My dad has always loved CBS ‘Sunday Morning’ and I’ve finally admitted to myself that I love it. Today’s episode feature Simon Doonan and Jonathan Adler- two fabulous people who happen to be in love. And are perhaps the coolest couple I’ve ever seen. I love Jonathan’s style and Simon’s, too. And they’re sassy and like the word “moxie” (one of my favorites). Also, Simon just said “I love working in a store. If Virginia Woolf had worked in a store, maybe she wouldn’t have gotten depressed.”

They met on a blind date. ADORABLE. I love Simon because he dresses department store windows. My grandma did that for years and years. And Jonathan is from Jersey and went to Brown and loves bright colors and hippos. And describes his stuff as “very classical but with just a little bit of moxie.”

God I love them. I also love the ‘Sunday Morning” chose to play the clip from ‘Top Design’ where Jonathan tells Preston his flower arrangement “fails kind of on every level.”

Fuck you, Preston.

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I’m going to make you dinner

Ha, no I’m not. But I wish I could make you this:

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Please help Charlie

Well, he doesn’t actually need help, JUST MORE PEOPLE TO LOVE HIM AND DAMN DO I LOVE HIM

This is from Videogum

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Aretha on your door

I heart B+E. It’s Britney, bitch. Warning: this is surprisingly charming.

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Emily, I’m sorry you can’t wear yellow

because Eva Mendes looks smokin’ fuckin’ hawt

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Best of ’08 with HIMYM

amaaaazing.  Nora and Dustin both sent this to me within a half hour of each other this morning.. full photo shoot is here, at EW.

I LOVE that Jason Segal and NPH shaved their armpits for the Olympian shoot.

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couple we like: beyonce/sasha fierce and jayz

from a knicks game last weekend.

they are seriously the cutest. she keeps touching his leg with her heels of death though…

thanks simone. from HERE

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Speechwriter matate

Whoops. Guess 27 yr old Jon Favreau should start untagging some questionable pics on his facebook account before he heads to the White House as head speechwriter.  The Secretary of State is not gonna be too pleased.  I was just saying how cute he is..

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omg look what i found

these dudes are hilarious. i accidentally found this while procrastinating.

best. dancers. ever.

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Michael Phelps should always be photographed like this

no head necessary.  thanks GQ via Jezebel.

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The only gift I want for Christmas is Kota


Watch these kids have a fucking blast with my future favorite thing in the universe:


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This email practically made me cry

I can’t believe Barack found the time to email me before his acceptance speech. And I can’t believe that he won the election because of ME!! Ahhhhhh LOVE.

Stephanie —

I’m about to head to Grant Park to talk to everyone gathered there, but I wanted to write to you first.

We just made history.

And I don’t want you to forget how we did it.

You made history every single day during this campaign — every day you knocked on doors, made a donation, or talked to your family, friends, and neighbors about why you believe it’s time for change.

I want to thank all of you who gave your time, talent, and passion to this campaign.

We have a lot of work to do to get our country back on track, and I’ll be in touch soon about what comes next.

But I want to be very clear about one thing…

All of this happened because of you.

Thank you,


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MIA and Diplo break my heart

Can’t handle…the cuteness….

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Hey look hey look – it’s the same upside down and right side up!  And it’s MY NAME! Yayy yayyy yayyy.  Drew made it, look at other cool shit he makes here if you haven’t yet cause it’s a little bit awesome.

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Current obsession: VAMPIRES

I finished Twilight and Nora is on her way into the 4th book in Stephanie Meyer’s series..  and I fully intend to see this movie when it opens.  Get yourself to the teen fiction section pronto.

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I know I have been just posting boys lately, BUT..

In case you missed NPH in Out magazine.. here is his interview.

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NAKED Olympics!

sorry, just the boy pics.. hehe. More here..

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Oh, Aaron Peirsol.  I am in love.

And congrats on your win.  Happy Olympics to all.

ps – can you believe that giant dude who won silver?  6’8″!!  whew.

pps – I will not post about Michael Phelps because he drives drunk, sorry.

Ok, I might be live-blogging the Olympics but DAMN Michael Phelps, please sing the anthem when you win gold.  THE BRONZE medal dude sang along!  Jeeez!  I guess it’s SOOO hard to sing that anthem soooo many times.  

Nora: “Where’s my gymnastics, twats?”

Also, I still love the THORPEDEO!

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Charlie Day: Boy We Like

Is it strange that I have a crush on the weird, dirty one of the bunch with the annoying voice on It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia?

Yeah, and he is married to the super cute waitress on the show. le sigh.

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Cute cute cute

I need more Office in my life.  Bears. Beets.  Battlestar Galactica.  I think Rainn Wilson is adorable.  Is that weird?

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Dan’s dream is realized

Best!  Go see more Left Handed Toons here.. cause they are great.

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Shoes for me!? Thanks Neil!!!

My heart is exploding. I love this so much. Also, watch all of this too cause it’s fantastic. Really, all I want to do is watch NPH sing. All day long.

If that clip isn’t working, watch here..

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Hot as balls


I love Lin-Manuel, I just saw In the Heights last weekend and it was amaaazin.  But jokes about balls are always good.

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I have a crush on EVERY BOY!

This classic goes out to Vicki.

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Just Cause…

This always makes me laugh / explains how I feel all the time / I love Paul Rudd.

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calculator stools = style + dorky hot

uuuuuh BEST

Also, in case you were wondering, we do have a T-I 89 in our apartment in case you needed one.

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Eames stamps! OMG!

need need need need need

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Hi, Jon.

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Penguin Calls!


Ahhh this is really great!  The mom messages are the best best.  Now when I hear voicemails, I will be penguinizing everyone in my mind.


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I have a crush on the judge of Groomer Has It.

Judge me, I dare you.  


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New site I love with crap I love

Thanks Galison, for introducing me to this great shit of yours

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Desky desk

it’s like future desk

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My heart exploded – CHOCOLATE COVERED BACON?!

I love Dan Savage for so many reasons.  I have listened to every single episode of the Savage LoveCast.. and now:  This is just the icing on the cake bacon. 

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Boys backflip into jeans

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Poketo is full of crap I like

My sister alerted me to this store that is full of awesomeness: Poketo. One area of awesomeness that they specialize in is wallets, which I think Emily should definitely look into. Examples below, as well as examples of their sweetass mofo art prints…becky, notice use of bikes…

Also, those are all just $20

now on to prints

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You know what I like? Anything by French Bull


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Missoni in the bathroom = DREAMS COME TRUE

omg x100

I need everything in the new line of Corion by Missoni. Jesus, it’s like someone raided my mind grapes for ideas and then designed some bathrooms. Oh god, I don’t think I’ve ever seen something more aesthetically pleasing for a bathroom in my life.

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Nobody would ever come to my house if I had a sofa like this

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Massimo Vignelli’s NYC subway map = awesome x infinity

Ok, so this awesome man designed all the subway signs you see (yes, in helvetica) for NYC. He also designed the holy grail of subway maps, which the City rejected originally because he didn’t make the water blue and the land green, or from something stupid like that (no joke, I read it in NY Mag recently and when I have time, I’ll find it again and add a link). Anyway, Vignelli updated his map, thus making all my dreams come true.

Now Men’s Vogue is selling the prints and I’m totally considering buying one. Here’s from their website:

“Before New York’s familiar convoluted subway map was introduced in 1979, the city relied on the sleek modernist vision of Massimo Vignelli’s indelible 1972 design: each train line represented by a color, each stop by a dot. The plan was as visually utopian as it was elegant — paths running on 45- and 90-degree angles, an understated gray square marking Central Park, and type set in clear Helvetica. It was hailed as an instant classic of graphic design. But it left many feeling stranded. “People expected a map instead of a diagram,” Vignelli, 77, says. “But diagrammatic representation is common practice around the world since the London Underground map of the thirties.” Now, with some urging from Men’s Vogue, Vignelli (along with his team of Yoshiki Waterhouse and Beatriz Cifuentes-Caballero) has updated his famous, ultra-collectible plan, taking into account more than 30 years’ worth of changes. He’s still unwilling to play tour guide: “On purpose we rejected any visual reference to nature or landmarks.” Vignelli released 500 signed limited-edition art prints of the never-before-seen update — available exclusively for Men’s Vogue — with proceeds to benefit Omar Freilla’s nonprofit Green Worker Cooperatives. (The prints sold out on May 1, 2008.) The hope is to get the daily commutes — and aesthetic sensibilities — of New Yorkers back on the right track.”

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